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    New version for 1.7.10(0.7.6) This version fixes a longstanding bug that I thought I fixed, that is all, you can download it here:

    In regards to updates:

    As you can see this mod is 1.7, and minecraft has had 1.8 out for like a year now, and this mod is not updated, why is that? Simply put, the amount of things I need to redo to update to 1.8 is very large, and it is very hard to become motivated to put in the time to do it. That said, I think this mod is probably never going to be properly updated. It a point ever comes that minecraft modding stabilizes, I will probably rewrite this mod.

    A quick note about texture packs:

    If you use this mod with a texture pack, there are a few textures in the mod that you will want to change accordingly (these are the names of the textures in the mod, and what you want to replace them with, keeping the name the same, otherwise it will not work)

    Buired == Sand

    Hull == Planks

    Wood == Planks

    This should make these textures look correct in game, otherwise things will look awkward


    To craft most of the stuff for this mod, you will need to use this block:

    The smelter, it runs on normal furnace fuel, but instead of doing what the furnace does, it works on only iron (It may work on gold in the future) you can smelt iron ore (but you get no XP) iron ingots, iron doors, cauldrons,
    rails, and buckets into slag iron, which is the base for the rest of this mod (as of 0.5.1 smelting items that have more than one iron in them will use more fuel), now, this is great and all, but slag items are not very useful, so, we
    are going to need a cooling rack:

    This block is used to turn all slag items into there non-slag counterparts, it runs similar to a furnace, but it's only fuel is water (so, water buckets) As of 0.3.6 the cooling rack runs on both water buckets (8 items) and
    snowballs (2 items) this will allow for you to make and use the things in the "slag" section.

    Spinning wheel:

    Is used primarily to make rope which can be used for a variety of things. once placed, you can right click on it to open this gui:

    This block 'runs' off of iron and wood, (it starts with none) to begin using it, place a iron ingot and a wood plank into the slot on the far left (and provide it with power), it will then add to the condition bar on the left, as the
    block works, it will remove condition from both the wood and the iron, when either runs out, it will stop working. it can be used for two things, the first is to turn wool into string, it can turn one wool into two string. You can
    also place string into it and once it has three string it will output rope. In addition to all this, the block requires you to provide power to it, this power can come from torque, but you can also stand next to it (which you will
    need to do before you get torque set up).


    This is a power system that is used by this mod for various things (with more uses and generators to come).
    Torque is defined as:
    "the measured ability of a rotating element, as of a gear or shaft, to overcome turning resistance."
    Esentially, this mod uses it to mean the amount of power a turning shaft can apply to something that would need a turning motion.

    What it is in game:
    The basic start to torque is the gear:

    The gear builds into many of the torque related objects in this mod, additionally, if you right click a torque using block (generators, gearboxes, outputs) (some have Gui so shift-click) it will tell you some useful things about the torque that is flowing through that block. This is a massively useful feature, and will aid you greatly when you are trying to build torque based machines as you can keep track of where your torque is

    Basic torque necessities
    These are the building blocks for torque, you will use them to get the torque from your generators to your outputs.
    The most useful and needed torque block that you will need is the gearbox:

    Firstly, all of the generators will output power only into gearboxes, so you need these to collect the torque from generators. After torque is being sent into a gearbox, you will need to direct it, to do this, right click it to open
    the gui:

    In here you can see 6 slots that are labeled for the 6 directions in minecraft: Up, Down, East, West, North, South, you can only place gear items in these slots. Now, this is where it gets complicated, the gearbox will check
    to see how many gears it has total in all four slots, and will then divide the total amount of torque it has by that number. After this the gearbox will ouput torque to all the directions that have gears in them equal to ( (
    totalTorque / totalNumberOfGears ) * numberOfGearsInSlot ). So basically, if a gearbox is getting torque you can put gears as follows: 1 in Up, 2 in East, 1 in Down, and the gearbox will direct 1/2 the torque east and 1/4
    up and 1/4 down, this means that the gearbox can be used to change the direction of torque as well as dividing the torque to get the right amount where you want it. It should be noted that the gearbox does not care which way it is getting the torque from, putting gears in it is only to direct the torque OUT of the gearbox, so you don't need to put gears into it to receive the torque, just to direct the output. Also, you are generally better off to direct the exact amount of torque to blocks that require set amounts so that you can use more on the blocks that can use any amount.

    A block that is close friends to the gearbox is the torque shaft:

    This block will be placed like a log and will simply transfer torque along it (you can not click these with gears to have them tell you anything). So, if you use a gearbox to direct some torque in a direction you will likely want
    one of these as the next block in that direction, and it will simply transfer the torque in the same direction (which can be another torque shaft). It is worth noting that these blocks can and will transfer power into outputs, so you do not NEED a gearbox next to all your outputs (though oftentimes it is useful) These blocks can save you tons of time as well as quite a few materials if used

    The simplest is a rat wheel:

    This block requires a rat to be next to it to provide the torque, the texture should also spin when it is active, when this block is active it will generate 1 torque and will output it to whichever gearbox in the four spaces around
    it it checks first.

    The main block that you need for this is crafted like this:

    This block is your base that you must build the windmill around. It should be noted here that the windmill generates torque based on the height of the main block, and generates torque acording to the following algorithm: (3 *
    ( yCoord / 50 ) ). with a cap of 6, so it should get max power at anything above 99 and less power as it goes down. After you build the main block you need to add the rest of it, you can build it in two ways, the vertical:

    or the horizontal:

    Unfortunately, these designs have to be EXACTLY as you see them here, because it would be impossible to code all possible combinations. (but you can build blocks around these base designs to make them look better.
    Both of these work if build right, the blocks (wool, planks, fence) need to be placed at the exact locations show in the pictures in order to get the windmill to run, however, these designs are made to be small and simple so
    that you can make them bigger and thus look better

    It is worth noting that the horizontal design is built on the 'back' of the windmill block (which will face away from you when placed). Additionally, the windmill will only look for a gearbox to output torque to that is in 'front' of it, meaning the side with the gear on it. Additionally, both of the windmill designs require 6 torque shafts in them, for vertical they need to be straight up and for horizontal you need two backwards and then four around the last one.

