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    posted a message on Help please! Two Nether portals in world = One Nether Portal in nether????
    • Write down the coordinates of the portal near the end portal.
    • Take those coords and divide them by 8 (X and Z coords only) will call these netherendportal and should be where the portal should be if you make one
    • Write down the coords of the portal at your base.
    • Divide those by 8 will call these netherbaseportal and should be where the portal should be if you make one
    • go into the nether
    • break the portal you came in (if you don't care about the location of your portal in the end from your base destroy the entire portal)
    • go the to the netherendportal coords in the nether set up a portal
    • light the portal and go in you SHOULD be at your end-portal-nether-portal
    • go back through the portal, you SHOULD be at your netherendportal
    • if this worked out well then you are half way done, if not then you'll have to disable the portal at your base to link the portals properly
    • next if you DID care about the location of your netherbaseportal then go back to your netherbaseportal and fix and relight it
    • head back to your netherendportal, go through, if you DIDN'T care about the location just simply skip the previous step
    • take the long hike back to your base
    • head through your base nether portal, you SHOULD be at your netherbaseportal

    if for some reason these don't work, try switching the order of when you head through the portals,
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    posted a message on Why do people hate XRayers and Fly users?
    *Note: no anger is behind these words, CAPITAL letters, are for emphasis only.

    I work 40 hours per week and at the end X amount of money is deposited into my bank account.

    You work 0 hours per week and at the end X amount of money is deposited into your bank account

    Afterwards, I spend my money on rent, bills, food, and stuff, but run out, I must wait till Monday, work another 40 hours and get my X money at the end of the week to buy more.

    You on the other hand, spend your money on rent, bills, food and stuff, run out, "cheat" more money into your bank account and go get more stuff.

    Long term effects: supply goes down, prices go up, yet you keep increasing your money to meet the inflation and buy the stuff you want. I on the other hand still get X amount of money, and can no longer afford the "stuff", eventually no longer can afford the food, then eventually can't afford the bills, then lastly can't afford rent. My money that I work for now is worthless because you're basically magicking money out of nowhere.

    This is analogous to how resources on a server work. People work hard putting time and effort into gathering resources, they make their buildings, make armor, food, and random stuff, but then you come along and skip the work, skip the time and effort, and THAT! is the problem. You flood the system with rare resources, making everyone else's rare resources effectively useless. And because they can't keep up with the rate at which you can acquire resources they are unable to barter and trade because no one is willing to accept less from them, than the amount they can get from you.

    Remember that people play Minecraft, in most cases, to have fun in a persistent world with others who are like minded. That "Time and Effort" they put into things in Minecraft is REAL LIFE time and effort, so when you come along and somehow have the diamonds to pay for an item from a shop that they've been saving up for, over many Real Life days to buy, and now that item is no longer available because you spent 5 minutes cheating to get the same amount of diamonds, YOU'VE wasted their real life time. YOU'VE stolen time from them. Of course THEY could go get the X-Ray mod and do the same but, then the next person has to do the same to keep up, eventually the whole server has to have the X-Ray mod to do anything, but at this point it either comes down to, "might as well play creative" or the competition to grab the resources become the sole driving force of everyone on the server, and quite frankly those servers don't last long unless the resources are replaced.

    I'm not saying that you specifically are the type of person that over mines and floods the market with rare resources causing this sort of thing, but the average cheater (I say cheater because hacker is soo the wrong word for this) is. One cheater can ruin a server's economy, which can easily cause people to not want to play, lowering the population of the server, thus making the server owner's real life money put into the server, a waste.

    So before you say that you're not hurting anyone with your actions, realize that though your immediate actions may not hurt anyone, the long term effects of your actions, the repercussions, aren't always what you expect. And because people have seen the repercussions of cheaters' actions, THAT is where the hate comes from.
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    posted a message on Refuting the space-time of the theory of relativity
    My conclusion is: planet Earth attracts by magnetism.

    Why placing a magnet on iron, iron acquire more weight?

