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    posted a message on JayCraft 1.8! | Whitelisted Vanilla | 14 + | New Map! | Good Community! |
    1) How old are you? 23
    2) What is your in-game name? Scalinger2

    3) Tell me why you should be accepted (Three Sentences Minimum): I like doing my own thing. If I chop down trees I replant them and I find servers more fun than sp because there's more interest. Sometimes I was called upon to save someone from a dire situation.

    4) Have you read the rules and agree to follow them? Yes and yes.
    5) Tell us a little about yourself. I like videogames.

    6) Who is your favorite youtuber? Markiplier
    7) Do you upload videos/stream (If yes, then what is your channel(s) No
    8) would you be willing to participate in skype calls? I use Axon, but I don't have a mic.
    9) Skype name? if accepted, you can tell me on the server. N/A
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    posted a message on Your friendly neighborhood whitelist server! [Mature][16+]

    • Prefered Name: Scal
    • Age(16+ but any might make some exclusion): 23
    • How long have you been playing: Since the very end of beta 1.7.3
    • Personality: mild and sometimes quirky
    • How often do you play minecraft: every once in a while I play it for a week
    • Do you have a microphone? no
    • Other Information we might want to know: N/A
    [For the following section rate your skill from 1-10]

    • Redstone: 4
    • PVP: 3
    • Building: 5
    • Game Skill(How fast you can get diamond or a function base setup): 9
    • Creativity: 8
    • Server Management: 1
    • Group Management: 1
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    posted a message on Anyone in college?
    It's all about what college you're going to. I'm going to a community college, like 90% of the people in my classes are way older than me and there's no brats and drama. It helps quite a lot in focusing on getting my degree, any expensive college is simply a place for entertainment purposes, I don't see why people go to them for education.

    ..and yes, there's a lot of stupid classes you have to take, drives me insane. They try to milk money from you any way they can. Yay, government-controlled education!
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    posted a message on Advice for High School?
    Avoid relationships and do the bare minimum to pass. For college, don't take more than you can handle, even if you're parents get on your ass. Most importantly about college, make sure you know what career you can see yourself doing first, no point in spending tons of money if you're fooling yourself.
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    posted a message on 1.8 VS 1.7
    Endermites were a pointless attempt for them to re-use silverfish. I mean sure, they've done that with plenty of other things like creating zombie pigmen, cave spiders, mooshrooms but I don't like endermites, they're just dumb.
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    posted a message on I know why aliwns have not wiped us out YET...
    Quote from samdrewluvr959»
    How do you know aliens even exist? In my opinion, they probably don't...

    That is a really good question. There would have to be a hospitable planet (not necessarily for a carbon organism that's water-based) and the right compounds mixing together (the acids intermingling to form chains? I think that's how it started? something like that). Time isn't a factor because the universe is very old and it would be assumed it would've happened already. Then you have the factor of the species getting to the point of sentience and the point of not destroying itself. Then you have them figuring out how to get warp drive to work in a practical way.

    That's quite a bit of stuff, I would assume there's probably actually quite a few random alien microbes out there, quite a few animals, and maybe several thousand alien races, but they're in other galaxies. Maybe each galaxy has plenty of resources and places to live, maybe that's why they never ventured over here?
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    posted a message on Amethyst! (New ore with unique uses!) *POLL*
    The original post is so wordy it made me puke. You can tell when an idea isn't planned well when it's longer than 8 lines with no pictures or models.
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    posted a message on IDEAS FOR BEDS!!
    I agree that we should be able to use texture packs to change the color of our beds! Oh wait..
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    posted a message on 1.8 Goods and Bads
    The only good things about 1.8 are the optimization, being able to put armor on stands and the ocean content, everything else is stupid or pointless.
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    posted a message on 1.8 VS 1.7
    1.7 was an update that made me proud to play Minecraft again, 1.8 is when it recessed into the pits of hell.
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    posted a message on Purifying The End | Picking up where Mojang left off! [Now with block texture pics!]
    Quote from LegendofMewtwo »
    No. It starts giving Minecraft a story, and you don't want that in a Sandbox game.(Hell, you could claim it's bordering on RPG-like.)

    When did the fanbase start making it's own assumptions of Minecraft?
    • Steve can't be alone
    • Minecraft can't be like an rpg
    • Minecraft can't have something similar to a storyline

    Notch originally envisioned Minecraft to be what I felt it was in the first place, an rpg with a fully customizable base with some side features (creative mode).

    He was going to add ogres, he added a dragon, he added the end appropriately called the end along with a funky scrolling ending.
    Minecraft's core focuses on rpg elements (in it's own way ofc) and features constructive sandbox elements, not the other way around, well, until Dinnerbone came along, now it's just about command blocks and garbage features.

    He also added the mining aspect (which, tnt was added because it's mining related but in a quirky minecraft style), so minecraft was essentially an rpg featuring mining, exploring and customization.
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    posted a message on Best Game Ever! (Besides Minecraft)

    That I was not to have to be the first person to mention this game (as I would have imagined), let alone that it's in the first reply, makes me very happy.

    No problem. ;)

    I also have to mention this game, it has absolutely no intelligent value and it's bike gangs fighting bike gangs, riding motor cycles while hitting each other off with chains and the like. It's the most stupid fun you'll ever have in your life:
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    posted a message on What was the last movie you watched?
    Southland Tales

    Has tons of celebrities in it yet no one's ever heard about it. Tries to be extremely meaningful, ends up making no sense and it's just as amazing as it is stupid and hilarious.

    Famous quote: "I'm a pimp, and pimps don't commit suicide" -The Rock
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    posted a message on Name a game or series you'd love to be rebooted or re-made
    FFVII, someone had to say it.
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