    Water Wheel:

    This is basically a different version of the windmill (texture WIP), in order to use this you, like the windmill, need a gearbox on the front (front looks the same), and you build the rest of the wheel out of the back. You need to have a precise number of other blocks in exact positions for this to work. Firstly, the water wheel block itself MUST be in a river biome, otherwise, you need blocks build out of the back to look like this:

    These blocks are intended to serve as a base for other blocks so that you can build it however you want... kinda, but please don't just leave it like this, add some other blocks to make it look good:

    Otherwise, you can not hook up two water wheel blocks to the same wheel, neither will work if you do. One water wheel will generate 10 torque.

    Outputs (uses):
    It is worth noting that all outputs will need 1 full torque to run properly, some may still function with less, but if they are not working all the time when they have less than 1 torque that is completely intended, and many will
    work slower with less than one torque.

    Spinning Wheel:
    You already have, but if you want it to run faster and/or not have to stand next to it you will want to get some torque to it, it will run 1x faster for each torque you have greater than 1 up to a 3x faster.
    this is a simple setup for just automation (which you will likely want to build so that you can make more rope for more gearboxes)

    Grinding Wheel:

    This block (texture still WIP) is rather similar to the spinning wheel, but generally has different uses. This block runs on stone flint, and uses it at a somewhat fast rate. This block can turn gravel into flint and can also turn wheat
    into flour (see food section). Additionally, if you put items into it that are damaged it will repair them, however, it will only repair them to 2/3 of the total condition the first time you repair them and to 1/3, if you try to repair
    them again they will break, additionally, this block does not exactly work with the base game anvil, as any item put into an anvil will break if repaired in the grinding wheel. This block works really slow with only one torque, but it will continue to get faster the more torque that it has, this is not capped.

    the gui looks like this:

    you can now also add diamond to the input slot (up to four, if it is powered it will take them right away) and it will add to the dia counter. If you have at least one diamond, it will allow you to 'sharpen' undamaged boarding axes, bayonets, and cutlasses (cutlasses keep enchants), which will cause them to do more melee damage. If you have four diamonds it will allow you to sharpen the 'sharp 1' items into even sharper forms. You also get your diamonds back if/when you break the grinding wheel block.


    This block requires 1 torque to run, and will gain no benefit from having more, it will also have an animation if it is working, and a very broken looking animation if it has more than 0, but less than 1 torque, The basic use for
    this block is to increase the heat of a furnace or smelter, and the air flow of cooling racks. Basically, those blocks will gain 'cooking' speed, which will decrease how much fuel you will need, each bellows will make the block
    it is used on 1/4 faster. To use these, you will need to place them next to to block you want to speed up, and they need to be facing towards that block, when the block is placed it will face towards you. for clarity, this is the front:


    (Texture WIP) This block, like the grinding wheel, is a uncapped torque user, meaning that the more torque to divert to it the faster it will work. To use this block you must place it next to a torque shaft that will be used as the
    elevator shaft:

    For clarity, you will likely want to put a (closed) trapdoor over the top, the elevator will go through it, but it will prevent you from falling after you get to the top.(see catch)
    To use the elevator (assuming is has enough torque) you just right click it, if you want it to send you up to click the top 1/2 of the block, and if you want to go down you will want to click the bottom 1/2.
    Elevator catch:

    These blocks are only useful for elevators, and are used to 'turn' the elevator. simply put them around the elevator in the correct place, and they will turn you when you get to them.

    A) the way to turn you elevator from going up, to going side to side
    B, C, D) the way to turn an elevator while it is moving side to side
    E) the way to make it start going up again
    F) see A
    G) how to make it go down again
    Additionally, if you put one at the top of elevators in the A) position, it will move you out of the air so that you will not fall when you get to the top.


    There are currently six slag items: Ingots, Plate (made by putting a slag ingot into the crafting grid (gives 4) recipe can be reversed), Hooks, Blades, Barrels, and Chain. to make most of these, you are going to need
    molds, which are made like this:

    With those you can make all the other items:

    Hooks ^

    Blades ^

    Barrels ^

    Chain ^
    This will allow you to make all the Tools/Weapons in this mod.
    As of 0.3.6 you can craft these items back into iron by placing them in the crafting grid.


    Note: all wood planks in the recipes can be any type, they are only different because TMI showed them that way when I took the screenshots.
    To start with, the thing I generally make first, the cutlass:

    It is basically a iron sword, but it has considerably more condition, however, it costs slightly more (2 1/2 iron, instead of 2) and it can't be enchanted (this will likely be changed eventually)Now, since we made chain, it is
    logical to assume that we can make chain mail out of it, and that would be correct, it is made like normal armor.
    Guns:This mod has three guns, the Musket:

    and the pistol:

    and the musket with a bayonet:

    They all use the same shot, but the musket does more damage(Bug) and shots farther, but takes more iron to craft and takes longer to reload. The guns with take damage as you use them, and will eventually break.
    The bayonet adds a bit of melee damage to a normal musket. When you craft you gun, it will be a "empty" gun, to load it, make some shot:

    (The powder horn item above is made by putting gunpowder into the crafting grid, gives four) then hold the right mouse button for about two seconds (1 1/2 for the pistol, and 2 for the musket) and then release it, if you did
    not hold it long enough, it will do nothing, but if you loaded it, you will "swing" the gun, and there will be a clicking noise, and then the gun will be loaded. To shot, simply aim at a mob with a loaded gun and right click (the
    musket will do about 8 hearts of damage (I think?), and the Pistol will do somewhat less (not really sure)


    At the moment, this is a item, that you right click to throw, and when it hit something, it blows up (In the future, I may make a impact grenade, and a normal grenade) with almost to power of TNT, however, it does not
    destroy blocks, if you hit a mob with one of these, it will probably just kill it outright.


    This is a item used primarily for combat, if you hold the item back for a while and release you will throw it, upon impact it will spawn a net entity:

    this entity slows all entitys that are in its general area, to reclaim your net you need to craft a net reclaimer:

    which you hold right click near a net for a few seconds and it will give you the net back.

    Rope Ladder:

    Rope ladders, in many ways function somewhat similar to vines, however, in order to climb the ladder you need to sneak while you are on it. Otherwise it will function similar to a ladder as you descend. The advantage this
    has over a regular ladder is that if you right click a placed ladder with another ladder it will add another ladder at the bottom of all the ladders beneath it. Similarly, if you right click it with just your hand, you will remove a
    ladder from the bottom of it. This allow for you to retract ladders from the top, and also let them down.

