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    Oh Jeezzz.... stop the world, I want to get off. Seriously. I'm so tired of the term "Bullying". Some of you guys really need to suck it up a bit. I hate to think what type of people this teenage generation is going to grow up to be. A bunch of whiny, pant-wetters who cry to mummy if someone hurts their feelings. If your whole world goes to bits over what someone may have done to you in a video game, then you're going to have a very hard time dealing with actual life. Society needs to stop pandering to this. For gods sake, teach your kids to show some internal fortitude. Life gets a lot harder out in the real world.

    Even mentioning things such as rape and murder in the same sentence as griefing in minecraft is evidence of how little actual life experience some of you people have.

    Next time someone griefs your minecraft world, how about instead of flying into a juvenile rage and screaming for your mother, you instead consider some of the hardships and suffering humanity has endured throughout history and try and gain a little perspective. Your child has not just been murdered, you have not been forced from your home at gunpoint, you have not been sent to death camps to be gassed and buried in a ditch.

    Kick & ban the person, then revert to an earlier save. How hard is that?

    And for the love of humanity, SUCK.IT.UP!!
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    "Griefing in the minecraft is as bad as stealing or vandalism in the real world and should be punished accordingly. That is not a joke. I'm a landlord and have my real world property griefed sometimes and I feel as strongly about minecraft griefing as I do about rental property griefing. I have had to call the sheriff and take people to court in the real world and if I could I would not hesitate to do the same to griefers of the minecraft."

    IAMBaldur888, you sound serious, but surely you can't be. I can't believe that anyone who feels this way also has the earning capacity to purchase an investment property. Someone burning down your investment property causes real and actual financial hardship upon you. Nothing you can build in minecraft has any worth in the real world. You will not default on your mortgage repayments because someone steals your diamonds in minecraft. Seriously dude. Can you imagine calling your lawyer or the sheriff and asking for someone to be arrested or charged for putting a bucket a lava down in the middle of your house in minecraft. I've read some incredibly stupid things on these forums, but this takes the chocolates.
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