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    posted a message on Does having extra bookshelves help enchanting?

    Hey. I was reading some comments on a video yesterday and a lot of people were advising the YouTuber to add more bookshelves to their enchantment table (Even though it is already at level 30)

    I immediately shot this down and told commenters that they were misinformed, however it made me think since people were so adamant.

    Does adding ADDITIONAL Bookshelves increase the likely hood of getting more AND/OR better enchantments?

    To clear up potential confusion, I'm talking about adding extra bookshelves AFTER Reaching level 30 enchantments.

    So to reach level 30 you only need 15 bookshelves, but is it worth adding more? Or even the maximum you can fit (being 32), and is it beneficial?

    I ran some tests and these were my personal results:

    Ver 1.14.4

    After enchanting around 180 diamond swords,
    ~90 with 15 bookshelves and
    ~90 with 32 bookshelves,
    these are the results:

    26 with 1 enchantment.
    42 with 2 enchantments.
    18 with 3 enchantments.
    2 with 4 enchantments.
    + 1 enchanted sword with 3 other enchantments Also had Bane of Arthropods level 5

    27 with 1 enchantment.
    36 with 2 enchantments.
    22 with 3 enchantments.
    3 with 4 enchantments.
    + 2 enchanted swords that had Bane of Arthropods 5 (On their own)
    + 1 enchanted sword that had Smite 5 alongside 2 other enchantments.

    If we sum up the averages, I'd say they were about the same?

    I'm genuinely curious, I haven't been able to find proof that adding additional bookshelves is beneficial for enchants, so I'd like to know what other people think. I still believe that it doesn't make a different, but I could be wrong, and if it does make a difference, how MUCH of a difference does it make?

    Reading about the Enchanting table on the wiki does not say anything about it, if anything it inadvertently debunks it: http://prntscr.com/p4bqhu If you could add more bookshelves, surely it would be stated here?

    Kind regards,


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    posted a message on [TransMobifier v1.0] 67 custom mob skins using nametags! (Requires Optifine)

    Is this as well as ItemBound discontinued? I'd really appreciate a response, just so I know whether to keep my hopes up or not.

    It's a shame if it is as both packs had/ve really good potential.

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    posted a message on [ItemBound v1.9.] (Custom item skins + custom loot!) (150,000+ total downloads!!!)

    Is ItemBound abandoned?

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    posted a message on mending Enchantments

    "Should Mojang remove or delete mending"

    > "Yes" "No".

    Really well made poll there, really liked it ♥

    Mending is a mandatory enchantment in order to actually keep tools, since repairing gets way too expensive after a while.

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    posted a message on [ItemBound v1.9.] (Custom item skins + custom loot!) (150,000+ total downloads!!!)

    With this Forum shutting down, where will ItemBound go?

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