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    Quote from webrosc»

    and enjoying life more

    Wish I could say the same.

    Sorry that came out kind of ominous didn't it? But at least I have a kind little ball of fluff to keep me company.

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    I live with fish.

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    This isn't a suggestion for adding content to Minecraft.

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    Most threads are created by a separate account. IP banning is also not a practical means of making spam go away as it is very easy to circumvent.

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    I did a sweep and will linger for a time before going to bed.

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    Oh for the love of... Guess I'm not sleeping as early as I wanted to.

    I just removed six pages of it and there's likely to be more. I can't be around all the time to remove it but I can do so in sweeps.

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    To cut down on the redundant threads regarding upcoming update additions, the MD section staff have decided to make a single thread for not only the upcoming update, but all updates yet to come. When a new update comes out, this thread will continue to be used for whatever the new upcoming update is.

    • If the thread is out of date, message me as I do not actively keep track of the snapshot news. I merely take over if no one else is doing it. I will try keeping the thread up to date as much as I can but please send me a message if a snapshot is missing and I will try to see to it.

    Due to post character limitation no further notes can be listed in this thread. Please visit the following link for information about further developmental versions: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Version_history/Development_versions#Snapshots_.26_Pre-releases

    • /tellrawchanges

    • Villagers will now only breed when willing.
    Villagers become willing when traded with.

    • All baby animal growth can now slowly be accelerated using the animal's breeding item

    • Improved /testfor
    Can now also check for dataTags
    Example: /testfor @p {foodLevel:20}
    No longer is exclusively usable in command blocks

    • Minor things
    New splash text: "That's Numberwang!"
    Carrots and baked potatoes now restore 1 less hunger point restore 3 hunger points instead of 4
    When a furnace runs out of fuel, the smelting progress will pause instead of resetting - Bug.

    • Swamp trees are less dull now

    • Improved chat communication
    Messages are now either chat, system or action bar messages

    Action bar messages are always shown, chat and system messages are only shown if chat settings are configured that way

    • Water source blocks no longer spread towards the nearest drop, they now spread in all directions - confirmed bug

    • Some instances of usernames in the chat will now show the player's UUID when hovered on when debug tooltips are enabled

    • The F3 menu now shows which axis you are facing after the cardinal direction

    • /clear can now be used to clear only a specific number of items and can be restricted to certain NBT data
    Example: /clear @p 383 120 34 {display:{Name:Michael}} will remove up to 34 villager spawn eggs named Michael from yourself; Note: Maximum removal item count is not working correctly at this time

    • "A whole bunch of optimizing for both the client and server […] and lots more work towards the Plugin API in the background"

    • Entity Selectors: Use @e in certain commands to target entities. Limitable with [type=Chicken] or [type=!Skeleton]

    • /kill can now be followed by a selector, example: /kill @e[type=!Player]

    • A few new crafting recipes
    Mossy stone bricks - One stone brick and one vine, shapeless
    Chiseled stone bricks - Two stone brick slabs on top of each other

    • Made relative teleports much smoother

    • Added CanDestroy NBT tag for tools
    Mostly for use in adventure mode
    Example: CanDestroy:["minecraft:sand","minecraft:grass"]

    • Rebalanced villager trading
    Offers will be less random and probably more useful
    Existing villagers will not be affected
    Trading now gives experience
    Villager profession is now displayed in trade GUI
    Villagers start out with 2 trades unlocked
    There are now more villager professions (only notable trade changes and additions listed)
    White robe: Librarian (now buys stacked written books, can now offer different enchanted books)
    Purple robe: Cleric (now only sells a single piece of redstone, sells lapis, buys ender pearls and rotten flesh)
    Default skin: Fisherman (buys string, coal, cooks normal fish, sells enchanted fishing rods), Farmer (no longer sells melons, buys melon blocks, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, sells cake and pumpkin pie), Fletcher (buys string, sells bows, converts 10 gravel into 10 flint), Shepherd (sells colored wool)
    White apron: Butcher, Leatherworker (buys leather, sells leather armor and enchanted leather armor)
    Black apron: Armorer (Sells enchanted diamond armor, iron armor, chain armor), Tool Smith (sells enchanted iron shovel/pick and enchanted diamond pick), Weapon Smith (sells enchanted iron sword, enchanted diamond sword, enchanted diamond axe, iron axe)
    The disabled trade arrow now has a descriptive tooltip
    Trades are now unlocked more freely

    • Added a bouncy block with fancy graphics

    Walking on it is slower than walking on soulsand
    When fell on, mobs will bounce up to 60% up again
    Prevents fall damage
    Crafting recipe: 9 slime balls, can also be crafted back into 9 slime balls

    • More stone variants
    Only for decoration

    Smooth/Polished Granite
    Will be craftable, likely from cobblestone and quartz
    Some also generate naturally
    Granite, Diorite, Andesite and polished variants
    Polished variants are crafted by putting 4 of the normal variant in a 2x2 square
    Normal variants generate in deposits like dirt pockets
    Crafting recipes, 2 nether quartz pieces and 2 blocks of cobblestone placed diagonally in a 2x2 grid for 2 diorite, one block of cobblestone and one block of diorite for 2 andesite, one piece of nether quartz and one diorite for one granite

    • Updated the enchanting system

    Enchanting will now cost 1 to 3 levels, but you still need the same minimum total levels
    Additionally, there is now a material cost - Enchanting also costs 1 to 3 pieces of lapis lazuli or gold now
    The actual enchantment calculation is the same
    One of the enchantments will be displayed in the tooltip
    The enchantments you would get on a tool will not change until you enchant something - This enchantment seed is stored per player
    Leveling up now takes longer
    Reduced anvil costs to adjust to this change - Notable: renaming items will now only cost 1 level, repairing will now start out with 2 to 5 levels and tools can be repaired longer and with better enchantments, repairing costs can no longer be kept down by renaming items

    • World difficulty can now be locked per world to prevent accidentally changing it when joining the world
    Locking can not be undone

    • Improved doors
    Now stack to 64
    Crafting recipes changed to give 3 doors instead of 1

    • Block hitboxes no longer appear in Adventure mode if interaction with the block is impossible
    Block interaction is now impossible by default

    • Adventure Mode no longer lets players place/destroy blocks

    • A way to change chest contents using commands
    /blockdata will merge the existing and the supplied data tags

    • A way to lock containers from being opened using NBT tags
    Mostly useful for adventure maps in adventure mode
    NBT Tag in JSON format: {Lock:"Secret"}, containers can be unlocked by clearing their String for Lock
    Locked containers can only be opened while holding an item renamed to the given string, item is not removed on use

    • Fixed some bugs
    • Fixed some transparency issues with blocks
    • Fixed villagers ignoring NBT tags on trades
    • Fixed zombies sometimes killing villagers completely on hard difficulty
    • Fixed mobs tending to move north-west
    • Fixed used up villager trades not disabling visually right away
    • Fixed hotkeying item stacks into enchantment tables destroying all but one item of that stack

    • Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed interacting with the top part of doors crashing the game

    • Fixed a crash with faulty trades

    • Fixed giant mushrooms generating incorrectly

    • Fixed the end crashing the game

    • Fixed /giveing items to dead players creating ghost items

    • Fixed interacting with invalid villagers crashing the game

    • Fixed a NPE when generating new chunks

    • Fixed items dropped on farmland destroying the farmland

    • Fixed /kill @e not killing arrows

    • Fixed a NPE when ticking the world

    • Fixed a NPE with Invalid Biome id

    • Fixed a NPE while getting the biome

    • Fixed leaves not changing color depending on biome

    • Fixed @a not working with all commands

    • Fixed an IndexOutOfBoundsException when rendering

    • Fixed /clear not respecting "max count" argument

    • Fixed /blockdata not updating visually

    • Fixed liquids flowing in all directions

    • Fixed lakes generating too many flowers

    • Fixed using @a with /scoreboard assigning things per UUID instead of name

    • Villager trading changes
    Librarians will now sell nametags
    Clerics no longer buy ender pearls

    • Iron golems will now only drop iron when killed by players, zombie pigmen will now only drop gold when killed by players

    • Desert temples now use clay instead of wool

    • New gamerule: logAdminCommands

    • Player heads are no longer only one layer

    • Debug tooltips now also show named item ids

    • Player selectors (@p, @e, etc) now support cubic areas
    Example: @e[x=0,y=0,z=0,dx=10,dy=10,dz=10]

    • /clone to copy large areas to other areas
    Up to 4096 blocks can be copied
    Example: /clone 1001 3 1002 1011 3 992 1001 5 992 masked
    mode can be masked or replace - replace will copy every block, masked will only copy non-air blocks

    • /fill to fill a large area with a block
    Up to 4096 blocks can be filled
    Example: /fill 1001 3 1002 1011 5 992 wool 6 replace
    oldBlockHandling works like with, but with additional options: hollow to only fill the outer layer of blocks and fill the inner part with air, outline to fill the outer layer of blocks and ignore the inner part

    • A long requested feature
    Skin improvements! - New skin layout
    The hat layer is now full-body, can be transparent
    Legs and arms can now be different between left and right

    • Skin customization options found in imgame menu

    • The radius value in selectors is now based on the block center
    A radius of 0 works for exact block positions

    • NBT data in commands can now use block/item names in place of numerical ids
    Old ids still work, but are being phased out slowly
    Other occurences of blocks/items now need to be named ids

    • /tp can now be used to change players' rotation
    Relative changes also supported
    Example: /tp @a ~ ~ ~ ~180 ~

    • Villagers will now become witches when struck by lightning

    • Village roads will now generate with cobblestone underneath

    • Fixed chicken jockeys causing lag and clogging up the mob cap - The chickens no longer lay eggs and despawn with their riders
    • Fixed /setworldspawn not update the compass
    • Fixedleaves not changing colour depending on biome
    • Fixed /clear not affecting armor slots and throwing an NPE
    • Fixed /spawnpoint not working with @a/@p/@r
    • Fixed endermen teleporting more slowly and rarely
    • Fixed command block @ selectors being off center
    • Fixed r=65536 in command blocks behaving weirdly
    • Fixed an NPE when rendering block entity
    • Fixed two NPEs with "Unexpected error"
    • Fixed an NPE when rendering screen
    • Fixed command blocks not allowing cubic radius

    • Fixed some bugs
    • Fixed iron Bars, regular glass panes and cauldrons not being transparent
    • Fixed custom player heads being messed up
    • Fixed placing flower pots crashing the game
    • Fixed invited player skins in Realms being messed up
    • Fixed being killed making skins lose their hat
    • Fixed an NPE when rendering screen
    • Fixed a graphical issue with the sky

    • Item frames can give off a signal detected by Comparators.
    • Lots of changes to villager AI. Some of them now actually do stuff!
    • Looting now gives 1% chance of rare loot per level
    • I ron Golems/Zombie Pigmen now drop items on normal kills
    • You can now spawn Iron Golems/Snow Golems/Withers with dispensers + pumpkin/skulls respectively
    • Bushes can now catch fire
    • Buttons can now be placed on ceiling/floors
    • Seecret Changes
    • Balancing tweaks!