    Boarding Axe:

    This is, in my opinion, the most useful thing in this mod, if you right click it next to a wall, you will basically 'jump' from wherever you are (so, functionally, it is a ladder that you don't have to place), so you can use this to
    scale cliffs, additionally, if you successfully rappel on a block, it will calculate and apply all of your fall damage, thus allowing to to rappel up and/or down large cliffs without taking any/much fall damage, I will note, this thing
    does take damage every time you use it, but it has a lot of uses. Now, this is technically a separate item, but it is mostly useless without the boarding hook, it is called the tether:

    If you have this in your inventory, and you sneak-rightclick with a boarding hook, you will 'tether' yourself to wherever you are, hold sneak and you will remain there (you kinda bounce around though -better in 0.0.4-, not
    sure if it will be improved)(release sneak to fall) additionally, if you just right click with the tether when falling, you will tether yourself there, and you will not have to hold sneak, in fact, if you do press sneak, you will fall.


    Fish trap:

    This is a block that you place in water, and it will slowly generate fish inside of it (if you place it in the correct amount of water, it will emit bubbles to show that it is working, if it isn't emitting bubbles, you will need more
    water around it, also, the Gui has only one slot, and this slot can only hold four fish at a time, so it doesn't just keep generating them without you. Additionally, some fish will occasionally escape, you can see this when you
    open the Gui and the amount of fish in it goes down before you can grab them. As of 1.5.4 you can catch different types of fish by planting the right sea plants in ALL four spaces at a diagonal to the fish trap (which is kelp
    for salmon, coral for pufferfish (all four different types of coral will greatly increase the rate), and anneminies for clownfish).
    Salt generates like any other ore, but it only generates in sand (as of 1.5.4 it will generate in salt mines as well):

    It drops about 2-4 salt items when mined with a pickax, (in the future, I will likely make a way to manufacture salt from sea water, but I am unsure how I want to do it(feel free to suggest things :D )). This salt can be crafted
    back into a block, similar to glowstone, or it can be crafted with steak, pork chops, cooked fish, baked potatos and cooked salmon, which gives you a salted whatever, the salt adds 2 to the hunger value, and 0.2 to the
    saturation (steak gives you 8 hunger with a 0.8 saturation, so salted beef gives you 10 hunger with 1.0 saturation)

    (Made with grinding wheel)
    This basically is a way to make wheat an actually viable food source, wheat turns into floor at a 1 to 1 ratio, which means that doing this makes wheat like 9 times better, and the crafting recipe to turn flour back into bread is
    as follows:

    Additionally, you can use flour to make chicken casserole:

    Basically, this is 'salted' chicken and carrots, the food value is the same as steak, but it is also kinda here for nostalga, as making chinken casserole was one of the first mods I have ever made.

    What type of mod doesn't add some random crop? Not this one, it add cucumbers, which has a very different farming technique, and are rather odd as far as food goes. First, you are going to need some cucumber seeds,
    as of V0.0.4 you can now find cucumbers in ships chests which you can craft into seeds, and you can no longer get them from grass:Cucumber farming:
    For ideal farming, you are going to want to plant them in the middle of a 3x3 area, like thus:Then you can wait for it to grow, where it will start to send out shoots to
    surrounding blocks:(note, once a cucumber is established, it no longer needs tilled soil to grow, but the parent plant does need it to grow more cucumber plants around it)(Note: it does not do all of them at once)Once it does this, you can bonemeal the child plants to get them to adulthood, once at adulthood, they will begin to flower and then produce cucumbers:Once it reaches the one with the green cucumbers on it you can harvest some cucumbers off of it, you will need to right click it with shears, it will drop a semi-random amount of cucumbers before it reverts back to just normal 'adult', then you will have to wait for it to grow again.
    The cucumbers restore only 2 hunger, but they do not take time to eat, just right click, and you will eat the whole thing at once. Aditionally, you can craft the cucumbers together with a salt (1 salt 1 cucumber = 1 pickle, 1
    salt 4 cucumber = 4 pickle, 1 salt 8 cucumber = 8 pickle (all shapeless)). However, the pickles only restore 1 hunger, but they cure all potion effects, and they also eat instantly, and they stack up to 64... Unlike milk.Both
    pickles and cucumbers have a saturation modifier of 0.2 as of V0.0.3.


    A few things, remember that salt from a while back? Good, there is also a "ore" that generates just like the salt, that looks just like sand, that drops a gold nugget instead of sand, it isn't effected by gravity, and you
    can't plant cacti on it, good luck finding any of it :) Boats:These spawn all over the oceans of minecraft (a bit too much perhaps) on them is one chest, and one MSP. The chest has assorted loot and a item you can only get from these chests: Pirate Medallion! Which is used to enchant ghostform armor, and may have another use in the future.The MSP is a edited mob spawner, the boat will spawn mostly one of the three types of pirates, but it will occasionally spawn one of a different type, just for kicks and giggles.Note: right now
    all the boats face one direction, this will be fixed at some point.

    Sea Rocks:Majestic spires spawning throughout the ocean, mostly these are for flavor, but they have uses. Firstly, they with drop smooth stone when mined, instead of cobble, but
    that isn't the main thing. Secondly, the big ones (as in, the really big ones) have a chance to spawn a pocket inside them, and what could be in these pockets? most of the time, air, but sometimes you will get some good stuff:
    It does has a small chance of spawning a considerable amount of diamonds, or even a chest!

    Sunk Boats:

    Pirates who had less fortune then the others, these can be found on the bottom of oceans or even rivers, right now they really don't do much, these are still rather WIP, I plan to change the look quite a bit, and add loot in the
    future.As of V0.0.3 they have wood railing on top of the cabin, I an not really sure if I like this better. As of 0.4.2 these will spawn with cursed chests on them, these with have some amounts of loot that will very somewhat
    from that of ships that are still above the water:

    These chests also spawn the ghost pirates, I will warn you though, their drop is really good, you will likely spend a lot of time getting killed by them before you find out how to kill them.

    Salt mines:
    (no picture)
    Basically salt can now spawn underground in large deposits, that are generally circular in shape, they will have air pockets inside that will sometimes contain the remains of an old mine.

