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    Hey guys!

    My name is MrCrayfish. Most of you should know me from my Furniture Mod! Well I have some exciting news. I am currently in the process of porting my Furniture Mod to MCPE!

    I am currently using a development version of BlockLauncher, which adds in the new Render API. I like to give a big thanks to byteandahalf for hooking me up with this development version and letting me get a head start before its released to the public. Check out his thread which goes into detail about the Render API.

    Here are some screenshots of the current progress!

    Cobblestone and Wooden Table, Chair and Coffee Table

    Cabinet and 5 different colours of couches!

    You can make corner couches by placing the couches in a corner shape.

    Couches can be placed as singles

    Tables expand to any size

    Coffee Tables expand to any size too!

    Here is a video of it in action. Please note I recorded this before I added the couches and cabinet.

    Where is link to download???

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