    Notable additions for mapmakers:

    • New command /particle to show particle effects in the world. It can also be relative to entities. Example: /particle lava ~ ~1 ~ 1 1 1 0.5 2 @e[type=Chicken]
    • Added the ability to filter block types in the /fill command, but only if it’s used to fill in replace mode with “normal” blocks. It does not work when filling with block entities. Syntax: /fill replace [filterBlockName] [filterData]
    • Fixed most of the remaining issues with the /clone command, for example chest orientation.

    Bugs fixed in this snapshot:

    • [Bug MC-1253] – Ladder, Sign, Fence, Gate, Trapdoor causes block it is placed in to darken
    • [Bug MC-2399] – Transparent blocks raise the light level of the block they're in visually by one
    • [Bug MC-9582] – Whole-word selection behaves erratically in chat
    • [Bug MC-16457] – Pumpkin texture flips when made into snowman
    • [Bug MC-18284] – New AI mobs see through invisibility
    • [Bug MC-18984] – Dead bushes and Saplings do not burn
    • [Bug MC-24336] – Withers are harmed by the explosions of their Wither Skulls
    • [Bug MC-25370] – Mouse is centered when going to previous menu with ESC
    • [Bug MC-31081] – Stone monster eggs Spawn 2 Silverfish
    • [Bug MC-31203] – Furnace Progress Remains After Changing Ingredient
    • [Bug MC-32301] – Lava fizz sound plays whenever a flowing lava block destroys an air block
    • [Bug MC-36847] – No Colon after Game Mode in World Options
    • [Bug MC-37355] – server-icon.png alpha channel display
    • [Bug MC-43984] – Normal players can use player selectors
    • [Bug MC-44551] – Silverfish can infest Granite/Andesite/Diorite
    • [Bug MC-44592] – Lava spreads further than it should
    • [Bug MC-44805] – /difficulty doesn't update on singleplayer
    • [Bug MC-44890] – Doors get added to the list of village doors over and over again
    • [Bug MC-44893] – /kill Not Killing Invulnerable Entity
    • [Bug MC-45011] – /clone doesn't clone TileEntity orientation
    • [Bug MC-45056] – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Loading entity NBT
    • [Bug MC-45063] – Tripwire is invisible
    • [Bug MC-45071] – The world freezes if an Enderman is being hit.
    • [Bug MC-45082] – Skin Layers Appear to be Off when Travelling through Portals
    • [Bug MC-45084] – Skin's Second Layers Invisible in First Person
    • [Bug MC-45087] – Id for cooked fish is "minecraft:cooked_fished"
    • [Bug MC-45172] – New skin layer jacket acts enchanted when enchanted pants equipped
    • [Bug MC-45235] – Double Shift = Sprint
    • [Bug MC-45448] – Problem with auto-completion of commands

    • [Bug MC-45082] – Skin Layers Appear to be Off when Travelling through Portals
    • [Bug MC-45453] – Items & Blocks placed in item frames are rendered incorrectly
    • [Bug MC-45470] – Items don't render on the ground properly
    • [Bug MC-45482] – Killing a mob always gives you a rare loot (100% chance).
    • [Bug MC-45496] – Server disconnects player when player takes damage from mob
    • [Bug MC-45506] – Can not /setblock air on tile entities
    • [Bug MC-45516] – Furnaces Stop Operating Between Launches
    • [Bug MC-45528] – Grass under snow doesn't have the snowy texture
    • [Bug MC-45552] – Item frames duplicate on (re)loading
    • [Bug MC-45628] – Monster dungeons not spawning
    • [Bug MC-45689] – Clock not showing in item frame


    Notable additions for survival:

    • Book copying mechanics has been altered to differentiate the original & copies of books
    • Activator rails can eject entities from Minecarts

    Notable additions for mapmakers:

    • Added a spectator gamemode (/gamemode spectator). Not 100% finished.
    • Spectators cannot be seen by anybody but other spectators
    • Spectators can view inventories/etc, but not modify them
    • Spectators can go through any entity or block without interfering with it
    • Spectators can click on entities to take their camera
    • Spectators cannot use items, place blocks, destroy blocks or interact with blocks in any way
    • Spectators are only slightly buggy maybe sometimes
    • Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to bugs.mojang.com. If nobody reports a bug, we can’t fix it!

    Bugs fixed in this snapshot:

    • [Bug MC-38944] – Joining Realms World "Cancel" Button Mis-Placed
    • [Bug MC-44521] – @a, @e, and any UUID references work incorrectly after a player dies.
    • [Bug MC-45050] – /fill … skull | Hitbox Bug
    • [Bug MC-45159] – Blocks with tile entities don't get removed when you clone / fill an airblock to their position.
    • [Bug MC-45453] – Items & Blocks placed in item frames are rendered incorrectly
    • [Bug MC-45470] – Items don't render on the ground properly
    • [Bug MC-45478] – Pre-snapshot14w04a villagers break crops but don't replant them
    • [Bug MC-45492] – Transparent blocks are much darker
    • [Bug MC-45554] – Two tall flowers variants are not generating.
    • [Bug MC-45763] – Some blocks are facing the wrong way if placed in an Item Frame
    • [Bug MC-45764] – Map will not show in item frame
    • [Bug MC-45795] – Villagers can not place or pick up any crops
    • [Bug MC-45847] – /summon Villager Farmer NBT tag canPickUpLoot will default to 0

    And many more that weren't on the bug tracker so we couldn't mark them as fixed! Did I mention please report bugs? Thanks.

    • MC-1607 – Ghost End Portal in The End / Missing layer with AMD/ATI graphics cards
    • MC-45763 – Some blocks are facing the wrong way if placed in an Item Frame
    • MC-45826 – Item frames pop off / rendered on wrong side of block when upgrading to 14w04b
    • MC-46402 – Flying in Spectator Mode counts as Flying in Survival Mode and kicks you off the server
    • MC-46416 – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Unexpected error
    • MC-46420 – Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 44339
    • MC-46422 – Barriers have shadows
    • MC-46427 – Breaking barriers create lava and water particles
    • MC-46435 – Reticle Appears on Tile Entities In Spectator Mode
    • MC-46442 – Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1
    • MC-46444 – You can't pass through entities when you disconnect/reconnect while in spectator mode
    • MC-46447 – Repairing Tools No Longer Works
    • MC-46465 – Changing the language breaks the shader when looking through an entity's camera
    • MC-46467 – Hopper: java.lang.RuntimeException: Already decorating
    • MC-46472 – Spectator mode - speeding up/down works only first time
    • MC-46485 – 'Flip' shader pack shows black screen
    • MC-46489 – Summoning Barrier as FallingSand Entity crashes the game
    • MC-46563 – When spectating mob in F5 mode, perspective effect remains.
    • MC-46576 – Crash when inside a barrier block
    • MC-46594 – Debug menu not updating shader description correctly

    • Commands

    (more info needed)

    • Scoreboards

    The ability to reset a single score on a player
    Usage: /scoreboard players reset [objective]
    New objective criteria for team-specific kills, e.g.: teamkill.red, killedByTeam.blue
    New objective criteria 'trigger
    Mostly for use with /tellraw links
    (more info needed)
    The ability to iterate over every scoreboard player with *

    • Data Tags

    Allows placing of certain blocks against other blocks in adventure mode
    Example: /give @p stone 16 0 {CanPlaceOn:["minecraft:diamond_block"]}
    Allows hiding of certain parts of the tooltip
    Bit field of 1/enchantments, 2/modifiers, 4/unbreakable, 8/candestroy, 16/canplace
    The number of ticks before an item entity can be picked up.
    Set to 32768 for officially unlimited duration.
    Option to show or hide all particles for a potion effect, while the 'Ambient' tag only shows fewer particles. Set to 1 to show, 0 to hide.

    • Achievements

    New achievement Overpowered
    Obtained by crafting an enchanted golden apple
    Requires first obtaining Getting an Upgrade

    • Mobs

    All mobs now use the 'new' AI[1]
    Slimes now swim
    An optional hotkey to show outlines on players whilst spectating
    Spectator gamemode
    An optional hotkey to toggle outlines around players
    Can be color coded to teams
    Can be set/cancelled in Controls option

    • ItemEntities
    Possible to spawn entities that won't expire: Age=-32768
    Statistics for items/blocks can now be referenced per name, instead of ID

    • Fixes

    • MC-19886 – Plants don't cause an update when the block beneath is broken/light level changed
    • MC-39139 – walkOneCm stat doesn't accurately measure distance
    • MC-44688 – /clear fails on strings containing spaces
    • MC-46223 – @a, @p, @e or @r doesn't include dead player
    • MC-46404 – Hearts, food, armor and crosshair are the wrong color (overlay) when holding certain items.
    • MC-46424 – Chunks not loading for mob camera view
    • MC-46427 – Breaking barriers create lava and water particles
    • MC-46435 – Reticle (Now Hitbox) Appears on Tile Entities In Spectator Mode
    • MC-46473 – Cannot open minecart with chest in spectator mode
    • MC-46492 – Texture Issues With Invisible Slime
    • MC-46535 – Can control minecarts in Spectator Mode
    • MC-46550 – The head of the sheep is bugged
    • MC-46560 – When certain mobs take damage, the red damage indicator is not displayed properly.
    • MC-46579 – Tools and swords are to high up on the arm in 3rd person mode
    • MC-46599 – Trapped chests display triple chests in spectator mode.
    • MC-46694 – Item Frames, Knots and Paintings displaying void particle
    • MC-46695 – "flyingSpeed" flood in the dev console when flying in gamemode 1 and 3
    • MC-46711 – Spectating baby zombies has wrong eye level
    • MC-46715 – Item Repair Duplicating Item
    • MC-46751 – Cardinal direction in debug screen change with mouse while spectating a mob
    • MC-46761 – Zombies and Zombie Pigmen do not show holding items
    • MC-46838 – testfor NBT parsing error
    • MC-46950 – Can see the item name when pressing hotbar shortcut key in spectator mode
    • MC-47268 – Attempting to use a post-processing effect crashes on old Mac hardware

    • [Bug MC-19886] – Plants don't cause an update when the block beneath is broken/light level changed
    • [Bug MC-46579] – Tools and swords are to high up on the arm in 3rd person mode
    • [Bug MC-47427] – Game crashes when breaking some blocks
    • [Bug MC-47428] – Weird slimeblock texture
    • [Bug MC-47429] – I don't get what happened, i was in my test world flying around and it crashed, for two times
    • [Bug MC-47430] – When i click on a previous 1.8 snapshot world it crashes
    • [Bug MC-47434] – Wrong dirt texture
    • [Bug MC-47438] – Game crash while killing slimes
    • [Bug MC-47440] – Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: n must be positive
    • [Bug MC-47442] – Shadow in Inventory
    • [Bug MC-47448] – Standing in minecarts
    • [Bug MC-47457] – Mining blocks causes crash
    • [Bug MC-47459] – Pistons not placing correctly
    • [Bug MC-47464] – Block side shading not being applied in Fast with no smooth lighting
    • [Bug MC-47466] – Crash "Tesselating block in world" with following world seed
    • [Bug MC-47468] – Constant Crash back to MC Launcher Screen
    • [Bug MC-47469] – Cactus in pot shows incorrect texture
    • [Bug MC-47470] – Two tall flowers variants are not generating.
    • [Bug MC-47471] – Weird visual flash bug when mining Glowstone / Block mine crash
    • [Bug MC-47477] – Smooth Lighting OFF
    • [Bug MC-47482] – Signs display Redstone Block particle when broken
    • [Bug MC-47489] – Fishing rod does not cast
    • [Bug MC-47492] – The Brightness.. or shading.. broken..
    • [Bug MC-47505] – Slimes shadow
    • [Bug MC-47542] – Capes doesn't display correctly when crouched
    • We’ve been rewriting a lot of internal stuff this week, so this snapshot may not be super fantastic featureful but trust me it’ll be worth it in the end.