    Sea Plants:
    You have probably noticed the sea plants in some of the above pictures, there are three types:
    Kelp:It can grow to 6 blocks tall, and can be farmed, although it has no real use at this point, it will likely be used in the making of salt.
    Coral:This stuff also has no use, but it does emit light to make itself known, it has four types, with two grow stages: big, and small, you can right click them in the 'big' state to get a
    coral item of that color, which you can use to grow them elsewhere (don't break them, they don't drop anything when destroyed)Note: all the coral blocks use one ID, and all the coral Items use one ID, the coral items have
    names as of V0.0.4 however, they are all called "Kelp" this will be fixed, this will be fixed later.
    Anenomie (or however you spell it):The most useful of the sea plants, there is no way to farm it (will be fixed later on(if you have an idea how these should be farmable, please post
    it)) it emits light like the coral, but it will also poke mobs, just like a cactus.


    Currently, this mod adds five mobs, three pirates:Being: Cutlass, Gun, and Grenade.The cutlass zombies are much like normal zombies, except they are far faster, and do
    much more damage (also: try luring one into water). The gun zombies basically shot you with pistols (although the damage they do it more like muskets). And the grenade zombies throw grenades at you (note: with no armor,
    you can be killed by one grenade, with full diamond, you can take four grenades) These mobs are meant to be rather hard, and force you to use guns/grenades to kill them, These mobs also assume that you have armor, if
    you don't, try not to fight them. These mobs spawn very rarely, except from MSPs where they will spawn rather fast, all of these mobs can drop considerable amounts of iron and/or gunpowder. These mods (except grenade) do part of their damage through armor.

    This mobs is still very WIP, it could use a new texture, and probably a new model, but that is coming later, right now they spawn and will generally try to move toward crops,
    which they will then try to eat, They will flee the player, but it you manage to run one down (or trap it) you can feed it paper to tame it like a wolf, you can then feed it a chest to give it a chest, after which you can right click it
    with iron plate to open the inventory. Otherwise you can toggle it's 'sitting' and following by right clicking it, it's texture will appear more sooty if they are sitting. If they are tamed, you can feed them cucumbers to heal them.
    As of 0.6.3 you will need to tame at least one of these in order to use the rat wheel. Also: make sure to fence in your crops, they can make short work of many farms. Additionally, you can right click a tamed rat with a tether
    item to pick it up, it is fairly obstructing to you, as you are using your hands to hold it, so many things will not work as normal, right click it again with the tether to put it back down.

    Ghost pirates:

    As you can see, they are underwater mobs, they spawn in the sunken boats and are very hard to kill (note, they have a buff that lets them instantly regain all their heath, you need to find out how to stop this buff to be able to
    kill them) I will ask that you all try to kill this mob and tell me how hard it is to kill them so that I can better balance it :) They drop ghost wrappings that can be used to both craft and repair ghostform armor (in the traditional
    armor recipes) I will notethat it will last far longer then any other armor in game (at least 16 times diamond, I think more). As of 0.5.4 the shoots the ghosts fire have a small chance to remove water breathing potion effects
    from the player

    In addition to this, if you right click the armor without medallions and with a ghost wrappings in your inventory it will be repaired about 1/3 of its total condition.

    In addition to this, that armor can't be enchanted in the normal way, you need to use pirate medallions to enchant them (be very careful to only have one medallion at a time, and not to put the same enchant on twice). To
    enchant, hold the armor in your hand with a medallion in your inventory along with an item to correspond to the enchant (make sure not to have any others) then right click with the armor, it will use up the medallion and the
    item, and give it an enchantment. (note: some enchants don't work on certain armor (eg, helmets are the only one effected by respiration) so be careful enchanting things) the items needed for the enchants are as follows:
    protection = iron plate
    fireProtection = gunpowder trail
    featherFalling = rope
    blastProtection = grenade
    projectileProtection = shot
    respiration = kelp
    aquaAffinity = coral
    thorns = anenomie
    This is not going to be the only use for the medallions, so be conservative.


    Gun powder trail:Remember that powder horn thing from before? Well, if you try to place in onto the ground, it will make a redstone like trail (texture still wip) if, fire were to be next to it...

    This block is a lot like TNT, but a few differences, them being: it has no fuse, and it is cheaper, no fuse!?!? you say, well, what else would you use the gunpowder trail for?

    these are now craftable, you can craft them like this:

    when you right click with the item this gives you, it will place a cannon at your current location, it should face the way you are looking, if it doesn't work you can right click it with rope to turn it a bit (though it really doesn't
    mater which way it is pointing). To actually use this, you will need cannon balls which are crafted like this:

    with more gunpowder being a larger explosion, to load, just right click with a cannon ball, now, to shoot it,right click the cannon to mount it, now look where you want the cannon to shoot, and switch your item for a flint and
    steel (from your hotbar)and it will light the fuse, when the short fuse runs out it will fire, you will then need to dismount the cannon in order to load it again. If you want to get the cannon back, hold right click on it with the net
    reclaiming item for a while... or you can destroy all the blocks around it.


    Thanks to AreliEshardu, dirtdevourer and Dyzhonifel for most of the textures.
    As well as to TechGuy for his tutorials.
    As well as to AtomicStriker for posting source code.
    And BalklendeurAlpha for help with some code.
    Others I forgot about :\-Thank you still Wip-


    By theDiamondMinecart:

    Other... more resent reviews do exist... but I didn't go looking for them.

    This is a lets play series put out by Ripped Rick that features this mod, if you care to watch other people play with this mod:

    A few notes:

    I do NOT have a config made yet, that is one of the top things I plan to do.(config added in V0.0.2)
    I do need a banner for this mod, if you want to make one. (made one myself, feel free to make a better one :) )
    I would like to have a title image, if you feel up to trying to make one.
    I do NOT plan to make moving boats. Ever. (see: http://www.minecraft...punt-whitehall/ made by Awger or
    http://www.minecraft...assenger-seats/ made by the all around cool person BalkondeurAlpha. both are really
    good ship mods)
    I need a different name, feel free to post ideas.
    Feel free to report bugs, but try not to post ones that I am aware of :D .
    Source code is available upon request.

    Post still WIP (kinda)


    1 ) Install Forge.
    2 ) Download this mod.
    3 ) Put this mods file into the mods folder.
    4 ) Run minecraft.
    5 ) Enjoy.
    6 ) Tell me what you think of this mod.


