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    posted a message on [v1.0.6] JSON Book Generator - Easily create colored Books! hoverEvents - clickEvents etc.

    It wont load my saved book. I lost my work. I have the save it just won't do anything when I click load.

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    posted a message on [1.8.x][GUI] Block of Destruction, a Diablo 2 inspired GUI Resource pack

    Wow man. I downloaded your work and I have to say the quality is even higher than what I anticipated.


    Looking forward to what you have to say about the project and other stuff. Hopefully we can both log on to talk a little.

    Just noticed a small detail you could look at.

    the survival inventory has some text above the four crafting squares. In all of your other containers you put a nice little box around texts, this one doesn't.

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    posted a message on [1.8.x][GUI] Block of Destruction, a Diablo 2 inspired GUI Resource pack

    Dude :OO

    I was looking for some crap to make a good gui that looks like diablo 2 and found this. It's up to my standards!!! I may change some details though but overall seems amazing.

    I'm building d2 in minecraft, have been for a while and today I was making a resource pack with some of the d2 sounds I extracted from the MPQ's.

    Anyway, If you want we can combine packs, mine has the sounds and yours has the visuals.

    Here's my project : http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=66839924&f=21

    and if you want to come and take a look the server IP is mc.lazserver.com

    Also, there's 1800+ sounds in d2 so it took a while to sort them all out to find the ones I could use in minecraft. Anyway, let me know what you think and I'll send you my pack.

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    posted a message on Looking for a professional
    I responded to the two first, anyone else?
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    posted a message on Looking for a professional
    Hello, I'm laz, co-owner of lazserver.com and it's gameservers.

    My friend and I have been working on diablo 2 in minecraft for about a year now and seeing how long this is taking it would be nice to recruit some skilled redstoners or builders to help out.

    here's a link to a broad view of our project (outdated but still) : http://imgur.com/a/UPaxr

    I would prefer someone with good knowledge of the game.
    You will get to work with us and your name will be in the contributors (of course).
    At 200k total views, our project would be a good way to earn some cred, too.

    Private message me here or on d2jsp.org for more info.

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    posted a message on Sending 8 bits (256 unique outputs) through a single line of redstone

    I've done this back in beta and I still have my transmitter/receiver on my server if you wanna come and check it out.
    it's as compact as yours if not more minus the bit decoder for outputting letters. I had trouble with the rising and falling edges during transmission and my success was frankly due to luck. I failed miserably while trying to remake the transmitter/decoder with pistons or making it faster. Yours seems quite fast and reliable tho.

    And while I was wondering about how it was possible that you sent so many packets without jamming the receiver I noticed you said you put dual processing, that's smart. Would be nice to know how you put that in and if it it's worth the extra space.
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    posted a message on Compact This?
    You can't compact that. it's the most compact way you could do it, without a doubt and if someone could make it smaller it would be that same exact guy who made the video. Idk if you've seen all of his work but he is very serious about minecraft redstone.

    You won't find a better version until maybe the mechanics surrounding pistons change. I've made computers and routers and other crap with redstone but take my word, that design is optimal.

    Of course, using command blocks would be much simpler but it would require privileges if you're on a server.
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    posted a message on Huge Quest Project WIP
    added lots of stuff! act 4 is complete
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    posted a message on Huge Quest Project WIP
    I've just added like 2 weeks worth of stuff. The act 4 is done :)
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    posted a message on LAZServer || 3 years running || Whitelist || Survival || Creative || Megabuilds
    Quote from adam2912

    im interested, add me on skype, adam.2912

    I've added you even if you could have just made an account :P
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    posted a message on Looking for...
    I run a server on bukkit with many plugins to keep everyone protected and lots of tool to manage many players.
    However the player base has slowly dwindled over the 3 years that we've been up because most of them just don't play minecraft anymore. the server used to promote itself just because we take good care of everything and the builds are epic.

    I have to recruit a few players to get it started again cause I can't stand to have all of this awesomeness just sitting there with no one to use / play with it. the players who do play stay for long periods of time though. In fact, most of the players that come in don't leave for other servers :)

    Obviously I could list all the good things about the server but I'm sure you will find it more interesting to take a look yourself !
    We have a website that takes care of registration / whitelisting.
    simply make an account on lazserver.com and you will be whitelisted right away.
    The IP is on the front page (it's the server name with MC in front : MC.lazserver.com)

    Hoping to see you soon !
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    posted a message on New and looking for a server.
    My friend already posted in here but I'm not sure if I've seen you on the server?
    Come and check us out, I'm sure you will be impressed by the builds and quests :)
    the server is small even if we have a website and the whole 9 yards. after 3 years of running, the players have slowly stopped playing minecraft and we really didn't recruit anyone ourselves before now lol. Once a few people are back on the server sells itself.

    nothing short of awesome!
    make an account on the website, lazserver.com
    the automatic whitelisting will let you in as soon as your account is activated :)
    The IP is on the main page.

    hoping to see you soon !
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    posted a message on Looking for Server that needs Builders
    No need for form when all you need to know is that you will have more than enough builds to participate on in my server :)
    We have some of the most epic builds ever. (I'm serious, this is stuff that will put any other server to shame)
    If you want to be a part of the build team, we will give you permissions once you've proven that you have skills.
    that is because we are on a survival server and we don't want just anyone to get everything they want and then to ruin the economy and give items to the players.

    At the moment I'm working on diablo 2 within minecraft. Maybe you know what d2 is, maybe not. But there is more than enough to go around so come take a look :)

    register at lazserver.com, it takes a minute or two and it will automatically whitelist you to the server.
    the IP is on the front page (MC.lazserver.com)

    Hoping to see you soon!
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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR SERVERS THAT NEED STAFF!
    hello sir. My server has been up for 3 years and we only now need to recruit.
    Our server promoted itself for a long time because most or all of our players thought it was awesome and wanted to stay and invite their friends. However, after 3 years, most of our hardcore players have left minecraft entirely and the server needs new people.

    the server is built to support 100+ people and we have tons of builds and worlds to go around and it's nothing short of epic.
    the plugins are well maintained, protection, economy, everything of use, we have. Still, we've managed to keep it survival, nothing to alter the normal gameplay. if you want to be a part of megabuilds and more creative style projects we have that too. even if we won't give the permission to just anyone until they've proven their skills.

    If you help us reach our goal of ~50 players (which should be a piece of cake) by then we will probably give you a well deserved rank of admin with all the perms you could need. Mind you, we don't give this out to anyone and being an admin has some responsibilities!
    I'm sure you know that though, so yeah. come in and check the server out, we can talk it over.

    to join, register on the website, the whitelisting is automatic.
    the IP is mc.lazserver.com and is mentionned on the websites' front page.

    see you in-game!
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