    • Notable changes for survival:

    • A lot of mob AI has changed. This should mean nothing, but may actually mean something. Don’t sit on slimes.

    • Notable changes for mapmakers:

    • Added an optional hotkey to show outlines on players whilst spectating
    • It’s now possible to spawn in ItemEntities that can’t be picked up (PickupDelay=32767)
    • It’s now possible to spawn in ItemEntities that won’t expire (Age=-32768)
    • Added an extra argument to /effect that will hide particles
    • Statistics for items/blocks can now be referenced per name, instead of ID
    • Added new objective criteria ‘trigger’, and a command /trigger to use with them (intended for tellraw links)
    • Added the ability to reset a single score on a player through /scoreboard
    • Added new objective criteria for team-specific kills (teamkill.red, killedByTeam.blue)
    • Added the ability to iterate over every scoreboard player with * in /scoreboard commands
    • Added data tag to items to allow placing of certain blocks against other blocks in adventure mode (/give @p stone 16 0 {CanPlaceOn:["minecraft:diamond_block"]})
    • Added data tag to items to hide certain parts of the tooltip (HideFlags, bit field of 1/enchantments, 2/modifiers, 4/unbreakable, 8/candestroy, 16/canplace)

    • Bugs fixed in this snapshot:

    • [Bug MC-19886] – Plants don't cause an update when the block beneath is broken/light level changed
    • [Bug MC-39139] – walkOneCm stat doesn't accurately measure distance
    • [Bug MC-44688] – /clear fails on strings containing spaces
    • [Bug MC-46223] – @a, @p, @e or @r doesn't include dead player
    • [Bug MC-46404] – Hearts, food, armor and crosshair are the wrong color (overlay) when holding certain items.
    • [Bug MC-46424] – Chunks not loading for mob camera view
    • [Bug MC-46427] – Breaking barriers create lava and water particles
    • [Bug MC-46435] – Reticle (Now Hitbox) Appears on Tile Entities In Spectator Mode
    • [Bug MC-46473] – Cannot open minecart with chest in spectator mode
    • [Bug MC-46492] – Texture Issues With Invisible Slime
    • [Bug MC-46535] – Can control minecarts in Spectator Mode
    • [Bug MC-46550] – The head of the sheep is bugged
    • [Bug MC-46560] – When certain mobs take damage, the red damage indicator is not displayed properly.
    • [Bug MC-46579] – Tools and swords are to high up on the arm in 3rd person mode
    • [Bug MC-46599] – Trapped chests display triple chests in spectator mode.
    • [Bug MC-46694] – Item Frames, Knots and Paintings displaying void particle
    • [Bug MC-46695] – "flyingSpeed" flood in the dev console when flying in gamemode 1 and 3
    • [Bug MC-46711] – Spectating baby zombies has wrong eye level
    • [Bug MC-46715] – Item Repair Duplicating Item
    • [Bug MC-46751] – Cardinal direction in debug screen change with mouse while spectating a mob
    • [Bug MC-46761] – Zombies and Zombie Pigmen do not show holding items
    • [Bug MC-46838] – testfor NBT parsing error
    • [Bug MC-46950] – Can see the item name when pressing hotbar shortcut key in spectator mode
    • [Bug MC-47268] – Attempting to use a post-processing effect crashes on old Mac hardware

    Notable changes for everybody:

    • Added iron trapdoors
    • You can now share to lan for spectator mode only

    Notable changes for mapmakers:

    • A resourcepack can now be bundled with a map, put it in the map save directory and name it “resources.zip”
    Example: ".minecraft/saves/TheMapWithTheThing/resources.zip"
    • The commands /testfor, /testforblock and /clear can now test for partial matches of NBT lists
    Example: /testfor @p {Inventory:[{Slot:6b,id:"minecraft:diamond_sword"}],SelectedItemSlot:6}
    • Scoreboard objectives for fake players with a name starting with # will never show up on the sidebar
    • New /scoreboard subcommands /scoreboard operation and /scoreboard test
    • The command /scoreboard operation can apply arithmetic operation to scores (+ – * / %) and accumulate player scores
    Example: /scoreboard players operation #teamscores redScore += @a[team=red] blueKills
    • The command /scoreboard test can be used to test if a scoreboard value is between a min and a max value
    Example: /scoreboard players test #global anObjective 12 19
    • New command /execute to execute commands in the context and at the position of other entities or players
    Example: /execute @e[type=Chicken] ~ ~ ~ fill ~-1 ~-1 ~-1 ~1 ~1 ~1 minecraft:glass
    • New selector parameters for entity selectors to detect entity rotations with rxm – x rot min, rx – x rot max, rym – y rot min, ry . y rot max
    Example: @a[rxm=-15,rx=15,rym=-45,ry=45]
    • Players in team can now have a team based objective shown on the sidebar, depending on the team color
    Example: /scoreboard objectives setdisplay team.yellow anotherObjective
    • While debug overlay is on (press F3 to turn it on and off), looking at a block in the world will show the coordinates of that block
    • BlockItem instances can now hold a custom NBT tag that is merged into a block entity when it’s placed
    Example: /give @p command_block 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{Command:"setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:diamond_block"}}
    • In creative mode, players can create a copy of a BlockEntity in their hotbar, including all NBT data, with ctrl+[PICK_KEY] (usually ctrl+middle mouse button)
    • The /tellraw command can now insert values from scoreboards into messages
    Example: /tellraw @p {text:"Have ",extra:[{score:{name:"Searge",objective:"reward"}},{text:" diamonds"}]}
    • New command /testforblocks to compare two areas of a map
    Example: /testforblocks 100 64 100 107 69 107 0 64 0 masked
    • Dispensers will place a commandblock instead of shooting it out
    • Nametags for players in other teams can now be hidden with a team option
    Example: /scoreboard teams option red nametagVisibility hideForOtherTeam

    Bugs fixed in this snapshot:

    • [Bug MC-36947] – /weather clear doesn't clear weather for anywhere near the amount given
    • [Bug MC-44489] – /kill @e doesn't kill ender dragons
    • [Bug MC-45773] – Chest not spawning in Monster dungeons
    • [Bug MC-46559] – Spectating a mob leaves you at two blocks tall view
    • [Bug MC-46838] – testfor NBT parsing error
    • [Bug MC-47520] – Standing under block with water / lava on top will apply blue / red filter.
    • [Bug MC-47543] – Items stacked with Items that have PickupDelay set to 32767 can no longer be picked up
    • [Bug MC-47545] – CanPlaceOn does not work with wooden doors
    • [Bug MC-47555] – Cannot place boats
    • [Bug MC-47596] – Items of the same type (IE, stone and stone) ignore datavalues and stack anyway
    • [Bug MC-47598] – The color of sugar canes doesn't change depending on the biome
    • [Bug MC-47636] – Boats appear to be sunken in water
    • [Bug MC-47642] – Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4
    • [Bug MC-47653] – torch causing missing texture when placed on bottom side of block
    • [Bug MC-47685] – Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 3
    • [Bug MC-47817] – Baby Zombie Pigman Running with Strange Speed
    • [Bug MC-47821] – Ghasts do not despawn in Peaceful Mode
    • [Bug MC-48043] – Held Blaze Rod not in hand

    • [Bug MC-45114] – Superflat Customization still uses Block IDs
    • [Bug MC-48386] – Iron Trapdoor has the name "tile.ironTrapdoor.name"
    • [Bug MC-48395] – When swimming in water, you do not drown.
    • [Bug MC-48399] – /execute not obeying the gamerule commandBlockOutput false rule
    • [Bug MC-48408] – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Handling packet
    • [Bug MC-48411] – java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception in server tick loop
    • [Bug MC-48414] – Nametag shown in inventory screen
    • [Bug MC-48449] – Commands in the form /execute testforblock do not update comparators correctly
    • [Bug MC-48464] – "/scoreboard players test playername" will not tab-complete the objective argument
    • [Bug MC-48507] – testforblock command not working with execute command.
    • [Bug MC-48509] – No way to hide Commands executed by Entities for OPs

    • Additions

    • Statistics
    Detects how many cm the player has moved while crouching
    Detects how many cm the player has moved while sprinting
    Detects how much time has passed (in ticks) since the player's last death
    • Gamerule
    Toggles whether or not death messages are visible (in chat)


    • Scoreboard
    Testing for scores now also works in @e entity selector
    Scoreboard team property to disable death messages: deathMessageVisibility
    Command /scoreboard players can now filter by NBT data
    • Skeletons
    Will now run from wolves
    • Wolves
    Are now aggressive towards skeletons, and will chase them
    • Creative Mode
    Players in creative mode can now damage entities even if they are flagged invulnerable
    • Paintings & Item Frames
    Improved position handling of item frames and paintings
    • Commands
    Minor tweaks to make it more reliable
    • Block Models
    Various blocks updated to the new block model format
    A big step to the Plugin API

    • Fixes

    • Fixed stat.useItem for many items
    Foods, milk, potions, bows, carrots on a stick, fishing rods work with stat.useItem
    Empty buckets augment stat.useItem when used to pick up water or lava, but not when milking a cow.
    Armors, leads, saddles, taming, breeding, lava and water buckets, and wooden bowls still don't work with stat.useItem.
    • Fixed bounding boxes of item frames and paintings, they can't overlap anymore
    • Fixed debug rendering of bounding boxes for many entities
    • Fixed potential "infinite" recursion issue with the /blockdata command in commandblocks
    • MC-2053 – Inconsistent door texture
    • MC-3450 – While lying in bed nearby mobs will look above the player
    • MC-11681 – Players' nameplates are too low while sleeping in beds
    • MC-31047 – Use Item Stat Corresponds to Left-click, Not Right-click
    • MC-44851 – Wither cant be killed with /kill while invulnerable
    • MC-45375 – Improper Cake Texture
    • MC-46207 – Phantom floating mobs are generated by any spawner (including natural dungeon spawners)
    • MC-46223 – @a, @p, @e or @r doesn't include dead player
    • MC-46428 – Armor Doesn't Hide for the player himself In Spectator
    • MC-46430 – Spectator mode can throw item in every place, but can't take them
    • MC-46596 – In spectator mode, mobs can still follow the player
    • MC-47028 – @e selector does not accept scoreboard parameters in non-player entities.
    • MC-47431 – Hand shifts to the side when crouching/sneaking
    • MC-47571 – Fishing line casts below the Player
    • MC-47646 – Player 2 blocks higher when sleeping in bed and noclip
    • MC-47656 – Other Player's arms aren't moving when watching them mining/placing blocks
    • MC-47696 – Block sounds are distorted if walking with left and right keys
    • MC-47744 – Cannot disable experience from villager trades
    • MC-48160 – Cannot hide potion effect tooltips using HideFlags
    • MC-48372 – Crash when using /clone on complex structure (command block and pulser)
    • MC-48476 – Falling sand doesn't display when summoned
    • MC-48503 – Placing a Sign with NBT Tags doesn't apply the tags to sign
    • MC-48512 – Vines no longer have a back face texture
    • MC-48544 – Baby cow eye height is misplaced and causes them to suffocate in 1-high areas
    • MC-49057 – command block T flip flop (command crash game)
    • MC-49142 – /fill wrong comparator output
    • MC-49305 – Server Scoreboard "36>16" Bug
    • MC-49375 – Brewing Stand CTRL+Middle Click Copy Derp