    As of 10/4/2013, I am going to try to use a better version numbering system.A word about the numbering system I am using:
    The version number consists of three numbers with periods to separate them, the numbers go from right to left in order of importance, so in 0.3.2 the 0 will only change if a massive change in implemented, the 3 will
    change if something needed has changed (such as a minecraft update or a large change in content) if the 2 changes, it will likely consists of mostly bug fixes and balancing tweaks, it is generally not necessary to download, so
    they are sort of optional, and will be updated somewhat regularly when I have time to work on the mod.

    Version 0.7.6
    Released 4/17/2016
    • Fixed longstanding bug causing crash with ghost pirates

    Version 0.7.5
    Released 4/10/2015
    • Made elevators able to "turn"
    • Made 'catch' block for elevator
    • Made sea plants spawn in smaller groups but more often, total amount should remain about the same.
    • Decreased spawn rate of salt mines
    • Increased spawn rate of buried treasure and salt veins.
    • Fixed rats chest behaving like ender chests
    • Made sea rocks able to be taller/bigger (to acount for deap oceans in 1.7) larger rocks have a higher chance to spawn pockets
    • Added config file for world gen
    • Made grinding wheel able to be augmented with diamonds, this will make them able to 'sharpen' undamaged boarding axes, cutlasses and muskets with bayonets, which will cause them to do more melee damage (can only be sharpened twice[cutlasses keep enchantments]).
    • Made grinding wheel run off flint instead of stone (this is because millwheels in real life tend to not break very quickly, however, they do need to be re-cut ocationally)
    • Made Cutlass count as actual sword (basicaly, you can enchant it now, and it should be compatible with other mods better[may cause some bugs])
    • Made Flour->Bread easier to mass produce
    • Added water wheel (torque generator)
    • Improved performance of windmills/water wheels, they should be more friendly to lower end computers (and also might sometimes seem unresponsive...)

    Version 0.7.4
    Released 2/15/2015
    • Fixed tamed rats having too little health.
    • Reduced spawn rate of rats.
    • Made untamed rats despawn faster.
    • Made elevators check only the 4 blocks right next to them for shafts instead of the 8
    • Rats with chests will now spawn a chest block at their location when they die and place all of their items into it.
    • Fixed many internal issues with the rat and it's chest
    • Made rats need to be shift-clicked to open their chest

    Version 0.7.3
    Released 2/1/2015
    • Updated texture for cucumber plants
    • Fixed texture for ghost armor
    • Changed rat wheel textures, made it animated when active
    • Lowered range that rat wheels detect rats at
    • Updated rope ladder texture
    • Removed rat wheel powering blocks next to it (see torque)
    • Added torque and needed block/items for torque (see section about torque)
    • -Added bellows
      -Added elevators
      -Added grinding wheels
      -Added windmills
    • Increased catch rate of clownfish in fish trap
    • Fixed a few small errors in spinning wheel
    • Changed texture for bottom of spinning wheel
    • Fixed keg not lighting around fire
    • Fixed gun powder trail not going up terrain
    • Added salted potato
    • Fixed ghost pirates shots giving you more air then you had before
    • Removed string crafting recipes (make it will spinning wheel)
    • Fixed cucumbers/pickles giving no hunger o.O
    • Should be multiplier again (tested in LAN)
    • Reduced amount of salt blocks in slat mines
    • Increased rate of salt drops from salt blocks
    • Fixed some pickBlock for certain blocks
    • Re-added coral items to creative tabs
    • Spinning wheels can now work faster with more torque (max 3)
    • Increased total armor value of ghost armor from 4 to 10
    • Added flour
    • Added chicken Casserole (basically salted chicken/carrots)
    • Ghost pirates no longer attack the player in creative/peaceful
    • Fixed ghost pirates apparently shooting two shots when they only actually shot one

    Version 0.6.3
    Released 12/12/2014
    • Added fuse to cannon.
    • Added more sounds to cannon:
    • ~Bonk sound played when cannon ball is inserted (louder for higher power cannon balls)
      ~Soft click sound played when play have been on cannon long enough to light fuse
      ~Fuse sound after cannon is lit
    • Made boarding axe work more like you would think it should (basically, you can use the boarding axe to climb blocks like stairs much better, tether can still only be used on solid blocks)
    • Rats spawn rate reduced
    • Made Rat wheel, can be used to power spinning wheels
    Version 0.6.2
    Released 12/3/2014
    • Made salt blocks drop less salt on average.
    • Added sounds to cannon
    • Rats eat crops slower
    • Rats actually spawn again.
    • Fixed rats not droping the items they are holding... I think
    • Removed rats ability to pick up items... for now
    • Fixed bug causing cutlass pirates to essentially one shot players
    • Reduced damage of cutlass pirates if you take constant damage from one
    • Caused spinning wheel to stop eating string, it now stores it
    • Right clicking the actual gunpowder trail block with F&S now lights it
    • Made cannon unable to shoot for the first few seconds that you are on it
    Version 0.6.1
    Released 9/20/2014
    • Fixed cannon, and everything involving them
    • Tweeked cucumber seed texture
    • Tweeked cucumber plant texture (not sure if final)
    • Tweeked loot for salt mine mine chests
    • Fixed bug with salted pork not be crafted properly
    • Fixed bug with chainmail boots not being craftable
    Version 0.5.4
    Released 8/13/2014
    • Reworked nets to something I actually like
    • Added net recovering item
    • Fixed net to slow everything properly
    • Added salt mine, can have old mine inside.
    • Fixed sea rock spawning on things it shouldn't
    • Made fish trap able to catch salmon, clownfish, and pufferfish by putting around it respectively kelp, amenenieys (yeah, can't spell), and coral, having all types (colors) of adult coral should drastically increase rate of
    • puffer fish
    • Added salted salmon (with salt ratios for being better then normal cooked salmon)
    • Added small chance for ghost shots to remove water breathing potion effect (so as to not be obsolete because of it)

