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    Nice idea! Was this your original idea or did you get inspiration from somewhere?

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    Cool.... I might get it.....

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    About to try out the mod....

    Opening the world!

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    posted a message on Making a new server, need staff A LOT

    Name: SuperDucky

    Skype: Will be made VERY shortly and will be a name like KungFuKittyCat

    What I want this server to be: I think it should be a prison or mini game server.

    Why: I love people and being a leader. I think I would suit the job.

    Experience: I was the owner of my old server for 2 years and have just wanted to become a leader on another server.

    What I want to be: Co-Owner or Mod or Admin.

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    posted a message on AGBMafiaCraft New Server [Needs Admins,Mods,Helpers,Builders and Developers]

    I don't have a Skype quite yet but VERY soon.

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    posted a message on AGBMafiaCraft New Server [Needs Admins,Mods,Helpers,Builders and Developers]

    IGN: SuperDucky
    Maturity (1-10): 9
    Skype: Not yet but VERY soon. I will say what it is shortly
    Timezone: Pacific Time Zone
    Country: Canada
    How many hours can you dedicate to the server?: Each day about 2-6
    Have you been Admin in other servers(Must show proof, ex give me the ip of the server and I will see if Admin)?: No, this is my first time applying.
    Have you ever been banned?: Yes, but it was laying and it thought I was flying, I swear I wasn't.
    Have you got Demoted?: No
    What can you do for the server(Must be detailed, more detail, more chance of getting spot.)?: I can ban rule breakers and help kind, new and advanced people. I would be responsible and watch over the server to keep it safe from hacker and glitches. I would report if I saw anything suspicious or rude. I would stand guard and be a lover not a fighter.
    How many years have you played Minecraft?: 4
    Why do you want to be an Admin?: To protect and honour your server. And to also release my responsibility to the world.
    Being a staff, you have to stand your ground and enforce the rules, what makes you think you are able to do that?: I am in a leadership team at my Kung Fu and must stand up to people then and I have also been bullied and stood up for myself and others.
    What type of experience have you had as staff member? Are you still a staff member? Why or why not?: I am not because I have never had the courage to apply but today I had that courage.
    We are looking for long term and dedicated staff members, how long are you willing to stay with the server?: At the minimum 2 years.
    Being on staff requires fulfilling deadlines and being dedicated. Do you feel like you can do that? Why?: Yes. Because I am a brand new YouTuber and know lots of YouTubers so I can easily dedicate to things. And I have been doing Kung Fu for 5 years so I know I can dedicate and I have been with my computer (only playing MC) for 8 hours strait once.
    You hear a staff member was abusing powers on the server, what do you do? Be very thorough and detailed on what your action is: I would first come to you and tell you what I've heard. I would then try to find out if it was true by asking other people. If I found it to be true I would ask the person why they were abusing the powers and have you guys hopefully help me with them.
    Being on staff means you have to be a team player, give us an example when you were on a team and what was the outcome: I have been on a Kung Fu demo team and I was rewarded a silver medal. I have been on 3 baseball teams and I won 2 gold and 1 silver medals which made me want to help out my team. I also played basketball which showed me how to work together and one day I got to help teach and it showed me very well how to lead.
    How will we be able to contact you if there's any trouble? (Skype, Email, etc..): My email is [email protected]
    Are you comfortable talking on skype calls or teamspeak? (It's required for staff to have some sort-of voice communication): Yes, like I said I am getting Skype very shortly and will be getting Teamspeak as well.
    What are you planning to Change or Achieve if you get accepted as staff?: I plan to change anyone with false behaviour to make them happy and kind. I also would like to achieve feeling like a leader and being a mentor.
    What will you do if a Hacker/Cheater comes on, and you're the only staff available?: I would make sure they were a hacker/cheater and then give them an appropriate punishment like a ban.
    10 Rules for yourself that you would go by (Break 1 Rule, Demotion)?: 1. I would see all sides of a story before making a decision. 2. I would always give a fair punishment. 3. I would never abuse my powers. 4. I would listen to any orders given from anyone of his/her rank. 5. I would enforce all server rules. 6. I would try my best to keep everyone happy and having fun. 7. I would always be honest with everyone. 8. I would never force anyone to do anything unless told to by higher rankings. 9. I would follow all rules. 10. I would dedicate myself to this.
    Anymore to add?: I have been told many times in the past that I have great leading skills. I would like to show the skills to everyone.

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