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    Nail Reborn 1.16+

    Have you ever heard of old PvP map named Nail? Yeah? We too! Some time ago me and friends tried to play it, but map was too outdated to be played on the latest version. So... We decided to remake, rebuild and reborn this cool map made by Whiskey Brigade. Remade map was made from scratch, but we took a lot of references from original Nail.

    • What is Nail?

    Nail is team based PvP minecraft map. Where are two teams: Invaders and Defenders. Invader team must destroy sponges hidden in the Defender's castle and Defenders must go to the castle and defend sponges for 20 minutes. Pretty easy, huh?

    • Whats the difference from Original Nail?

    We updated the map to the newest version [1.16.3], added game settings, hided some new cool stuff and rebalanced some of the gear.

    • Is The Arena still here?

    Of course!

    • How many players can play on the map?

    Up to 12.

    Some pictures from renewed map:



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