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    Well, I guess I'll introduce myself.

    My name is Kuloko, I'm an avid poster here (Off Topic Section Retired Moderator) and I have been in the Roleplay community for over four years. Myraeon is the first server that I have found that has truly catered to a roleplayers wishes of an open world where the players story is king. I have been a member of this community for over a year now and I do not regret my time spent in here.

    I can't reiterate enough, if you have any doubts, try it out. Hop in Teamspeak, not all of us are scary, only some. Apply to the whitelist and check our server out. We can promise you that we bring one of the best Roleplay Experiences possible to Minecraft.

    Thanks and if you have any questions, let us know!


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    Hello all!

    Today I come to you to request a skin to be created, I have a decently high definition picture I'd like to the skin to model as closely as possible.

    If the skin is good enough, I may consider tossing a couple dollars your way however I'd appreciate this done for free. If you request payment the skin must be of extremely high quality and must warrant the payment requested.

    Picture to be used as a model: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/123/6/9/firebender__jun_by_taiwonton-d4ygvxi.png

    If you need more information for what the skin needs or anything else, please post in this thread or Private Message me.
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    Quote from SeanBlade»
    Going to cancel my application. Found out a few secrets about the server I'm not entirely happy with.

    I respect your decision to cancel your application, however I am very interested in hearing these few secrets to see if they're credible. If they are then we will own up to them, if not then we will do whatever we can to disprove them. No matter what happens we still respect your right to cancel your application, however if you can... Please Private Message me some more information as to why so we can make some changes to prevent things in the future.

    Thank you,
    Kuloko, Staff Manager
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    +1 to them, kind people, caring and in my opinion, will be very successful.
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    I'd like to comment here just talking about the kindness I received from these people. I was looking for a team of builders to help build my own personal Roleplay Server and the owner quickly contacted me offering his services and his build team to help build my server, obviously for a small amount of money, but the amount of money was small compared to the work they were offering. After a very long and very polite conversation, we parted ways and promises were made to stay in touch when I do need this build done. I recommend joining this crew, helping them out and learning things.

    I give them my utmost respect and positive reputation that I can bestow upon them!

    With kind regard,

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    Hey all,

    I'd like to start a Supernatural Discussion Thread! I've been super into this show ever since I binge watched it on Netflix a couple months ago, and I'm just fascinated at the world the writers have created that can be so hidden from our modern world.

    For anyone wanting to discuss anything to do with that show, post here.

    I'll start off with a question for all of you, list your favorite seasons in order!

    Season 5, Season 8, Season, 9, Season 4, Season 3, Season 2, Season 7, Season 1, Season 6.

    If you're going to put any spoilers for the show in this thread, remember to put them in spoiler tags so anyone who hasn't gotten there yet doesn't have it spoiled for them!
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    When they release Halo 3 on Steam, I'll be a happy man. Until then I'll play them on my Xbox 360.
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    I'm locking this thread, if you wish top have discussion unrelated to the topic of the thread, please use the Private Message system.
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    Locking thread at the owner's request.
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    Quote from modder97

    Thanks Rumsay It works great now, better then before so great job. If you want I can send my ip because I'm hosting it for me and my friends. We are making a huge project and that is to make all classes and make it to world of warcraft. If I open it for public one day I will give you credit by using the /title command in the later verision of minecraft. I will also if you want to give you beetwen 30 to 50% of all donations. It's a private sserver now. You helped me and now I will be glad to help you. :) You can ask me then you have to test a new verision of the plugin. If you want I can be a beta tester :) I have played minecraft since minecraft beta 1.6.6 and I'm realy like to help people.

    Just a suggestion, recreating the class system from World of Warcraft in Minecraft is an incredible coding task. I've personally tried it before using a Mix of Heroes, SkillAPI, MythicMobs and Item Lore Stats but it's was an incredible challenge. Just a heads up.

    Also Rumsey, keep up the insane work. My friends and I are having a blast exploring Azeroth in Minecraft as opposed to the non blocky World of Warcraft version :)
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