    • MC-2349 – Behavior of a Cobblestone Wall
    • MC-4410 – Floating in 3rd Person while sneaking
    • MC-4527 – Pressure Plates are Thick in 3rd Person
    • MC-48461 – Brewing stands do not copy their NBT
    • MC-50155 – Crops Float Above Farmland!
    • MC-50220 – "Nether Brick Fence" is not rendered correctly in inventory
    • MC-50221 – Crash report on a server
    • MC-50222 – Dirt texture on Grass Blocks is green
    • MC-50223 – 14w10a dedicated server crash at startup
    • MC-50226 – Jukebox is missing the textures when disc is inside
    • MC-50229 – /scoreboard team option deathMessageVisibility error message lists wrong options when ran without option parameter
    • MC-50232 – Wheat appears as purple and black checkerbox
    • MC-50233 – Double Stone Slabs have the "missing texture" texture
    • MC-50235 – End Portal Frame Texture Bug
    • MC-50239 – Middle-clicking hydrated farmland gives the player a weird 2D dirt block
    • MC-50241 – Cannot add or set scores of offline or "fake" players
    • MC-50242 – Powered Repeater
    • MC-50246 – Bed Bug
    • MC-50250 – texture of nether wart is broken
    • MC-50254 – full snowlayer block has a missing model/texture
    • MC-50259 – Upward facing dispenser texture bug
    • MC-50267 – Hopper: java.lang.ClassCastException: atf cannot be cast to aoc
    • MC-50270 – Hopper: java.lang.ClassCastException: atf cannot be cast to arj
    • MC-50273 – Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1
    • MC-50284 – /scoreboard players set FAKEPLAYER not working (14w10A, not B)

    • MC-3151 – New Mob AI doesn't take world limit/Void into account for pathing
    • MC-45346 – Cake's Hitbox is Off
    • MC-46432 – Fences connects to Barrier block
    • MC-47650 – Block drops appear in wrong location or behind walls
    • MC-48284 – Dropped items also have red lines
    • MC-48831 – "Cross" and "Flower" Models Display Incorrectly
    • MC-50219 – "Slightly Damaged Anvil" Faces the wrong way in Inventory
    • MC-50221 – Exception on server start "Name and ID cannot both be blank" when started with online-mode=false
    • MC-50276 – Planted Nether Wart appears as purple and black checkerbox .
    • MC-50280 – Missing cauldron inner side
    • MC-50288 – Player data cleared after switching to 14w10b
    • MC-50296 – Cobblestone wall not stacking correctly / Missing Post / Floating Torch
    • MC-50309 – Pressure Plates use the "pressed down" graphic for their inventory icon
    • MC-50322 – Z-fighting in iron bars
    • MC-50335 – Fences partialy lose texture when connected to stonebrick
    • MC-50349 – Iron Bars are rendered wrong when connected
    • MC-50351 – Double Sandstone Slab texture broken
    • MC-50367 – Bad HitBoxes and Eyes positions.
    • MC-50370 – Model Warning Console Spam When Switching Resource Packs
    • MC-50373 – Cactus Rendered Too Bright
    • MC-50396 – Can't model top and bottom half of doors separately
    • MC-50432 – Tile Entities in a CLONE … REPLACE FORCE region are replaced by barrier blocks on the second clone operation
    • MC-50448 – Rails are floating above the ground
    • MC-50453 – Server crashing
    • MC-50460 – Cobblestone wall connecting with Barrier blocks

    • Mobs

    • Endermite
    Has a chance of spawning when an Enderman teleports
    Similar to a silverfish, but purple, without scales and emits "portal" particles
    Can move (as of 14w11b)
    Enderman can attack them

    • Changes

    • Minecarts
    Changed minecart physics
    Minecarts can now go a lot faster
    Minecarts can derail at corners if going too fast, as well as refuse to go uphill

    • Minecart with Furnace
    Made furnace minecart actually useful (?)

    • Mob AI
    Mobs no longer attack a player in creative mode
    Silverfish will stop occasionally before moving again (similarly to most mobs)
    Slimes seem to jump a bit more randomly

    • F3 debug screen
    On the right hand side, a display shows up if you are looking at a block, giving various pieces of information and NBT data about it.
    Example: looking at a door will say which way is facing, if it is open, which half you are looking at, if it is powered, and what side the hinge is

    • Fixes

    From the 1.8 Snapshots
    • MC-50572 - Upward facing droppers/dispensers only shoot items west

    • From the Previous Snapshot

    • MC-50948 - Tripwire hook Texture Messed up
    • MC-50950 - Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking entity
    • MC-50951 - Flickering world menu
    • MC-50958 - Name and ID cannot both be blank
    • MC-50964 - Endermite Spawn Egg has the wrong name
    • MC-50975 - When ironbars are placed on a block, the lower part is black.
    • MC-50984 - Dark Oak Sapling name is missing.
    • MC-50996 - Existing player heads only show the default Steve head
    • MC-51009 - No podzol in creative inventory
    • MC-51014 - Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 7
    • MC-51016 - EnderMites doesn't move
    • MC-51045 - Brewing stand graphic shows different things depending on which angle you look at it

    Customized world type

    • Highly customisable terrain generation.
    • To use, select the new 'customized' world type, and then press the 'customize' button beneath.
    • There are 4 pages to customize the world:

    • Page 1: customizes generation of structures, chance of lake generation, size of certain structures, and biome type and size, and sea level. There are 17 customization options which affect whether generated structures will spawn in, as well as other environmental factors. Some of these presets are Yes/No inputs or sliders. Sea level height, toggles for cave, village, temple, dungeon, water lake, lava lake, stronghold, mineshaft and ravine generation, sliders to control water lake, lava lake and dungeon rarity, toggle to turn oceans into lava oceans, biome selection, biome and river size sliders.

    • Page 2: customizes the ore distribution for dirt, gravel, granite, diorite, andesite, coal, iron, gold, redstone, diamond and lapis.
    Rarity, height range and vein size.

    • Pages 3 & 4: expert customization of the terrain generation.
    There are 16 customization options which can be used to affect various aspects of Minecraft's terrain generator. These can be changed by moving sliders or by typing in values directly.
    Main noise scale X/Y/Z to smooth out terrain, larger values for smoother terrain.
    Biome scale/depth weight and biome scale/depth offset to stretch/squash terrain vertically based on the biomes default height settings.
    Upper/lower limit scale to make terrain more solid/riddled with holes, depending on how close the values are to each other.
    Height stretch to pull terrain upward, with smaller values causing more extreme stretching.
    Height scale, coordinate scale, depth base size, depth noise exponent, depth noise scale.

    • There are seven presets:
    Water world, isle land, caver's delight, mountain madness, drought, caves of chaos, good luck

    • There is a button for most pages to randomize the various values.
    • Uses the 'generator-settings' string known from superflat presets for server.properties and world data.
    • Generate structures button disappears when selected.

    • Commands
    /worldborder <set|center>
    /worldborder set [timeInSeconds]
    Used to set size of border, the first argument sets the size of the border and the second sets the speed of the border to expand or shrink
    /worldborder center
    Sets the center of where the border will be placed

    • Gamerules
    randomTickSpeed [value]
    A new gamerule that controls how often a random tick occurs. Influences how fast plants and crops grow, how fast zombie pigmen spawn from portals, how fast farmland updates, how fast grass and mycelium grow and decay and more.
    If set to 0, random ticks never occur.
    Set to 3 by default.

    • Splash
    "Now with multiplayer!"
    "Very influential in its circle!"


    • World borders
    The default world border is now an animated texture rather than an invisible bedrock barrier.
    There is now nothing beyond the world border.
    Can be changed with /worldborder to prevent players from leaving the specified area.
    Is set at 60 million by default (+30 million to -30 million), divided by 8 for the nether.
    Mobs and players can't pass through it and take damage when outside, however, in the future you will be able to go back inside if you accidentally find yourself outside.[1]

    • Servers
    New server icons, displayed with 3 buttons.
    Up and down arrows to move the servers' order.
    Third button is to join the server.
    There is now a default server icon.
    Resembles the unknown resource pack icon.
    When editing and adding servers, you can now set how it handles resource packs: Prompt, Enabled or Disabled

    • Endermites
    New model (currently bugged).
    Endermen are no longer aggressive against endermites

    • F3 debug screen
    All blocks now have their info displayed on the right hand side of the F3 debug screen.
    Removed the "Facing negative/positive x/z" from the F3 menu

    • Block states
    Converted the remaining blocks to use BlockStates.
    Improves performance.
    Some block id/metadata combinations might be broken by this, though all-sided logs will be kept.
    List of block states.

    • Minecarts
    Reverted to the way they were before 14w11a.

    • Biomes
    The End's biome name is now "The End" instead of "Sky".

    • Model format improvements
    Converted most of the remaining static blocks to the model format.
    Added "rotateVariantTextures": to preserve uv details through rotation.


    From released versions before 1.8
    MC-9177 – Tripwire doesn't have two sided Faces
    MC-11023 – Retracting Piston Arm Incorrect Lighting
    MC-11607 – Right click with undyed Leather armor part on cauldron with water still lower water layer
    MC-13485 – Tripwire hook texture looks weird
    MC-17868 – Zombies in Water A.I. Glitch
    MC-29475 – Arrow sound plays twice when shot into blocks
    MC-30527 – Achievement "Adventuring Time" does not work right
    MC-31468 – Holes in bedrock and Replaced any block using Arbitrary tnt and flame bows
    MC-33086 – Save-all causes lagspikes on larger maps
    MC-33109 – scrolling with mouse wheel in server list is unresponsive
    MC-40615 – Child animals obsessed about their parents, even after growing up
    MC-48826 – "replace" directive in sounds.json does not work
    MC-49656 – Cobblestone walls texture glitch
    MC-51953 – Almost instant motion sickness due to distorted rendering

    From the 1.8 snapshots
    MC-45160 – When holding a map you have two right arms
    MC-47455 – When hitting a mob, the mob becomes lighter for short
    MC-47585 – Derailed minecarts sink into the ground
    MC-47723 – Broadcast settings - report to Mojang, links to previous bug reporting facility
    MC-49150 – "/scoreboard players reset *" Produces Error If Tracking Multiple Players
    MC-50528 – cloning trees with decay-able leaves changes the data values on the cloned products leaves
    MC-50588 – East/West Pillars have shading error
    MC-50974 – Furnaces cause minecarts to fly off of the track
    MC-51125 – Minecarts are shooting off of the corners of rails
    MC-51131 – Placing minecart on powered tracks sinks the minecart
    MC-51155 – Minecart going up an incline of Powered Rail reverses direction at 5-15 vertical blocks
    MC-51182 – Endermite rides below minecart
    MC-51216 – Stacked minecarts glitch through rails
    MC-51338 – Endermen AI problem: Walking into water to kill Endermites
    MC-51368 – Minecarts travelling at full speed on diagonal track don't slow down
    MC-52852 – setting negative variable in the /particle effect crashes the game
    MC-53503 – Furnace minecarts interact with normal minecarts in glitchy and unexpected ways

