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    posted a message on Why Does My Achievements keep resetting ?
    I'm getting this problem CONSTANTLY while playing tekkit minecraft, and it's driving me crazy >_< Has anyone found the cause for this? I'll keep looking but I figured I'd reply here and hope for someone to speak up. >_<
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    Alright, for those wondering about how to install this to work with technic/tekkit, through some trial and error and tips from previous posts here, I've found out it's rather simple actually, and it -does- work on tekkit enabled online servers.

    1. Install modloader into your normal minecraft.jar (Instructions for that are at the modloader page)
    2. Download the 'modloader' version of Findercompass
    3. Extract the archive and pull out findercompass.cfg and place it in your .minecraft folder
    4. Go up one level from .minecraft and you'll find .techniclauncher alongside it. Enter that folder, then go into either technicssp or tekkit, whichever you want to run the mod with, and drop the 'mods' folder from the archive inside
    5. ??????
    6. PROFIT! :D


    On the other hand I've come up with an all new question related to the subject. Is there any way to get Finder Compass to be able to locate different subsets of the same blockID? For example, industrialcraft adds like 8 different new ore blocks that all use blockID 140, but FC only finds one of them. The rest are like, "140:1, 140:2, etc etc 140:7". Any way to tune the .cfg file to find those? Or will it recognize by default that there's one too many fields and go back and go 'oh, this must be a sub-block I'm scanning for' and work anyways?
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    posted a message on [1.16.1] Finder Compass - turns the vanilla item into a configurable search utility
    Quote from PureLionHeart

    EDIT: Oh man, problem resolved. And I am far too embarrassed to admit aloud what the issue was. >_>

    Thanks for your patient help, Stryker.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do tell us why it didn't work because I'm having the exact same issue, and nobody ever bothers to actually answer the "How do you fix this exact issue?" question ;_;

    I can't figure out if it's a mod conflict with MATMOS or Zombe's mods, or if it's just some little thing I missed somewhere, but I know I did everything by the book exactly as instructed... I load the game, the game says the compass arrows are loaded, but all I see is the default red needle. x_x I tried testing it both in creative and single player mode but no custom needles ever appear...

    --- Update ---

    I don't know what I did, but I had given up on using the mod and just went back to work in my tunnels, suddenly the needles all popped up into existence when I got to the deepest part of the mine o_O Maybe it's pre-set to only work deep? *shrug* Seems to be working there now though.

    --- Update 2 ---

    That's what it was! I checked the findercompass.cfg again and there it was, the second to last value on every ore (max scan y value) is set by default to "16" -- meaning it'll never work any higher than 16 blocks up from the bottom of the world. xD I changed them all (except, of course, diamond) to 100. Yayifications! :biggrin.gif: I hope this helps everyone else who comes to the post wondering why the compass seems to be broken!

    Atomic, next time you update your mod, you should probably go back and edit the default findercompass.cfg so it detects all the ores anywhere they can naturally be found. Was probably just a small oversight when you were copy/pasting the lines to make the new detector examples. :smile.gif:
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