    Did you remove the magnet?
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    posted a message on which chestplate is better.?
    Quote from SuperFire131
    This would be right but Unbreaking doesn't work the same way on armor, it is true that you can multiply the durability by Unbreaking level +1 for tools but for armor it works like this: (60 + (40/(Level+1)))% chance a use reduces durability. So the leather chestplate wouldn't have 324 durability but only around 115 durability, making the diamond chestplate the better choice.

    Well in that case, the diamond is better, thanks for pointing that out in formula.
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    posted a message on which chestplate is better.?
    Leather Chest with those enchants is better (situationally, explained below)

    Unenchanted Diamond Chest offers:
    32% Damage reduction @ 529 durability = 3385.6 dmg absorption before breaking

    Leather Chest[Prot4, FIre4, Blast1, Unb3] offers:
    27.5% Physical Damage reduction, = 1782 dmg absorption before break
    76% Fire Damage reduction, = 4924.8 dmg absorption before break
    54% Blast Damage reduction, = 3499.2 dmg absorption before break
    @ 324 durability

    So assuming you get attacked by mostly fire attacks or blasts you'd be better off with the leather, it offers the most protection before breaking from those damage sources, if you're getting physically hit with a sword, zombie, or w/e the diamond is the better choice.

    Maths (could be off a bit, I was going off the wiki):

    Diamond Chest

    32% damage reduction

    529 points durability

    Leather Chest

    Normal 12% damage reduction

    Assuming you get 100% on rolls

    cap[20](cap[25](Prot IV (floor((6 + 5^2) * 0.75 / 3))*1.00))*4% + Normal = 7 * 4% + 12% = 40% damage reduction (physical)

    cap[20](cap[25](Fire IV (floor((6 + 9^2) * 1.25 / 3)) + Prot IV(7))*1.00)*4% + Normal = cap[20](cap[25](36+7)*1.00)*4% + 12 = 20*4% + 12% = 92% damage reduction (fire)

    cap[20](cap[25](Blast I (floor((6 + 3^2) * 1.5 / 3)) + Prot IV(7))*1.00)*4% + Normal = 56% + 12% = 68% damage reduction (blast)

    Assuming you get 50% on rolls

    cap[20](cap[25](Prot IV (floor((6 + 5^2) * 0.75 / 3))*0.50))*4% + Normal = 3 * 4% + 12% = 15% damage reduction (physical)

    cap[20](cap[25](Fire IV (floor((6 + 9^2) * 1.25 / 3)) + Prot IV(7))*0.50)*4% + Normal = cap[20](cap[25](36+7)*0.50)*4% + 12 = 12*4% + 12% = 60% damage reduction (fire)

    cap[20](cap[25](Blast I (floor((6 + 3^2) * 1.5 / 3)) + Prot IV(7))*0.50)*4% + Normal = 28% + 12% = 40% damage reduction (blast)

    Averages of rolls:

    prot IV = (40 + 15) / 2 = 27.5% damage reduction

    fire IV = (92 + 60) / 2 = 76% damage reduction

    blast I = (68 + 40) / 2 = 54% damage reduction

    81 * 4 = 324 points durability (approx.)

    I obviously could be way off on these calculations but I couldn't find anything that calculates it for me so I did the math based on the wiki. I guess I could have gotten MCP and pulled the code for damage calculations but that would have taken too long.

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    posted a message on What Internet Browser do u use?
    Quote from BC_Programming
    Firefox. I use IE as a backup. Chrome is completely off the table since I got my new monitor. Unbelievably, it isn't DPI-aware. this means it looks absolutely terrible at non-standard DPI because it get's scaled and blurry and gross. It kinda works for youtube. Firefox almost lost me with this stupid Australis BS. Thankfully I was able to get add-ons to get pretty much the same appearance from before they decided to change it without any market research. Here's something about alternative Browsers. If you use anything other than Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome/Chromium, or Opera, you are Hipster. Plain and simple. They provide nothing. There are Chromium forks that literally only change the default settings (Iron, I think it was called). The only reason people use them is so that when people talk about browsers they can say "Oh, I use FuddleStuck" and the people will go "oh, never heard of it" and then they can respond, by pushing their greasy hair to the side, and saying "Oh, I'm not surprised". It makes them part of an elite club of people who happen to use the same badly maintained fork of another Open Source Browser.

