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    I just found your mods today, this and the redstone paste mod, and I am IN LOVE. It's so incredibly simple in its function and adds so little in the way of items or complicated crafting trees, but then they provide such massive use and possibilities. It's exactly the kind of modding that I love to see. These will both be a must for me for.... well, as long as you feel the desire to update them.
    Simply genius.
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    Yeah, the downside of this would be the amount of stupid cookie-cutter creatures made.
    But the upside would be that you can control what your server has, or play on servers that have things you like.

    I'd expect that there would be a few people who would become known for making really good things, and then everyone would end up using them.

    But yeah, it's up to Notch.
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    To be strictly realistic, a cubic meter if iron would be nigh indestructible. It would take hundreds of stone picks to get through that, maybe even thousands, if it would even be possible. Honestly, I'd expect that a 1 meter cube of iron could survive a nuclear bomb mostly intact.

    So I guess that's a +1 to making them tougher.
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    Before I get to the idea, I want to apologize to Notch.
    I'm quite sure that Notch does not remember the incident to which I refer, but since I was the one in the wrong, it remains my responsibility to make the apology, remembered or not.

    If you are reading this: Yes, I'm the same Krelos from Wurm who acted like a total A-Hole to you when you completely did not deserve it. For that I am very sorry. If you can forgive me I can promise that my douche-like past will stay there in the past, well actually, it will even if you wont forgive me. But all the same, I hope that you won't think of me as poorly as you probably have since then, in the few sparse moments you might have remembered me at all.

    In the likely event that you don't remember me or what I'm talking about, suffice to say that I was once a jerk to you and you had every right to ban me outright but did not, which pretty much proved wrong the things I thought about you. Sorry for thinking them in the first place.
    I simply hope that when, if ever, I come to your mind in the future, it is not with a negative thought.

    Now, on to the idea.

    The MC Mob Maker would probably be a 3rd party program like Omen and NBT, but would instead allow people to use custom mob models and plug in whatever abilities and behaviors they wanted.

    What this would (probably) require from Notch would be to build the mob library in such a way that the program would be able to pull information from it and plug in new entries, so each server could in theory have its own custom mobs.

    I guess that's the extent of the idea.

    It would (in my imagination) let us make our own models and pick from a few different preexisting walking methods/animations or maybe even put in new ones, pick when it spawned, how it acted (aggressive, passive, passive in daylight, etc.) what it could do (shoot arrows, explode, walk on water, fire-immune, etc.) and what it dropped on death (anything from arrows to stupid things like water cubes)
    Hopefully it would let us combine all these things in any way the user wanted, so as to allow creatures that both shot arrows and exploded and dropped multiple items types if so desired.

    If this could be done then it would open the game up to a lot of creative possibilities that, at the moment, require Notch's direct attention and time.
    Imagine a library of people's creatures with all the details listed where you can grab what you want and just plug it in to your server. Where Notch could go and browse to find the best of the best and include them in the 'vanilla' version for everyone to use.

    Sure there would be a ton of terrible things made, but there would also be a ton of fantastic things made.
    Yeah, this does sound like SporeCC for MC now that you mention it, but that doesn't seem like a bad thing.
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