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    posted a message on [256x,128x,64x,32x][1.5.2/13w18c] KDS HD Realistic Texture Pack, UPDATED to 1.5.2 and snapshots!
    Well I have been playing minecraft for all of three days after watching videos on it for well, ever, and so I am experimenting with texture packs.

    Personally I think this one looks amazing (using 128x128). I did notice two irregularities. My nether portal is just teal tiles and the fire inside of the nether on top of netherrack is... hard to explain. Virtual bright red and not animated? Or something. Other than these two things I won't notice as they're both nether related and I dont spend much time there yet I think it looks boss.

    P.S. Lava looks... so lavalike. I almost ran over it in the nether lol.

    Edit: It just dawned on me, is it because both of those are animated?
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