    Elite club - Group of people that are better than everyone else.

    Quote from woowoo678

    I find it ironic that you're calling them the annoying elitists here.

    Elitist - A person who believes that a system or society should be ruled or dominated by an elite.

    Quote from woowoo678

    It wasn't a direct quote, but it was the effect you were giving, alright??

    Just because you think you're elite (or actually are) doesn't mean you're an elitist.
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    posted a message on Why Minecraft is Bad, and Why I Still Play It.
    Quote from BC_Programming
    I'm 26

    Did you forget your birthday? :(
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    posted a message on What is up with this?
    Attempt this:
    go to your application data folder (%appdata%)
    look for something that says techniclauncher (or something similar)
    either delete or rename the folder
    relaunch the technic launcher
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    posted a message on Adding Lamb as a meat after killing sheep?
    I support adding lamb, but only if it drops from baby sheep and only the cutest baby sheep, I want a tender lamb chop not a tough sheep haunch.
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    posted a message on Does dispenser work underwater?
    Quote from straubalexander1

    How did you use those icons? :D

    I used the icons.

    You put words between colons like this : soil : (without spaces) makes dirt :soil: .
    Alternatively the smiley face the editor next to the My Media button when clicked will show a selection bar at the bottom with quite a few little minecraft icons, if you click the 'Show All' underneath the selection bar it will pop out another window that you can scroll through a lot easier and will "type" the corresponding icon in the text editor when a icon is clicked, it also details what colon operator is needed for each icon. For instance the early life wheat :,,,,: is 4 commas : ,,,, :
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    posted a message on Does dispenser work underwater?
    First replace the bottom two dispensers with droppers pointing up leave the top dispenser as a dispenser.
    Second if you haven't already, set your pulsing redstone signal/clock to go into the middle dropper/dispenser.
    Lastly if you want the eggs to not fly above the water then put a (bottom) half slab or some other non solid block (glowstone, glass, etc) on top of the dispenser.

    Crappy diagram:
    :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water:
    :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :log: :soil: :Furnace: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil:
    :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :log: :soil: :obsidian: :,,,,: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil:
    :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :log: :log: :obsidian: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil: :soil:

    :Water: = water
    :soil: = dirt
    :log: = hopper
    :obsidian: = dropper (facing up)
    :Furnace: = dispenser (facing up)
    :,,,,: = redstone input (a repeater pointing at the dropper is what i used attached to a comparator clock)
    :: = the hole
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    posted a message on Cat meat.
    Quote from Arsnicthegreat

    I'm offended by this idea of eating cats. It's sick, people keep them as companions.

    I'm offended by this idea of not eating cats. I'm offended that people think my choice of food is sick and/or disgusting. I'm offended that people murder lettuce plants for their stupid salads. I grow lettuce plants as companions. I'm offended by all of your statements about being offended by "X". Life lesson: No one cares that you're offended. Offense is a meaningless reaction. It’s completely reactive, never proactive. It says nothing about the offender and everything about the offended. Stop crying about what doesn't directly agree with your own opinions. I'd go on but no sense in beating a dead horse.... oh wait did I offend someone? (tagging horses dropping leather and no one up in arms about that). To adults: act like one. To kids: stay off the offensive internet until you're an adult.
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    posted a message on Cat meat.
    Full Support.

    The buff from the food should be more substantial though maybe one hunger bar and perhaps the meat could be used in a potion to make an 8min potion of creeper repellent.

    Would make a cat farm more useful than just plastering (lag causing) cat entities all over the place to keep creepers away from a base.

    I think kittens should have 100% drop for 4 of said meats, or a more powerful item.

    Edit: Kitten hearts. No idea what benefit they would have but I love the idea of kitten hearts as a drop.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 2D for Nspire
    To clarify... this was informative to those that have a TI-Nspire you know... a specific model of calculator. I'm not sure how terraria, and junk jack, non-TI-Nspire games specifically ones that aren't even minecraft had anything to do with the OP.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 2D for Nspire
    Just in-case anyone has an TI-Nspire and is bored in school or w/e.


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