    Version 0.5.1
    Released 8/3/2014
    • Fixed ghost shot casting to EntityLivingBase (causing crash)
    • Made smelting iron prodects into slag cost more fuel
    • Made sea plants able to 'grow' on gravel and clay (in addition to what they did before)
    • Mobs now spawn in all biomes (they only spawned in a select few before)
    • http://adf.ly/qpSnl
    Version 0.4.2
    Released 11/22/2013
    • Added rope item. (Texture WIP)
    • Added Ghost wrapping Item.
    • Added spinning wheel block, used like furnace (Texture WIP).
    • Added net item. (Texture WIP, maybe)
    • Added rope ladder. (Texture WIP, maybe)
    • Added ghost pirate functionality (very hard to kill).
    • Fixed ghost pirate texture.
    • Added ghostform armor, texture WIP (low protection, massive condition).
    • Added ability to use Pirate medalions to enchant ghostform armor.
    • Added ability to use ghost wrappings to repair ghostform armor.
    • Added Cursed chests to sunk boats
    • Changed tether recipe.
    • Changed Fish trap recipe
    • Readded Cannon ball recipe (cannon comes only from spawn egg atm)
    • Fixed coral growth rate (much slower)
    Released 10/31/2013
    • Fixed sitting rats not staying sitting on world reload.
    • Made pirates ships look slightly better.
    • Smelter can now smelt rails into a iron plate.
    • Smelter can now smelt culdrens into iron.
    • Fixed bug in smelting items that give more than one iron as output (iron doors, buckets, culdrens) be careful though, if you have 63 in the output, any extra from a item that gives you more then one will flood the smelter
    • and be lost.
    • Added recipes to turn slag molded items back into slag plates (some lose a little iron) (slag item in crafting grid).
    • Removed secrect pirate spawner recipe.
    • Added snowballs as cooling rack fuel, cools two items each.
    • Added rare drops for all the pirates.
    • Fixed cuccumbers not healing rats.
    • When rats are healed, the player will get a chat with it's health in it. (Bug; says it twice)
    Released 10/18/2013
    • Made shears not take damage when harvesting cucumbers.
    • Made rats not attack anything ever.
    • Increased rat health.
    • Increased saturation of cucumbers.
    • Changed item needed to allow a rat to pick up items from tether to string.
    • Added ability to pick up a rat, if it is tamed, click it with a tether to pick it up, click it again to drop it, will escape if held to long.
    • Rats no longer stop sitting for any reason other then the rat getting hurt.
    • Rats can no longer reproduce.
    • Made rats spawn in more of the biomes.
    • Renamed rat spawn egg to "Spawn Rat"
    • Reduced spawn rates of boats quite a lot.
    • Reduced odds of boat generating without enough water.
    • Boats will now spawn facing either north or south instead of just north (east and west coming sometime)
    • Rats now look more 'sooty' while sitting down.
    • Rats attack crops properly again.
    • Rats eat crops faster.
    • Rats now have more rat-like hurt sounds.
    • Rats now make sounds when eating crops.
    Released 10/11/2013
    • Tweaked gun damage, it is somewhat lower now.
    • Tweaked pirate spawner, spawns less pirates more often.
    • Increased bayonet damage (to that of a wood sword).
    • Nerfed gun condition to half of what it was.
    • Nerfed guns, musket and flintlock take damage when you hit entitys with the item.
    • Buffed bayonet, musket with bayonet doesn't take damage when you hit entitys with the item.
    • Tweaked a few things to try to make the mod work on a server (probably still doesn't though)
    • Increased the attack range of grenade and gun pirates (they shoot very poorly over long range)
    • Increased the fire rate of gun and grenade pirates if the target is farther away.
    • Decreased fire rate of grenade and gun pirates at close range.
    • Tweaked gun and cutlass pirates, they do less damage, but some through armor.
    • Boarding Ax deals extra damage to entitys (does not damage the boarding ax)
    • Added mcmod.info file.
    • BUG: Chat sometimes says "-Player- died" when killed by a gun or cutlass pirate instead of normal.
    Released 10/6/2013
    • Updated to 1.6.4
    • Added functional muskets with bayonets.
    • Added 'functional' cannons
    • Rats spawn again.
    • Rats flee the player again.
    • Added texture to the rats. (not nessissarilly final)
    • Changed the item needed to give a rat a chest from boats to chests.
    • Changes item needed to tame rat from bones to paper (not nessisarilly final)
    • Changed item needed to open rats chest from coal to iron plate.
    • Added the ability to add a tether to a rat to make it function as a hopper.
    • Added cannon ball textures.
    • Added a placeholder texture for gun powder trail.
    • BUG: Chest and tether do not drop when rat dies.
    • BUG: If rats use their 'hopper' function, when they die, they will drop fake items.
    Released 10/4/2013
    • Fixed fish trap GUI.
    • Added sounds to cooling rack.
    • added particle effects to smelter and cooling rack.
    0.2.0 (0.0.6)
    Released 10/2/2013
    • Fixed cutlass pirates moving too fast.
    • Fixed speed boost not being canceled after cutlass pirates leave water.
    • BUG: Fish trap gui is missing.
    Released 10/2/2013
    • Fixed cutlass pirates.
    • Fixed cutlasses.
    • Fixed crashing on starting Minecraft.
    • Renamed Coral to... Coral.
    • BUG: Cutlass pirates move too fast...
    0.1.3 (0.0.4)
    Released 8/27/2013.
    • Updated to 1.6.2
    • Reduced the bouncing on the tether.
    • Fixed rats spawning.
    • Added names to Coral ("Kelp"... oops :P ).
    • Changed cucumber seeds to no longer spawn in grass (find cucumbers in pirate ships)
    • BUG: Cutlass pirates don't move faster in water.
    • BUG: Cutlasses don't act as a sword.
    0.1.2 (0.0.3)
    Released 7/9/2013.
    • Fixed cucumber plants crashing game when right clicked without anything in ones hand.
    • Set cucumber and pickle saturation modifier to 0.2 (steak is 0.8)
    • Fixed coral and anemones sometimes spawning on top of kelp.
    • Edited sunk boats to look better. (more or less)
    Released 6/22/2013.
    • Added config file for IDs
    • Added recipe for salt blocks (4 salt items)
    0.1.0 (0.0.1)
    Released 6/21/2013.http://adf.ly/QqKuf

    Config details:

    Right now a config file for world gen should show up after you run the mod, all of the default values are 50. If you set it to anything greater than 99 the spawn rate should double (101 does not spawn more than 100). In contrast to this, 0 should make it stop spawning altogether, and 1 should make it spawn 1/50 of the normal amount. I would caution you by saying that setting some of these values to 100 will likely crash you world during generation.

