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    posted a message on low minecraft fps, powerful gaming computer
    You probably installed OptiFine via Magic Launcher. Either that, or:
    Quote from KylieKoopaVG
    Stop upgrading your computers.
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    posted a message on Game Ideas,
    I support!
    Quote from conjoined
    The red and Capitalizing Every Word makes it hard to read. Also this should be in Suggestions.
    Stop being off-topic and post something related.
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    posted a message on Why does playing mcpe make my ipod hot?
    Quote from havoxx
    It's just simple computing, the game is resource hungry, so it will heat up your components, it shouldn't cause any issues since most mobile devices have failsafes for heat, it's just your CPU/battery being used :)
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    posted a message on Awesome seed i found, check it out!
    Quote from xtremetroller14
    Cool seed! (Literally)
    Try also:
    - thelderscrolls
    - life360
    - nyan
    Make your own topic for all these seeds instead of being off-topic.
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    posted a message on Server Reviews
    Quote from silentstealth
    Well that is not us we don't ask for op because there is no need for it in what we do.
    Well if you do on my CraftBukkit, Silentstealth will be IP banned.

    Just a warning (:
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    posted a message on [Collection] Master Collection of PC Seeds
    Quote from Yellow0wnzyou
    When I used the "asian *****" seed in Minecraft 1.2.5 (not Beta or Alfha), I spawned on a very nice Survival Island, with nothing but sea around it. Does the minecraft version matters in wich world you spawn?
    Yay! I’m gonna bump some threads if people keep doing it themselves!
    Quote from sigsaursamurai
    I've got a pretty decent seed here, you spawn in a plains biome, and there'll be a group of rather tall jungle trees with some lakes, a great place for a house. There are also some lava lakes that are exposed to the south of the tallest jungle tree. With Rei's minimap, you should be able to find them pretty easily. A screenshot with the seed included are in the link.
    And since you’re a brony (and I’m a brony), I’m not gonna flame you.
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    posted a message on creepy walls on my world
    Quote from Zergy6
    Pics. Or it didn't happen.

    We need pictures of these supposed 'walls' to help you bro. Otherwise, we'll be dismissing you as yet another troll on these forums.
    I’ll be dismissing him as yet another non-troll on these forums. Don’t assume other people’s things.
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    posted a message on Bukkit help.
    You probably accidently turned on godmode. Do /godmode again, and check the console.

    Or, if that doesn’t work, then in the console, do
    /godmode Sir_OatMeal_IV.
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    posted a message on "Saving Chunks" Crash At Certain Places On Map
    Report please.

    Get MCPatcher (don’t need to patch), open it up, click on “Test Minecraft”. Now do whatever you did to get the “Saving chunks” screen.
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    posted a message on What is YOUR house!? (W/Vote System!)
    Still working on my house:

    It’ll be a compilation of a house in a mountain, a house on the ground, a treehouse, a house in the sky, a house on water, a house off the side of the mountain, and a house in the water.
    Quote from SLiMEtime3798
    this is my latest house is single player survival (tower in progress)
    Karl Peterson, upload that to an image hosting website.
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    posted a message on What Do You Think is Beyond the Void?
    The hell of Terraria where you permanently stay in Terraria and have to live in there forever.

    Yeah, I’ll add that feature to mah Terraria mod. /starts modding/
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    posted a message on another mcpe bug
    Quote from LutherFallangel
    It's a broken link to his photobucket album containing these 2 pictures.

    I don't exactly see the problem here....
    I think these were originally 35:0, but then the rain changed their metadata.
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    posted a message on Complain About Apple Approving Apps and Updates? Read This
    Quote from lukesterh
    Go back to the google hole I snipped.
    Just report him, he’s off-topic anyways.
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    posted a message on If you could remove one thing from Minecraft?
    Quote from x6assassin_v2
    Nothing is air.
    Quote from Shoop_Do_Whoop
    Id put back the Beta or Alpha terrain.
    Quote from _Xaie_
    It's not directly part of Minecraft, but it is certainly related to it... hacked clients. Remove every last single damned one of them. I hate them with a passion. Only yesterday someone caught up to me in water and killed me, thing is, they were running on the water, and I was in a boat <_<
    Agree with ya. And it’s so easy to get! I just got Nodus like nothin’ yesterday!
    Quote from ITellYouHwat
    I'd remove the crazy language whenever you enchant items. That way you don't have to risk giving away your hard earned experience points.
    Enchanting shall be easier when 1.3 comes (: You can change it to normal characters, no it’s not a mod, but:
    Quote from Flipnoter
    The enchanting language has nothing to do with the enchantment you get.
    Quote from DigitalyScrewed
    I would remove this new terrain and replace it with the old one... Those where the good old days.
    Quote from KylieKoopaVG
    Quote from mr_Hello32
    I'd remove the long credit thing when you beat the end (Unless they make a skip button)
    It’s called <ESCAPE>.
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    posted a message on Your Minecraft 1.3 best and worst changes
    Quote from lolcreeper200
    Should there be only one "Commands"?
    Yes. SPC is good enough.
    Quote from lolcreeper200
    Keep this in mind: 99.999999% of the time I play Minecraft, I do singleplayer. So I'm actually not really sure what I do in SMP.
    Okay, good to know. Because of the merge SSP is basically SMP.
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