    From the previous snapshot
    MC-51206 – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Can't place skulls in multiplayer
    MC-51241 – When loading a resource pack weird dev concole message
    MC-51364 – Slabs lighting bug in 14w11b (new one)


    Pistons & Slime Blocks
    Slime blocks will now push and pull blocks adjacent when connected to sticky pistons.
    Connected to normal pistons, slime blocks will only push blocks, but not pull them
    Coded by KaboPC and Panda4994[1][2]
    Up to 12 slime blocks connected to a piston in any arrangement can be moved as long as the following conditions are met: blocks do not disrupt the chain, non-moveable blocks are not in the way or slime blocks are not attached to the piston itself
    Follows all the rules that pistons follow, for example blocks which can normally be moved by pistons can be moved if attached to slime blocks
    Allows for more contraptions, from new redstone clocks, moving devices, farming etc
    Extending a piston with a slime block on top of it will launch the entity (mobs, players, items, launched arrows etc) into the air[3]


    From released versions before 1.8
    MC-2346 – Hitbox of Anvil not proportional
    MC-3631 – Creepers float one-eighth of a block above the ground.
    MC-9553 – Wrong rendering order of particles, hitboxes, clouds, transparent blocks and breaking animations
    partial fix: particles only
    MC-31728 – Resource Pack Glitch on Shaders
    MC-32017 – Maps Issue + Super Secret Settings
    MC-34648 – Torch not placeable on stained glass
    MC-36103 – Nether portal block invisible in front of another nether portal block
    MC-47811 – The bottom texture of non-full blocks is flipped vertically

    From the 1.8 snapshots
    MC-46776 – When only a Spectator stays near mobs, they don't despawn
    MC-48831 – "Reeds" Model Displays Incorrectly
    MC-48954 – When you kill invisible horse variants, the screen will turn red/black
    MC-50073 – It is possible to change the missing block model
    MC-50201 – Minecart glitch on rails
    MC-50239 – Pick block on hydrated farmland gives dirt block with invalid data value (missing texture)
    MC-50510 – Burning Furnace (Block 62) Has Wrong Inventory Image
    MC-51379 – Rails render from below, but not correctly
    MC-51934 – Lapis-Lazuli Ore Pick Block
    MC-52814 – dropper spawns items inside of itself with no velocity causing them to fly everywhere

    From the previous snapshot
    MC-53370 – Any stone slabs ontop of one another creates a double stone block
    MC-53371 – Respawn button does not work if spawnpoint is outside of the worldborder
    MC-53375 – Sheep give other color when sheared
    MC-53390 – Maximum value for the /worldborder command too low (30 million instead of 60 million)
    MC-53381 – Player takes damage when world border is nearer than 179 blocks
    MC-53401 – redstone overlay gets tinted
    MC-53405 – Singleplayer menu: only one click loads world
    MC-53412 – The worldborder stops the player one block further away from the center in south/east direction
    MC-53419 – Unable to create/load new heavily customized world
    MC-53434 – Can place blocks outside world border.
    MC-53442 – /worldborder missing string: commands.worldborder.setSlowly.success
    MC-53460 – Redstone gives off no particles when being broken
    MC-53464 – Scrollbar in all lists act weird/unresponsively
    MC-53493 – Minecraft crashes when setting FixedBiome to hell
    MC-53514 – Lava Oceans setting does not work in customized world type
    MC-53570 – Barrier particles fight for attention
    MC-53580 – Crafting wool/clay/glass/dog collars results in the wrong colour.
    MC-53616 – River generation dramatically increased in default world generation.
    MC-53773 – Cannot Respawn Outside Worldborder
    MC-53918 – Double-clicking server in server list no longer does anything


    • Endermen and Endermites no longer attack each other.


    From the 1.8 snapshots
    MC-48899 – TNT produce damage when triggered in water
    MC-50533 – You can see names the names of invisible players
    MC-51168 – Downward facing droppers and dispensers only shoot items west

    From the previous snapshot
    MC-54008 – Minecraft crashes when loading world with item frames / placing item frames


    • World border
    The warning, a red-colored aura seen when within a certain distance of the world border
    Only visible on Fancy graphics
    Outside the border, the warning is at full strength
    Inside the border, the warning gradually gets stronger as the player approaches the border
    If the border is stationary, the warning is first seen as the player passes the warning distance, default 5 blocks from the player's location
    If the border is shrinking quickly enough, the warning will be first visible at the warning time, default 15 seconds from the player's location
    New options
    /worldborder damage <buffer|amount>
    buffer (default 5) is the distance (in blocks) into the barrier before a player starts to become damaged
    amount (default 0.2) is the amount (per block) of damage a player will take, for each block-distance the player is past the barrier's buffer
    /worldborder warning <time|distance>
    time (default 15) is the advance notice given (in seconds) to a player, using the red warning, that a shrinking world border is approaching their location
    distance (default 5) is the distance (in blocks) at which the red warning will start to appear, as a player approaches the barrier
    The border in the Nether is now the same size as that of the Overworld
    Traveling to the Nether will now not create new portals outside the boundary
    It is still possible to emerge at an existing portal outside the boundary

    • Spectator mode
    Spectators now have a UI to teleport to other players
    Activated by mouse middle-click, or pressing a number key
    When more than 8 players are available to choose, the sides will be replaced by arrows
    When teams are set up, teams can be selected individually to only display that team's players
    Both number keys and the 'pick block'-button together with the scroll wheel can be used to control the interface
    Teleportation works across dimensions
    "Far from complete"

    • Pistons & Slime blocks
    Slime blocks can now push entities sideways and downwards when attached to a piston
    When they are on the ground, entities are pushed less


    From the 1.8 snapshots
    MC-51109 – mob_spawner.json is missing
    MC-53555 – Portal in Nether was set outside the border
    MC-53557 – World Border stops growing / shrinking when you exit and re-enter a world
    MC-54125 – /worldborder set 100 10 says "10000 seconds" instead of 10
    MC-54358 – Sticky piston break unmovable blocks, such as saplings, crops, leaves, liquids, melons and pumpkins when pulled.


    • Commands
    Can make text display on a players screen in the form of a title and/or subtitle
    /title times
    Set the fade in time, the stay on screen time and the fade out time for the title
    /title title
    Set and start showing the title
    /title subtitle
    Set and start the subtitle
    /title clear
    Clear titles immediately
    /title reset
    Reset all title parameters to defaults (fade times)

    • Commands
    Now has a selector argument
    Allows to print player's names
    Example: /tellraw @a {selector:"@a[team=TeamRed]"} will print everyone who is on TeamRed
    Also works with /title

    • Caverns
    Now generate on the surface of desert, mesa, mega taiga and mushroom biomes

    • Tab list
    Made tab-list more consistent and a little prettier when using health display objective.
    Now groups together teams
    Now sorts players by name

    • Spectator mode
    Adjusting fly speed in spectator mode now works vertically too.

    • World borders
    If you’re stuck outside the world border, it is possible to freely fly/walk around (not possible to freely walk through the border from the inside though)

    • F3 debug screen
    The 'Towards Positive/Negative X/Z' is back

    • Block meta data
    Blocks no longer have bits for meta data, the freed up bits are now used for block ids (dynamically)

    • Slimes
    "Slime sizing was moved to a post-spawn method, so the slime's canSpawn() method would report spawnability based on the initial size, not the final size. There is an added secondary check which fixes the issue."

    • Splash
    "Run, coward! I hunger!"
    "Blue warrior shot the food!"
    "Warning! A huge battleship "STEVE" is approaching fast!"
    "Rise from your grave!"


    From released versions before 1.8
    MC-8881 – Mobs treat any layered snow as non-solid
    MC-26203 – Scoreboard: player does not appear in sidebar after setting initial score to zero
    MC-33084 – /give command at dead players
    MC-41234 – "/summon"ed or spawned LeashKnots always spawn at 0, 0, 0
    MC-51776 – 32000 Command block character limit only works as a 16000 character limit within Minecraft
    MC-52881 – Knockback distance incorrect, depends on login order

    From the 1.8 snapshots
    MC-44331 – Interacting with invalid villagers crashes the game
    MC-45303 – Surface dungeons generating without spawner, chests, and most of floor
    MC-46765 – Leaves, Block of Redstone, TNT and Glowstone cause suffocation damage
    MC-47052 – Wither destroying barrier block
    MC-48442 – Mob Dungeon spawning without floor / with broken chests / overwritten spawner
    MC-48535 – Creeper explosion animation missing if mobGriefing set to false
    MC-49577 – Slime spawning
    MC-50275 – Leads don't show knot on fence posts and cannot be right clicked
    MC-50323 – Chest not openable with item frame on, standing too close
    MC-50852 – /scoreboard players reset * objective clears sidebar for other scoreboard objectives
    MC-50974 – Renamed items not displaying name in item frames after respawn
    MC-53380 – Staying outside border makes you unable to move at all
    MC-53435 – Debug screen: Facing towards negative/Positive X/Z removed
    MC-53469 – Sliders have incorrect values causing world to never be created (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: n must be positive)
    MC-54164 – footstep, hugeexplosion and largeexplode particles don't appear
    MC-54228 – Respawning after death outside of worldborder places player at Y=256
    MC-54381 – /scoreboard players operation doesn't work on a player that's not on a scoreboard, but also does work


    From released versions before 1.8
    MC-51758 – Some users have multiple UUID records for agent:minecraft

    From the previous snapshot
    MC-55204 – Mob entities appear to spawn then despawn rapidly.
    MC-55220 – Scoreboard objectives no longer show in list


    • Commands
    Mode now can additionally be move or force
    move will move the selection from the first location to the second location, which may overlap
    force will force the cloning operation, even if the areas overlap; to use this option, either replace or masked must be specified

    • Entities
    Tags CustomName and CustomNameVisible now work on all entities.


    From released versions before 1.8
    MC-99 – Skins Sometimes Disappear After Death
    MC-30192 – stat.useItem.<item#> glitching with scoreboard
    MC-30877 – Crops (Wheat/Carrots/Potatoes) not popping off in light level 0
    MC-51238 – Tamed Ocelots (cats) Run away from Player
    MC-51970 – Players sleep outside of bed

    From the 1.8 snapshots
    MC-48376 – Baby chicken hitbox taller than 1/2 block
    MC-48739 – Killing zombie villager aggravates zombie pigmen
    MC-50046 – Mobs not responsive after player death
    MC-50678 – Summoning Items creates substantial frame rate drop
    MC-50821 – Cats and dogs teleporting into transparent-solid blocks (redstone_block, glowstone, TNT), causing them to suffocate
    MC-54858 – You suffocate 1/2 heart when pushed sideways by slimeblocks/piston
    MC-55333 – "selector" Tag Not Usable in "translate" Arguments for /tellraw and /title


    From the previous snapshot
    MC-55627 – Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Duplicate id value for 3!


