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    posted a message on Looking for active staff

    If anyone is interested please respond to this post.

    I am paying for the servers for both MCPE & Java which both have many mods on lagfree servers.

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    posted a message on Mcpe server OrbitFaction server IP: orbitfaction.mc-play.net port 25634

    Also, I tried to checkout the server but it says your IP: orbitfaction.mc-play.net is an invalid IP my dude, it may be why you haven’t received any visitors, this is mainly the reason I don’t mask my IP address.

    i pay for my 24/7 servers anyway so they have enhanced DDOS protection in the package.

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    posted a message on Always Gaming wants YOU to join our servers, Find out why we are different then other minecraft servers and why you should join!

    So, you are a minecraft gamer, you play minecraft whether you are new or trying it out, you're and adventurer or pro builder, right now we are recruiting new staff, we have many different departments and with two active staff already we need YOU, why? Because we strive to make your servers unique and want everyone to enjoy themselves, we require that all staff members use the 3 letter characters before their name in minecraft to allow players to know who is staff, EXAMPLE: AG_KuroFoxYokai

    We do this to ensure there is no confusion, now we are aware that players are going to use them in their name even when they aren't server staff, we have different ways to punish those naughty players for impersonating our team.

    Right now, all of our servers are running on the latest minecraft firmware and run smoothly, they are being rented on cloud servers and are online 24/7 with DDOS protection, we are partnered with a few hosting companies and we have a few plugin developers in our team (We could always use more)

    Now, you can play on our servers free without needing to be staff, we welcome all players.

    You can find our website below along with any other servers we may have up and running, if you want to join our team you can fill out our job interview form on the news tab on our site all the way at the bottom, you will get a response within 24 hours from the day that you apply,

    We also plan to pay for our own domain name here really soon! :D


    We also have a forum where you guys can post threads, such as, New Plugins, Suggestions, Advice (We always listen and take it into consideration)

    and to let us you if you want more servers.

    Please remember to like and bump this thread so we can keep it active and get more players and potential staff, it helps us out a lot.

    You can find our active servers below, Have Fun & Have a great DAY! :D

    MCPE Pocket Edition Server info to join! IP: Port: 19356 (Online)

    MCPC PC Server info to join! IP: Port: 25565 (Online)

    Feel free to join our website here for all the latest updates and for free member perks! https://kurofoxyokai.wix.com/alwaysgaming

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