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    Quote from Alvoria»

    In the 1.15 update they changed the name of the folder and basically all of the files within it... but left a "compatibility mode" where it'd still read the old ones correctly from the older /blocks/ folder. However using this mode means the new stuff won't work. So if you want everything to work, you need to update all of your file names to the new version using the /block/ folder. (Yes, they changed all of the block file names for no adequately explained reason.) Same for /items/ becoming /item/ now. The compatibility mode was a reprieve for those who are slow to update, but you can't lean on it forever if you want the new stuff to work.

    You'll also find that the update broke a few things completely like chests, but that's a separate (and still very annoying) issue.

    I hope that explains things.

    Aaah, for the love of god.. They just have to make things more and more difficult, eh :P
    Thanks for the explanation. I tried to look at the new and old files, and the names were the same, but it seems like i didnt check enough files.
    Guess i have to update a lot of files then. Thanks a lot for the help, both of you!

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    This is discontinued. Download links no longer work.

    I really need feedback on this pack! Why do you like it? Why don't you like it? What is bad, and what is good? What should i work on next? PLEASE come with some feedback, i really need it!

    :DBlock: HDCraft :DBlock:


    :SSSS: Download: :SSSS:

    :VV: FAQ - Frequently asked questions :VV:
    Q: The download link takes me to a forum! Where is my download link?
    A: You've just arrived to my MC server forum. I use this to "Host" all of my texture packs, and other creatons. All you have to do to get to your download, is to enter the "Texture packs" sub forum. Then choose if you want "KrisEike's texture packs" or "Linda's texture packs". Then, you can find the texture pack you want to download, click it's thread, then download it!

    Q: What do you use the money you get from adf.ly for?
    A: It goes to my minecraft servers, and the bills to keep up my forum. If i have leftover money, i often donate it to charity.

    Q: Do you have permission to use these textures in your pack?
    A: Yes.

    :Skeleton: More pictures from the pack: :Skeleton:

    :Pig: To do: :Pig:
    - New textures for un-textured blocks/items.

    :Iron: Changelog: :Iron:
    Read the changelog inside the ZIP folder. It's called "readme.txt" or just "readme"

    The pack consists of Brown and Bloom mostly, with a hint of Mixcraft.
    Thanks to:
    Linda's Junglecraft pack

    The Fiftyniner

    Koolwitak's MixCraft pack

    DVan's B&B pack

    Vattic's Faithful pack

    DDLord's B&B Revival pack

    Tyken132's TyDoku pack


    Only a few of the textures in this pack are made by me, most textures come from different packs, listed on top. There are some changes in the textures, which i made. All credit for the textures goes to their original owner.
    Is some of your work in my pack, and your name not on the list? Please tell me! I will add a link to your thread and also your name, as seen above.

    Do you like all the work i put into this pack? If you'd like to REALLY thank me, a donation would be great! Even a small one helps!
    :lol: Signature pictures: :lol:
    Please help me by using these! It helps alot, trust me =)

    Extra small banner:

    Small banner:

    Big banner:

    Show your support for HDCraft by putting this in your signature. It helps alot!

    Info to wannabe mods and such below.


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    Old thread, please delete.

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    Haha thanks Dylan. Glad to have you.

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    We've just updated a few of our plugins and the server is now more stable than ever. We've also added a bit more RAM to better the performance of the server even more. :)

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    PM sent!

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    *Old post, please delete*

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    Quick question to other server owners.

    I run a server with Spigot with around 10 other players, but for some reason the vanilla jar and craftbukkit jar won't work properly. Even with just 3 players on and 5GB of RAM, the server will complain about being overloaded, sending out the normal "Can't keep it up!" errors in console.

    We had to move on to spigot, which we despise due to it messing with spawn rates of all mobs. Does anyone else have huge lag issues with the vanilla jar and/or craftbukkit?

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    PMs have been sent! :)

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    PM sent. :)

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