    • Guardian
    Spawns in ocean monuments
    Attacks squid and players with a web/beam
    When on land, it flops around and doesn't suffocate, unlike squids
    Drops Prismarine Shards, Prismarine Crystals and raw fish

    • Elder Guardian
    Is a boss-like variant of Guardians
    There are 3 elders in each monument
    A flashing Elder Guardian will appear on screen when close to the Elder Guardian, and Mining Fatigue III will be inflicted on the player for 5 minutes
    Mining Fatigue III makes mining really hard, but not impossible. Even with aqua affinity, efficiency V and Haste II, it takes about 10 seconds to mine something under water. (a milk bucket is recommended)
    Drops wet sponge

    • Guardian Spawn Egg
    Spawns the new Guardian mob

    • Ocean monuments
    New underwater generated structure made out of Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, Dark Prismarine and sea lanterns
    8 gold blocks can be found at the center of the monument
    Will also generate in old worlds

    • Prismarine
    Generates in ocean monuments
    Can be crafted with Prismarine Shards
    The cracks in Prismarine appear to slowly change color between brown, blue, gray and purple.

    • Prismarine Bricks
    Generate in ocean monuments
    Can be crafted with Prismarine Shards

    • Dark Prismarine
    Generate in ocean monuments
    Can be crafted with Prismarine Shards and an ink sac

    • Sea Lanterns
    Generate in ocean monuments
    Can be crafted with Prismarine Shards and Prismarine Crystals
    Emit light at a light level of 15 and have an animated texture

    • Prismarine Shard
    Drop from Guardians
    Can be crafted into all three kinds of Prismarine blocks and sea lanterns

    • Prismarine Crystals
    Drop from Guardians and sea lanterns
    Can be crafted into sea lanterns

    • Enchantment
    "Depth Strider"
    Allows the player to move faster in water
    Can be applied only to boots
    Can go up to level III

    • Coarse Dirt
    Replacement for grassless dirt
    Slightly darker texture than regular dirt
    Can be crafted with two dirt and two gravel in a checker-board pattern

    • Wet Sponge
    Obtained when a sponge soaks up water
    Smelt wet sponge to remove water and get sponge
    wet sponge emits water dripping particles
    Dropped by Elder Guardians when killed

    • Splashes
    "Flavor with no seasoning!"
    "Strange, but not a stranger!"
    "Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream!"
    "Getting ready to show!"
    "Getting ready to know!"
    "Getting ready to drop!"
    "Getting ready to shock!"
    "Getting ready to freak!"
    "Getting ready to speak!"
    "It swings, it jives!"
    "Cruising streets for gold!"
    "Take an eggbeater and beat it against a skillet!"
    "Make me a table, a funky table!"
    "Take the elevator to the mezzanine!"


    • Sponge
    Introduced sponge to survival mode, with new behaviour and looks
    Sponge turns into wet sponge when it soaks up water
    Water particles appear around the sponge when this happens
    Sponge destroys water blocks from 5 blocks away in a kind of sphere
    Sponge soaks up water only when water is touching it

    • Cracked Stone Bricks
    Smelt stone bricks to get cracked stone bricks

    • Commands
    /scoreboard operation
    Added three scoreboard operators: <, >, =
    Can be tested with a comparator to see if two scores are greater than, smaller than or equal to each other

    • Player list
    Player list shows the faces of players

    • Debug screen
    F3 + B now also shows which direction entities are looking in using a blue line

    • Signs
    Use the JSON text components Text1, Text2, Text3, Text4 instead of plain text
    Can be used to show scores towards players by using the selector and score tags
    Previously, text formatting could only be accomplished using the section symbol via Formatting codes
    Character limit is based on character width
    Might need some time before it can work in survival

    • Written Books
    Use JSON text components instead of plain text with the new pages tag
    Capable of using the clickEvent and hoverEvent tags
    Previously, text formatting could only be accomplished using the section symbol via Formatting codes
    Might need some time before it can work in survival

    • Huge Mushrooms
    When harvested with Silk Touch enchantment they drop blocks with corresponding mushroom texture (red or brown) on all sides rather than the one with spores

    • Stairs
    All icons for stairs in the inventory are now viewed at a different angle

    • Model format improvements
    New tag "textures" to specify the textures used by the model.
    Removed the directional attribute from the uv definition and replaced it with explicit texture references
    "textureFacing" renamed to "texture", it is prepended with the hash symbol (#)
    "useAmbientOcclusion" renamed to "ambientocclusion"
    "rotateVariantTextures" renamed to "UV lock"
    "cull" renamed to "cullface", specifies the opposite of which neighboring face causes culling to occur
    Example: if you have an east-facing face but want it to be culled along a different axis (let's say Z), you would specify "cullface": "north" or "cullface": "south".
    Rotation made more verbose, it is now more clear that it can only occur on a single axis
    Example, the rotation for one of the two faces of the "cross" model is now: "rotation": { "origin": [ 8, 8, 8 ], "axis": "y", "angle": 45, "rescale": true },
    The folder models/blocks/meshes was removed and model files are now stored in models/blocks.
    The folder blockstates was added and stores the model selection files previously found in models/blocks.

    • Rendering
    All items are models, some are still generated from item icons
    Resource packs can make models for all items
    Rewrote how blocks are rendered
    Rewrote how block data is handled

    • Withers, Iron Golems & Snow Golems
    Can be spawned by arranging the blocks in any orientation
    This does not affect the orientation of the spawned mob

    • Arrows
    Work differently underwater
    They will lose all velocity after a few blocks and slowly fall
    Fire Arrows will be extinguished

    • Slabs
    Removed double stone and wooden slabs' item form

    • Potion effects
    You now see better with night vision and water breathing at the same time under water.[2]


    From released versions before 1.8
    MC-92 – Slab & stairs lighting incorrect
    MC-1298 – Slightly damaged and Very damaged anvils lose broken texture when falling
    MC-1499 – Can see the water lighter in a certain position
    MC-3615 – Seeing through Lava
    MC-4239 – Redstone and string in a cobble generator turn into obsidian
    MC-7432 – Real zombie sieges fail to start (fix included)
    MC-7488 – Village siege's spawn location is calculated incorrectly (fix included)
    MC-9173 – Side of dropped items and items in item frames don't appear enchanted
    MC-11524 – Slime & Minecart
    MC-19205 – Tall Grass particles are gray when destroyed by placing water through another tall grass
    MC-29777 – Grass Block's sides use fast version of texture when held in hand regardless of graphical settings
    MC-30484 – Giving items with unknown (high) data value crashes and leaves the world unusable
    MC-30897 – Nether portal doesn't fully break when one or more blocks are destroyed
    MC-31615 – Mipmapping: Seeing green and brown "blocks" at the horizon
    MC-37612 – Mycelium/Podzol Glitch
    MC-44363 – Anvil rendering glitch in inventory
    MC-45264 – Item textures with overlays cause potion display box to turn invisible in a 16x16 pixel area.
    MC-56541 – Redstone torches (and other redstone components) have inconsistent timings

    From the 1.8 snapshots
    MC-46591 – Ender dragon destroys barriers when it flies through them
    MC-47437 – Endermen do not teleport out of water, lava or when on fire
    MC-47475 – Floating mushrooms on mooshrooms
    MC-48089 – When destroyed, end portal giving lava particles
    MC-48435 – Beacon is not transparent like before in inventory
    MC-48688 – Anosotropic filtering?
    MC-49110 – Arrow's inGround NBT tag does not update when fired into some blocks
    MC-50322 – Z-fighting in iron bars with Glass blocks
    MC-50509 – Item hitbox in frame is displayed incorrectly
    MC-50598 – Unlit Redstone Comparator Gives Off Lit Redstone Torch Particles
    MC-50729 – Vines orienting improperly in inside corners
    MC-50732 – Anvil, beacons, pistons, end portal frames etc. are incorrectly shadowed in inventory
    MC-51003 – Custom player skulls show as the default skin's head on mobs or players
    MC-51134 – Anvil texture doesn't change in hand
    MC-51198 – When your head is inside a full block, you see the texture of the block below your feet.
    MC-51236 – Same door model on mirrored doors.
    MC-51717 – Brewing stand bottles model error
    MC-52076 – End portal frame (falling sand) texture render glitch
    MC-53374 – Piston, end portal frame, beacon and anvil items are darker than the block form
    MC-53478 – "Round Trip Different" Error With Stained Glass, Ender chests, Quartz
    MC-53587 – When powering a piston, the piston head quickly appears as a full block
    MC-53675 – Non-full blocks occupy a full block when moved by piston
    MC-54039 – Sugar cane next to a block turns black
    MC-54053 – Blocks moved by pistons / slime block have their textures temporarily rotated 180° or 90°
    MC-54075 – The side face of a piston arm doesn't renders when a block is placed next to it.
    MC-55145 – Pumpkin top textures don't rotate depending on direction

    From the previous snapshot
    MC-55684 – /clone with move on structure with dispensers vomits dispenser contents onto ground
    MC-56689 – /move Command with containers on positive axis deletes items
    MC-55702 – /clone command move: NBT containing blocks drop item


    • Wet Sponges
    Wet sponges, when smelted, will fill empty buckets in the 'fuel' slot with water if possible

    • Commands
    Added new filtered mode
    Filters out unnecessary blocks
    Added new normal mode

    • Debug screen
    Removed the line on the right-hand side which had displayed the name of the block model the player was looking at


    From released versions before 1.8
    MC-44649 – Minecraft on Mac is called java
    MC-58557 – Hopper: fs: Invalid index 0 requested for TranslatableComponent{key='multiplayer.player.left', args=[], siblings=[], style=Style{hasParent=true, color=null, b

    From the 1.8 snapshots
    MC-47513 – Black line at the horizon when using shaders
    MC-51235 – Various blocks don't display their metadata in the F3 screen
    MC-54131 – Model names of tall flowers are mixed up
    MC-54485 – Models names of coloured wool wrong
    MC-55260 – Slimes despawn instantly

    From the previous snapshot
    MC-56852 – Placeholder texture showing for burning player instead of fire
    MC-56853 – F3 hovering over grass and log model: IDUNNOMYNAME:*C
    MC-56858 – Water and Lava textures messed up after changing resource pack
    MC-56865 – Stairs place the wrong way
    MC-56868 – Missing map texture
    MC-56880 – Thrown splash potions have missing texture
    MC-56887 – Jungle leaves have oak leaves texture
    MC-56893 – Crash When Placing Log
    MC-56898 – Missing texture for Enderman-handled block
    MC-56899 – Chickens constantly flap their wings
    MC-56905 – When placing a pumpkin, its face does not face the player.
    MC-56914 – Fast Graphics leaves texture
    MC-56921 – Repeater not rendering delay length correctly
    MC-56922 – Bed Doesn't Drop When Broken
    MC-56947 – Dragon egg item rendering incorrectly
    MC-56951 – Repeaters and comparators are placed in the wrong orientation
    MC-56952 – Trapdoor duplication
    MC-56957 – Dispenser and dropper direction issue
    MC-56981 – Acacia / Dark Oak Wood Log being dropped as Oak Wood with missing texture
    MC-56982 – Rendering bug with pistons
    MC-56984 – Floating Items Dropped on floor
    MC-56990 – Chiselled quartz block turns into regular quartz
    MC-57020 – Burning furnaces change orientation
    MC-57023 – wrong animation while breaking blocks in survival
    MC-57041 – Missing Barrier Texture
    MC-57045 – Comparators appear as powered when put into subtraction mode.
    MC-57054 – End portal frame hitbox
    MC-57075 – customitemnames dont get displayed in itemframes
    MC-57079 – Elder Guardian able to apply mining fatigue to someone in spectator mode
    MC-57102 – Grass all neatly lined up
    MC-57112 – Use damage splash potion to kill guardian crash the game
    MC-57121 – Superflat world customization visually replaces water ID with Air ID
    MC-57134 – Items in item frames facing wrong way
    MC-57178 – Vines are placed on opposite side
    MC-57234 – placing ladders causes a crash.
    MC-57312 – Minecraft default world generator crashes.
    MC-57374 – Stacked "Enchanted" Items Render Incorrectly
    MC-57378 – Slimes have no particles, even if all particles are on.
    MC-57385 – End portal frames must be placed in reverse to work correctly.
    MC-57415 – Scoreboard setdisplay won't show up in tab menu
    MC-57429 – Magma cubes rendering wrong
    MC-57555 – Blocks are held wrong
    MC-57570 – Powered Rail now in powered state in creative inventory
    MC-57574 – Mipmapping does not work in Inventory
    MC-57603 – Powered rail icon is powered
    MC-57689 – Map #1 looks like purple/black cube in inventory
    MC-57728 – Blazes missing their black smoke texture


