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    Quote from Mart3323

    You need labels or progress bars bound to variables such as @#stun, for example

    //trigger script
    IFMATCHES(%CHATCLEAN%,"^%PLAYER% used (.+)!$",&name)

    . IFMATCHES(%&name%,"fireball")
    . . Exec(Timer.txt,"Fireball timer",fireball,30)
    . ENDIF

    . IFMATCHES(%&name%,"Stun")
    . . Exec(Timer.txt,"Stun timer",stun,45)
    . ENDIF


    // Timer.txt


    Until(@#$$[1] = 0)

    For precision movement you can't trust timing, at all

    I recommend trying to use Look() and the HITID environment variable to detect certain blocks (like the chest, but if you need to "move to the next one" you could have a row of alternating blocks above the chest that you can count

    does that make sense?
    Thank you very very much! Helped me out alot ty bro you rock!
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    Hey guys I have been looking for this for a while now but if anyone is familiar with hero's mod or mmo's then you should know what im talking about when I say I need a cooldown timer macro, it's hard to read my cooldowns in chat when im pvping and trying to focus on a target, I need something that I can see on my screen by using the GUI editor I have an example http://imgur.com/a/cqT7a#0
    that is what the macro looks like im just trying to find out how to do it and would love some really needed help! Thank you so much to someone who answers this with a working macro! (PS) Im pretty sure you need to make a separate txt file and then link it to the text editor and then link it to onChat in events, also each skill needs a separate macro if im not mistaken. Thank you!
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    In this server I was playing there are some commands that have cooldown's before you can use them again (The mod they is called hero's) and they appear in chat but it is hard to read the cooldown's and fight another player at the same time. I know it is possible to make them but I am not sure how, if anyone needs a better description of what I am talking about there is a video of a player using the macro it is a coloured text with a timer beside it not in chat but on the screen like so http://imgur.com/a/cqT7a#0
    The reason why I ask here and not the person who made it is because they left the server and I have nobody to get it from.
    Please help if you can it would be very appreciated
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