    Support this mod:

    If you would like to support this mod, you can use this as your signature:
    <a href="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1857984-152forge-koadmasters-pirates/"><img src='http://i1056.photobucket.com/albums/t371/Koadmaster/PiratesOfMinecraft_zpsd462725b.jpg' /></a>

    and it will
    look like this:

    Otherwise you can leave a post telling me what you think and/or how you think this mod could be improved, I appreciate feedback, and it would help me to work harder on this mod.
    Additionally a is always nice :D
    -I may add a donate button at some point-


    This document is Copyright ©(2012) and is the intellectual property of the author. Only Minecraftforum.net is able to host any of my material without my(Koadmaster) consent. It may not be placed on any web site
    or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. If you mirror this mod page or anything I've(Koadmaster) made on any other site, I(Koadmaster) may express my angst at you in the form of a lawsuit.

    undefinedIf you want to make videos for youtube using my mod you have my permission to do so, and you also have my permission to monetize those videos
    through youtube (of course I dont own minecraft, just the mod). If you do make any videos please send me a link or post it here because I would really like to see them!!

    I can not guarantee that this mod will not cause lag and/or will not crash your Minecraft. I can not guarantee that this mod will not break your worlds. It is always recommended to always backup your Minecraft files before
    installing/updating mods. By downloading and/or installing this mod you have agreed that have read the OP (Original Post) and that any damages to your Minecraft and/or Computer are not the responsibility of Koadmaster,
    or anyone else that has posted on this Forum. If you do experience a crash on Minecraft, I will assist you to the best of my abilities IF you provide me with a Crash Report.
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    posted a message on Why is Mojang so lazy.

    To be totally honest, I could hardly care less if they are or are not lazy.

    However, I do think they could have better focus... for the most part most of my friends have performance reductions in each consecutive update, which I think is the real problem that Mojang has right now. Perhaps they are trying to rewrite things to fix it, which is a nice idea, but thus far it doesn't seem to be working.Sure some people get better performance, but most people I know will not even update to 1.8 because the game is simply unplayable.

    Now, the reason they seem lazy is because they are not adding features en mass, which is probably a good thing, because mods have these features if people want them. However, new features is WAY easier to work on than bugfixing/performance boosting. I feel that is Mojang wanted to, they could release a comparable amount of new features to the last 5 updates within a 6 month period. Adding new content is simply not that hard. That said, fixing the new content is harder, more time consuming, and far less rewarding (personal experience). So I in some ways admire the direction Mojang is trying to go, but I really don't think they are accomplishing what they are trying to do well enough.

    All that said. They are trying to work on the only aspect of the game that actually maters anymore, namely, making it perform better, and be more user/modder friendly. Everything else they do is pretty useless in my opinion. Additionally, new update just complicate things for modders such as myself, as well as server owners. So basically the updates should be large and make a big difference. In all honesty, I think it would have been better for them to not even have released 1.8 by now, because it probably would just be better to update everything at once.

    [just my two cents]

    Anyways, cheers, and you all have a wonderful day.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10][Forge] KoadMasters Pirates
    Quote from WGSXFrank»
    New test: New world, No other mods, just this mod and the latest forge. no optifine or fastcraft either.

    I flew around the area I spawned in (within 10 chunk radius). After 5 minutes, this is what I see. (There are 8 of them in the screenshot... a few more off the screen behind me)

    They seem to multiply as I get far enough away for them to not render, then reenter the area they're at.

    Ok, so it is likely an issue due to how rats spawn, they are treated differently because they are like wolves, in general, I never thought it was a problem, but I have released a new version that I made up real quick that should reduce this problem (as well as fix a few other issues). this should cut down on the number of rats considerably.

    Though... I have no idea why they would multiply like that... That just doesn't make sense to me.
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    posted a message on [Forge][1.5.2] Need help generating chest with custom loot
    Ok, this is really lots easier then that, in your world gen file you should have something like this:

    world.setBlock(i, j, k, Block.chest.blockID);

    to get the loot in it, add this right after it:
    			 TileEntityChest tileentitychest = (TileEntityChest)world.getBlockTileEntity(i, j, k); //make sure these coords are the same as the chests
    			 int l3 = 0;
    				 if (l3 >= 20)//the 20 here is how many times it will put random items into the chest (20 gets you about 12 as it puts them on top of each other)
    				 ItemStack itemstack = pickCheckLootItem(random);
    				 if (itemstack != null)
    					 tileentitychest.setInventorySlotContents(random.nextInt(tileentitychest.getSizeInventory()), itemstack);
    			 while (true);
    			 ItemStack ish = new ItemStack(Yourmod.youritem, 1);// if you want a item to always be in the chest add it like this, the 1 is the amount of the item, otherwise remove this code.
    			 tileentitychest.setInventorySlotContents(1, ish);// and this ^^^^^ the 1 here is the slot (0 being top left)

    Then just add this at the bottom of the worldgen file, just make sure it isn't inside another method:
    private ItemStack pickCheckLootItem(Random random)
    	 int i = random.nextInt(12);
    	 if (i == 0)
    		 return new ItemStack(Item.ingotGold);
    	 if (i == 1)
    		 return new ItemStack(Item.ingotIron, random.nextInt(4) + 1);
    	 if (i == 2)
    		 return new ItemStack(Item.bread, random.nextInt(3) + 1);
    	 if (i == 3)
    		 return new ItemStack(Yourmod.youritem, random.nextInt(4) + 1);
    	 if (i == 4)
    		 return new ItemStack(Item.gunpowder, random.nextInt(4) + 1);
    	 if (i == 5)
    		 return new ItemStack(Yourmod.youritem, random.nextInt(4) + 1);
    	 if (i == 6)
    		 return new ItemStack(Item.bucketEmpty);
    	 if (i == 7 && random.nextInt(100) == 0)
    		 return new ItemStack(Item.diamond);
    	 if (i == 8 && random.nextInt(2) == 0)
    		 return new ItemStack(Item.goldNugget, random.nextInt(4) + 1);
    	 if (i == 9 && random.nextInt(10) == 0)
    		 return new ItemStack(Item.itemsList[Block.blockGold.blockID + random.nextInt(2)]);
    	 if (i == 10)
    		 return new ItemStack(Yourmod.youritem, random.nextInt(6) + 3);
    	 if (i == 11)
    		 return new ItemStack(Yourmod.youritem, random.nextInt(6) + 1);
    		 return null;

    and you can use some vanilla items, as well as modded ones, as you can see in my example.
    If you want less options (or more) make sure you change the 12 at the beginning of this.
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    posted a message on 1.6: Worst Update Ever?
    Quote from dragonzrmetal

    How 'bout no. And the new resource packs which are being slowly built in will be a massive convenience for modding.