    • Commands
    /replaceitem <entity|block> ...
    Can replace items in any inventory, including the inventories of mobs such as zombies
    Full syntax:
    /replaceitem entity [amount] [data value]
    /replaceitem block [amount] [data value]
    Example: /replaceitem entity @e[type=Zombie] slot.weapon minecraft:iron_sword 1 0 will give all the zombies iron swords
    Example: /replaceitem entity @p slot.hotbar.0 minecraft:fish 4 2 will put 4 clownfish in the players first hotbar slot
    Example: /replaceitem block ~ ~-1 ~ slot.container.5 minecraft:redstone_block 1 0 will put a redstone block in the 6th slot of a container 1 block beneath the player

    • Debug Mode world type
    Useful for resource pack makers
    Hold ⇧ Shift and cycle through "World Type" to select it
    Spectator mode recommended to avoid crashes (you can use creative mode too without any effect on some machines)
    All possible blocks with all possible data values are generated
    They are arranged in a grid across height y=70, with a barrier floor at y=60
    Blocks placed are deleted, and blocks destroyed are restored
    There is a special generator option preventing this. It is called "debug_all_block_states". If you change this to "flat" or "default" in NBTexplorer, you will be able to interact with the world. Only for a short period though, on most machines there will be lots of lag or the game might crash. (Not recommended to play survival on)


    • Commands
    Now has a detect argument (sub-command, only works when used with execute)
    Allows the execute command to run only if a block is detected at a specific location relative to the target
    Example: /execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:grass 0 say You are standing on grass.
    Now has an add argument
    Similar to the set argument, but can be used to add (or remove) a certain number of blocks to the world border distance
    Negative numbers can be used to remove blocks
    Example: /worldborder add -75 will shrink the world border width by 75 blocks
    Block limit changed from 4096 to 32768 blocks

    • Command Blocks
    X/O button next to "Last output" in commandblock to turn off the last output string

    • Customized world type
    Has an ocean monument toggle

    • Resources
    Reworked 3D resources, adding the possibility of new blocks with multiple textures

    • Swampland
    Changed generation of the marsh-like areas[3]

    • Furnace
    Empty furnaces will now only accept fuel and empty buckets in the fuel slot

    • Item Frames
    The wood part of the frame now uses the oak texture rather than the birch texture

    • BlockStates
    Switched to only/mostly using BlockStates in the code, though not all block combinations are BlockStates yet

    • Block models
    Instead of specifying uvs, you can now choose textures to be projected onto the model


    From released versions before 1.8
    MC-5164 – Strength and Weakness Potions do not work on agressive wolves
    MC-8987 – Flame-enchanted bows don't activate TNT minecarts!
    MC-22586 – /spreadplayers command doesn't accept relative coords for x and z parameters
    MC-35431 – /tellraw commandblockoutput
    MC-46634 – Thunder Volume not affected by weather volume settings

    From the 1.8 snapshots
    MC-46244 – Command block bug - New particle feature
    MC-46851 – Potion effect particles stay in spectator mode
    MC-51788 – /playsound doesn't work with relative coords
    MC-55589 – /particle doesn't work with some entities
    MC-55625 – /playsound relative to entity does not work
    MC-56294 – "Are you sure you want to open the following website?" buttons are offset
    MC-56862 – Guardian doesn't die on land and can swim in lava.
    MC-56877 – Snow Golem has a broken head
    MC-56884 – Negative Color Crosshair
    MC-56941 – Floating torch
    MC-57033 – Game crashes when new chunks are loaded
    MC-57057 – Guardian mob sound bug
    MC-57117 – Item frame backgrounds are black on server
    MC-57159 – Darker Grass, Mushrooms, Flowers, and Vines
    MC-57188 – Wearing Pumpkins on your head. Pumpkins are huge and upside down.
    MC-57256 – Placed anvil is rotated by 90°
    MC-57966 – Block icons in statistics and flatland GUI rendering wrong
    MC-57670 – The player no longer sinks into the first layer of stacked snow.
    MC-57685 – Water dungeons cannot be turned off using world customization
    MC-57854 – Stained Glass Panes particles uncolored
    MC-58136 – Pumpkin/Melon stems rendering incorrectly
    MC-58537 – Supplemental selectors in /scoreboard teams join & leave don't work with the @e selector
    MC-58637 – FallingSand - Only top side of block has a texture

    From the previous snapshot
    MC-57524 – Nether portals don't generate or generate unlit
    MC-57822 – Cocoa Beans have wrong orientation
    MC-57829 – Lever on Slab is upside down
    MC-57841 – /give'ing written book with json data will show "Invalid Item" when hovered on in chat
    MC-57843 – Written book with json data not formatting right
    MC-57866 – Written books with JSON don't get created correctly (no color and styles)
    MC-57868 – stained glass pane are dropping white glass pane
    MC-57870 – /testforblocks broken
    MC-57882 – Empty line in creative inventory
    MC-57883 – The barrier blocks particles for being broken are purple and black checkered.
    MC-57916 – Iron Golems don't require air blocks to be besides their head when placing the head block
    MC-57917 – Drying a wet sponge in furnace with a STACK of buckets below will cause them to disappear and leave A SINGULAR water bucket
    MC-57986 – Stacked buckets bug
    MC-58025 – Losing my buckets from sponge
    MC-58048 – Acacia and Dark Oak Logs mined with silk touch show the MissingTexture
    MC-58060 – Summoning FallingSand with TileID as Chest, Trapped Chest, Ender Chest, Lava and Water crashes game
    MC-58066 – Right-click with bow when no arrows in inventory
    MC-58140 – Repeater will show Comparator texture when unpowered, delay:4 and locked
    MC-58191 – Can walk through snow layer (Block meta 7)
    MC-58196 – Fishing rod and carrot on a stick rendering incorrectly in 3rd person
    MC-58229 – Scores in written books don't work properly when on a server
    MC-58493 – BUD Creates Double Redstone Drops When Activated


    • Splashes
    "Stop being reasonable, this is the Internet!"
    "/give @a hugs 64"


    From released versions before 1.8
    MC-7463 – Mooshrooms need grass to spawn from mob spawners instead of Mycelium

    From the previous snapshot
    MC-58881 – World not loading - Invisible blocks
    MC-58884 – Placing GLASS blocks in creative actually places a GRASS block
    MC-58887 – Can walk through fences


    • Villagers
    Now have a head slot where armor or blocks can be put, using the /replaceitem command

    • Hay Bale
    Rebalanced how they heal and accelerate the growth of horses

    • Block models
    Items can now specify rotation and translation in their file


    From released versions before 1.8
    MC-4855 – Mob spawners miss a row on X and Z axis for the spawn range
    MC-5270 – Suffocation screen is buggy while standing in lava
    MC-7157 – Minecart with Furnace texture shows active furnace without powering it
    MC-8255 – TNT Does Not Make Fuse Sound When Dispensed Out Of Dispenser
    MC-15370 – Hay Bale: Horses Heal + Speed Growth Mismatch if crafted with 9 Wheat
    MC-29559 – 2 block tall grass/fern does not produce seeds when broken
    MC-34772 – Efficiency does not work on Packed Ice

    From the 1.8 snapshots
    MC-46460 – Spectators show burning effect in lava
    MC-58920 – Redstone Torch breaks when receiving update
    MC-58975 – Nether generates in strips if it doesn't crash
    MC-59043 – Using "Pick Block" on Lapis Lazuli Ore creates an untextured block




      • Rabbits
        • Have 8 skins including black, white, brown, gold, black & white, salt & pepper, toast, and the killer rabbit of Caerbannog

            Naming a
            spawn egg or
    name tag
            "Toast" will give
            a special skin as a memorial to user xyzen420's girlfriend's lost rabbit 'Toast'

          • The killer rabbit of Caerbannog
            • 1/1000 chance of spawning; it is hostile and deals 5 (

              ) on easy, 8 (

              ) on normal difficulty and 12 (

              ) on hard

            • A reference to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail
            • It is perfectly white except for its mouth, which has a blood red outline
            • It can be directly spawned in with the command /summon Rabbit ~ ~ ~ {RabbitType:99}

            cannot be bred unless tamed

        • Rabbits will be scared of the player and run away from it when untamed, similarly to ocelots


        • Brown colored with brown spots
        • Has a random chance of spawning 3 rabbits

      • Rabbit Hide
        • Can be put in a 2 x 2 arrangement to receive 1






            This makes it the best food in the game other than
    golden apples

        • Brewed with a Rabbit's Foot and an awkward potion
        • The potion and bubbles are bright green colored


    command blocks
            Allows a
    command block
            to increase a certain score in the
            when it runs successfully

              The command will increase the score based on the number of items/blocks/entities/successes

            • For example, a command block with this tag running a command which affects items (e.g. /give) will cause it to update the score based on the number of items given

          • Usage: {CommandStats:{AffectedItemsName:"playername", AffectedItemsObjective:"objective", AffectedBlocksName:"playername", AffectedBlocksObjective:"objective", AffectedEntitiesName:"playername", AffectedEntitiesObjective:"objective", SuccessCountName:"playername", SuccessCountObjective:"objective"}}


            Other world options are not available

        • Now includes all block states rather than all data values
          • This includes all possible states of
            , etc.

        • Arrangement of blocks is very different and a lot smaller, every block state only generates once

      • Debug screen
        • Now shows variant states after the item (ex. minecraft:cauldron[level=1])

      • Particles
        • Changed the particle effect when landing on a block, looks a lot more scattered

      • Block models
        • Replaced block state names with the actual block state data, separated by commas.


    From released versions before 1.8

    • MC-15202 – Player can be pushed around by mobs while on horseback
    • MC-16387 – Nether Fortresses are ignoring "Generate Structure" setting at world creation
    • MC-26987 – Horse tries to breed with another horse that is not yet in Love mode
    • MC-29558 – Double plants cannot be broken by placing a different block on the block it occupies
    • MC-29803 – Statistics doesn't resize / Buttons missing after resize
    • MC-30002 – Falling / Landing particles / particles applied to the player centered on the block rather than the player
    • MC-36489 – Mooshrooms lose their name (from name tag) when sheared
    • MC-37416 – when the disk is put in jukebox the name does not appear
    From the 1.8 snapshots

    • MC-58935 – Breaking dirt & coarse dirt has podzol particles
    • MC-59146 – Dirt in achievement background has podzol texture
    • MC-59250 – Enderman picking up dirt turns into podzol
    • MC-59402 – Fences and Iron bars show "false" / Redstone shows "up" in all cardinal directions regardless if other blocks connected or not



      • Block models
        • The block state files now support an array of models allowing for random models.

            As a result of this,
    grass blocks
    red sand
            , and
            all have their top texture randomly rotated


    11 bugs fixed

    From the 1.8 snapshots

    • MC-59178 – Debug screen says that redstone repeaters are not locked, even if they are
    • MC-59580 – Lower right hinged door reports "hinge:left"
    From the previous snapshot

    • MC-59850 – IllegalArgumentException - Crash when rendering MinecartChest
    • MC-59853 – Buttons positions are wrong
    • MC-59854 – Torches and buttons: wrong orientation
    • MC-59868 – Buttons are always pressed
    • MC-59869 – Levers spawn powered on floors or walls
    • MC-59886 – Piston Bug
    • MC-59915 – Comparators are default "powered"
    • MC-59908 – Comparator texture flipped
    • MC-59986 – IllegalArgumentException after breaking tall flower



          <entity|block> ...


              entity <selector> <mode>

            • /stats block [x] [y] [z] <mode>

          • Alternative and more featureful way of interacting with CommandStats
            • Will update a scoreboard objective based on the number of entities/blocks which has been affecting the command, it updates the objective for the entity that ran the command, fake players can be used when run in a command block

            • After the mode there are currently 4 possible stats that can be updated: SuccessCount, AffectedBlocks, AffectedEntities and AffectedItems
            • For example: /stats entity @a set AffectedBlocks @a Test will update a scoreboard objective named 'Test' for all players whenever a command is performed relative to them, the objective will update by the number of blocks affected by the command since the stat was set to AffectedBlocks


      • Servers
        • Servers can now customize network compression in server.properties

      • Video Settings
        • Added Alternative Block option to disable (or enable) weighted alternative block models

            When turned off, the least complex highest priority model will always be used for each block

      • Block States
        • Chunks now use block states instead of metadata

      • Rendering
        • Improved performance with rendering

    • Many optimizations to both the server (including singleplayer) and the client


    44 bugs fixed

    From released versions before 1.8

    • MC-1532 – TNT flashing graphic when lit looks cut up and faded. / Z-fighting
    • MC-2990 – Heads, beds, and doors can't be placed where there is thin snow
    • MC-8858 – Rain goes through upside-down stairs
    • MC-13633 – Horse's jump bar appears even when the horse isn't saddled yet
    • MC-16608 – Text color in hopper and brewing stand GUI changes
    • MC-18477 – Iron golems can see and attack invisible hostile mobs
    • MC-23940 – If you sleep in a bed near a transparent block, you can get in the block
    • MC-36718 – New fragmented sentences in translation
    • MC-43984 – Normal players can use player selectors
    • MC-53166 – Horses do not convert their owner to UUID
    • MC-55490 – Spawning cows on mooshrooms
    From the 1.8 snapshots

    • MC-45046 – Player skin doesn't render at Y:254.3 or more
    • MC-45067 – Player skin (model) disappears when under -1.8 height level (void)
    • MC-45512 – Entities disappear in the void
    • MC-46674 – Tools can't break packed ice faster
    • MC-49407 – /effect and /enchant still uses ids
    • MC-53022 – Mobs not being targeted by team selector
    • MC-54845 – Rain particles not rendering
    • MC-55515 – sign.edit with §(color) changes the sign color
    • MC-56041 – Wheat sprouts revert to seed at low light level blocks at night
    • MC-56251 – "/weather rain <time>" executed when weather is clear sets the weather to thunder
    • MC-56835 – Pressure plate /fill disappearing glitch
    • MC-56884 – Negative color crosshair when using resource pack
    • MC-58067 – Smooth & chiseled sandstone & chiseled quartz has incorrect bottom texture
    • MC-59491 – Performance on Linux server tick-rate
    • MC-59848 – Grass blocks held by Endermen have wrong texture
    • MC-59897 – Logs not generating in the right position in structures
    • MC-59996 – Falling sand entities are invisible or show a solid colored (red/green/black) texture
    • MC-60035 – Double slabs become seamless
    • MC-60039 – Server logging broken
    • MC-60077 – End Portals (end_portal_frame) has eye in it
    From the previous snapshot

    • MC-60093 – Blacksmith roof slabs oriented wrong
    • MC-60126 – Pistons retract on placement as if they were powered
    • MC-60150 – Fence gates placed open
    • MC-60151 – Redstone repeaters are inverted
    • MC-60152 – Powered rail, detector rail, and activator rail are flipped when on an east/west slope
    • MC-60153 – Iron door and wood door
    • MC-60156 – Command blocks don't trigger when dispensed onto a redstone block
    • MC-60193 – Doors generating weirdly in strongholds
    • MC-60208 – Pumpkin/melon seeds fully grown when planted
    • MC-60297 – Command blocks not redstone updating when placed
    • MC-60349 – TNT spawns ignited on desert temples
    • MC-60483 – When placing fire on side of TNT it only renders on the side
    • MC-60523 – Tripwire hook block placed sound bug



    Spawn Egg
          in hand, to change what the spawner produces


    67 bugs fixed

    From released versions before 1.8

    • MC-9473 – Unnecessary delay of "Done" button in the resource pack selection menu
    • MC-30548 – stat.fallOneCm does not display proper amount
    • MC-31365 – /summon and /setblock cannot specify chests', furnaces', dispensers', rails' and dropper's orientation
    • MC-37996 – Experience bar loses transparency
    • MC-48471 – Stained glass and other tinted objects turn completely transparent while pushed by a piston
    • MC-56599 – On the /help menu it shows /clear <player> <item> <data-value>, but just "/clear" works, so it should be /clear [player] <item> <data-value>
    From the 1.8 snapshots

    • MC-46626 – Spectators are affected by vines and ladders
    • MC-47647 – Blocks worn as heads float at standing height when sneaking
    • MC-48563 – /tellraw score Function in Multiplayer Displays Last-Loaded Singleplayer Score
    • MC-50045 – No block updates when deleting a command block with the /setblock command
    • MC-52261 – /setblock'ed "Half Door" Modifies Damage Value of Block Below
    • MC-53277 – Fence gates, when powered, do not show correct texture (showing it is open while it is closed)
    • MC-55510 – @p not targetting closest player correctly
    • MC-55604 - Changing difficulty bug (Mobs)
    • MC-56461 – Shadows rendering in stained glass using "Super secret settings" that changes rendering
    • MC-57470 – Crash loading world containing blocks with removed data values: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot set property
    • MC-57831 – Monsters Spawning Inside Blocks / Spawner ignoring light levels
    • MC-57973 – Dark Oak / Acacia Leaves missing texture
    • MC-58102 – Brewing stands look empty on relogging until you open them
    • MC-58255 – Fire model missing a texture
    • MC-58444 – Item frames use oak wood texture
    • MC-58804 – Layered snow reverts to one layer if clicked on adjacent block
    • MC-59258 – Breaking grass or tall grass can drop seeds with a missing texture
    • MC-59327 – Breaking bottom block / replacing top block of double-tall plants yields double-tall plant item
    • MC-59401 – I've tried to open a wooden door that only had the upper half there, game crashed
    • MC-59852 – Certain slabs have incorrect names
    • MC-59872 – Dark oak leaves have no name
    • MC-60009 – Red mushroom block variants reversed/misnamed
    • MC-60151 – Redstone repeaters are inverted
    • MC-60296 – Crash when cutting grass: values=[sunflower, syringa, double_grass, double_fern, double_rose, paeonia]}
    • MC-60556 – Crash when generating chunks containing Strongholds
    • MC-60814 – Giant mushroom has right texture in inventory & drop, but not when placed
    • MC-60983 – Mismatching tree generation
    • MC-61122 – fire_nsewu has a misplaced face
    From the previous snapshot

    • MC-61029 – Snow layers have incorrect hitboxes
    • MC-61031 – GUI and blocks turn white when changing mipmap levels
    • MC-61043 – Ladders take up full block, cannot climb
    • MC-61058 – Tripwire stays activated, even after entities have moved away from activation zone
    • MC-61059 – Growing crops give error about unknown property on Farmland
    • MC-61066 – Ladders accidentally get Facing from a block that is not a ladder
    • MC-61080 – Hostile mobs despawn when changed to spectator mode
    • MC-61082 – Placing wooden slabs crash the game
    • MC-61083 – Client crashes when entering the Nether
    • MC-61091 – Minecraft world flickering
    • MC-61093 – Game crash when right clicking with empty bucket
    • MC-61107 – Crash with f3 on tripwire
    • MC-61112 – When a sign clickEvent is used to give items, the items don't show up until the world is reloaded
    • MC-61125 – Tripwire not attaches to hooks visually, F3 crash
    • MC-61128 – Connection lost when connecting to server
    • MC-61140 – Slabs can't be placed next to slabs
    • MC-61148 – Invalid age set on Cocoa during generation
    • MC-61155 – Water texture bug
    • MC-61156 – Chunk distance sorter violating contact
    • MC-61163 – /clone move does not update redstone
    • MC-61167 – All the symbols on an Enchanting Table are blocks
    • MC-61216 – /setblock gives an unknown error when a block does not have 0 as a damage value
    • MC-61247 – Dropped items going into the ground
    • MC-61315 – soundEvent with no name - [Client thread/WARN]: Unable to play unknown soundEvent: minecraft:
    • MC-61344 – Mipmap Bugs with dragging the slider
    • MC-61354 – Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot get property bci{name=extended, clazz=class java.lang.Boolean, values=[true, false]} as it does not exist!
    • MC-61355 – Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot get property bci{name=north, clazz=class java.lang.Boolean, values=[true, false]} as it does not exist!
    • MC-61357 – Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot get property bci{name=open, clazz=class java.lang.Boolean, values=[true, false]} as it does not exist!
    • MC-61358 – Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot get property bci{name=occupied, clazz=class java.lang.Boolean, values=[true, false]} as it does not exist!
    • MC-61359 – Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot get property bcj{name=half, clazz=class auu, values=[top, bottom]} as it does not exist!
    • MC-61360 – Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot get property bcj{name=variant, clazz=class ati, values=[dirt, coarse_dirt, podzol]} as it does not exist!
    • MC-61371 – Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot set property bck{name=facing, clazz=class ei, values=[down, up, north, south, west, east]} to null on block
    • MC-61372 – Crash by moving half slabs with piston

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    posted a message on recommended Touhou game

    I recommend starting on normal since you're punished in most of the games for trying to beat it on easy (not the best ending, don't unlock extra, etc). It makes you build up skill that you wouldn't earn on easy and the patterns aren't too overwhelming for starters. Might be hard, but practice makes perfect.

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    posted a message on what is the fastest way to get wither skulls

    If you want a better chance for skulls use a looting III sword + modify the fortress to make spawns a little better (others may have touched upon that already).

    Patience is required. Skulls are rare drops even with Looting III.

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    And please do not respond to them because we have to remove those responses too.

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