    Source? You have no idea what it will do, don't make assumptions.
    Quote from wesleyrulz08

    The 1.6 update contains things that we anticipated for a long time now, including Mod API and horses. I personally don't find anything wrong with the update other than how the modding process was made a lot more complicated.

    Did I miss something?
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    posted a message on 1.6: Worst Update Ever?
    Quote from vindew

    No seriously, get out. That is the worst argument ever...

    You might want to be more tactful then that... As that could probably be considered spam.
    Quote from RainbowDa­e

    1) So if I take a picture of an Apple you grew, and have a magic machine which produces an exact copy from molecules in the air, and I eat it, that's theft? Ok.

    2) I'd say that 3/4 of people who pirate wouldn't have bought the game anyways, 1/4 go on to purchase it, 99% advertise the game in some way and increase sales.

    1) If you had said machine, you wouldn't need to copy someone else's apple anyways... But anyways, using fantasy to make a argument against reality is kinda weak, and even so, it would go more like this:
    "So if I take a picture of a [Insert anything here] you worked for the last few years full time on, and have a magic machine which produces an exact copy from molecules in the air, and I [use in some way appropriate to what it is]. You then go bankrupt because I took what you spent years on your life on"

    2) I'd say that 3/4 of people who rob a bank wouldn't have taken out a loan from there anyways, 1/4 go on to do so, 99% advertise the bank in some way and increase the amount of loans this bank puts out (and the amount of people trying to rob it)...
    Probably a better illustration out there then robbing a bank, but, heh, it is what I could come up with

    additionally, we may be getting a bit off topic
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    posted a message on 1.6: Worst Update Ever?
    Quote from vindew

    Get out, now.

    I quite agree, but I think I will be more descriptive...
    Quote from RainbowDa­e

    Wrong, and you are quite naive (and wrong) to think "cracked users" are a bad thing.

    Oh? Care to explain how they are good?
    "Well, they bring more people to the game" (If you have anything else, feel free to share it)
    And this helps Mojang how? Mojang gets nothing, and we get some people in the community that are criminals, this is somehow good? Saying they are good for a game is like saying a robber is good for a bank, sure they give publicity, but that in no way means that what they did was ok.
    Now, I understand that you are saying this because either you or someone you know well has/does play games with cracked clients, otherwise you would not be supporting thieves (You might be ok with them, but you would not support them like this)
    Now, I started Minecraft on what could be called a cracked client, I didn't own the game, but I played it, quite a bit, however, I do not consider myself a cracked user, I consider myself a cracked tester, using a cracked client was a easy way for me to test the game, without having my friend (who owned the game) over constantly so that I could play it, and me and my friend both agreed, that if I was to play this game, and like it, I was going to buy it (after about a week of testing) so I did. I have no problems with people who do this, however, I have very little sympathy for people who get cracked clients and intend to play on them for anytime more then about a month, people (granted, rather rich people) made this game, and I will not undermine (nor support anyone else who does) their livelihoods but stealing their stuff, and I will also not undermine (nor support anyone else who does) the livelihood of the game, which I still enjoy a great deal, by refusing to play the pittance of a price it has on it.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Koadmaster's Mods [Modloader]
    Quote from Blocks_of_Doom

    Hey Koadmaster!
    I am a HUGE fan of the composter mod, is there a possibility that it could get updated to 1.5.2?

    Well, I will try, I've been real busy with other things lately, but I will try to update it sometime (probably to 1.6 though :\)
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    posted a message on Horses Break Minecraft Design "Rules"
    Quote from oCrapaCreeper

    Either case, the current horses fit fine. Definitely don't want to ones suggested on post 57. It took me awhile to figure out they were even horses.

    You must admit however (well, you don't, but if you didn't you would be wrong) that those horses fit better with the other mobs, as far as I am concerned, the current horses don't fit at all, however, they look fine for something I am not planing on using anyways. (personally, I think Mojang would be better off either getting HD textures for the horses (like the originals) or simplifying the current model, either one would probably look better then what we have now)

    Quote from Spaceboot1

    Seeing them next to each other like that makes me realize how much I don't care. I think the OP is right, and Roxa's horses look more appropriate for Minecraft; but the difference is tiny.

    Personally I think the biggest difference is the legs, for whatever reason, the wide-thin-wide legs really irk me I know that is how real horses are, but it gets to me when it is in minecraft.
    (well, that and being that I can't really change the model for them without considerable work :\)
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    posted a message on 1.6- The most dissapointing update ever? **UPDATED 1.6**
    Quote from FiveEighteen

    I like how you didn't even understand what I wrote, I'm not being picky, I'm explaining how shameful it is to be so picky. It's like getting a new car free of charge, then complaining it doesn't have satelite gps and demanding it be returned. You've got this amazing game and the creators are so open to suggestions, but when your suggestion doesn't get picked up, most likely because they've already nixed it, you act dissapointed, and you try and bring everyone down because of it. Shameful.

    Actually, it is like buying a new car, with the person selling it to you promising free upgrades (as in, upgrading fuel economy, new gadgets and such) and 1.6 is like that person taking your car, and fixing some scratches in the paint that you didn't even know was there, then adding a DVD player (that you can't use while driving anyways) and fixing a slight buzz that sounded whenever you drove anywhere in it (that you were aware of, but really didn't care about) and then spending most of the rest of their time fixing a scratch in your DVD player screen.

    I say this for a few reasons: 1. I paid for this game assuming I was going to get updates (you know, like Mojang said they were going to do) 2. most of the "bug fixes" fixed bugs with the new content, and the ones that did fix old bugs were not the one most people even noticed (no that it makes it bad) and only a few other real fixes.
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