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    Oh, thank you for the idea! I love it! However, I can't port forward it so i'd need somebody to make it for me. I guess i'll request that in a seperate thread but I'll keep the complicated modding stuff here. Also, sorry for the late reply.

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    Soo... I'm pretty sure nobody's making a wcats mod. but let me get straight to the point. I need Help. Wanna know what with? I'll explain.

    I need to make a mod, and or server. I have absolutely NO idea how to make a mod. And for a server? There's not any way (that I know of) to make a server without port forwarding, and I cannot do that. I cannot explain why I cannot do that, but I can just tell you that I can't do that. So, to put it simply, I need someone to use my idea to make one of the two or both. If you haven't read the title, the server and mod will be warrior cats related. If you still are reading this but haven't read warrior cats, read it right now. It's a good book series. Without furtherado, let's go on to the details.

    So, starting off with the mod. I want it to have 3 play options, Singleplayer, Multiplayer (lan or not on the server), and on the server that I want to be created with it. If the Server doesn't get created, then you can just remove the third option from the mod.

    Singleplayer would be, well, let me tell you what i'd like it to be. There would be Clan structures randomly generated throughout the world, this goes for all the modes. Player would have something cat-related in inventory when starting out, and can choose to activate it whenever wanted. If you haven't clued in, this is basing off of how you start out in Minecraft comes alive, with a crystal ball in your hotbar.

    When the player clicks on the cat-related item (let's say it's a piece of cat fur) then they are brought to a menu, and in the menu they are able to customize their cat. They can choose what their cat looks like, their cat's name (the prefix, or first part of name. The end is kit.), and eventually they can choose some other things (how many littermates they have and other stuff) and then choose to begin their adventure.

    They'd start out in the nursery, with their littermates and mother whoever it may be. (It would be randomly generated and if possible, it could have it's own personality. I'm basing this largely off of Minecraft Comes Alive but it will be different.) For the first 3 moons they'd be stuck in the nursery. They could choose to bond with their littermates and get to know them (the three moons would be 10 days in minecraft) and play with them, form some kind of relationship or become enemies, or they could just skip being a kit completely which would badly damage the bond between their littermates and them.

    Eventually, once 3 moons old, they'll be able to be let out and explore the camp. They can explore dens and get into trouble now, aswell as bond with other NPCs and forms some kind of relation to them, wether good or bad. THEY CANNOT SKIP THIS PART. Then they get to be six moons old.

    On the day of being six moons old, they are apprenticed. Where they were during the last 3 moons decides what they'll be. if they spent most of their time in the medicine den, they become med cat apprentice. If they spent most of their time elsewhere, they become a warrior apprentice. If a medicine cat apprentice, the medicine cat is their mentor. If they are a warrior apprentice, a random cat (that isn't the med cat and is over 12 moons and not an elder.) will become their mentor.

    They'll be given tasks to hunt, and collect moss for elders. They can skip apprenticehood, but that would badly damage their skills and the bonds with other apprentices. Again, they can make relations good or bad. They can challenge the other apprentices to battle training, and can train for battle alone or with their mentor. They can hunt alone or with their mentor. The moss collecting will get them closer to the elders. They will develop skills. Skills would be available in the menu from the first part, which they are able to view by pressing a key.

    The skills would be:




    Land hunting

    Water hunting


    How long they can run

    And, talking a bit more on the clans here, let me tell the deets for clans.


    They take a lot more damage

    they're stronger

    10% chance of being born into ThunderClan


    Swim twice as fast

    can fish(water hunting)

    A bit easier to kill then thunderclan, however still hard to kill

    8% Chance of being born into RiverClan


    Sprint for twice as long
    Sprint twice as fast
    Run generally faster

    10% Chance of being born into WindClan (I know it isn't accurate to the books but throw me a bone here I love WindClan imo it's best clan)


    Hard to kill

    better at hiding (can turn invisible for 5 seconds at will)

    8% Chance of being born into ShadowClan


    Can jump higher

    Some don't believe in starclan (if you are born in skyclan, 40% chance you won't go to starclan.)

    5% chance of being born into SkyClan


    if you are born here, then I guess you were stillborn. I only added this to even it out.

    and, if you are the very rare occurance of being born here then you can be reborn as a living cat, and you get to choose the clan.

    0 and a half% chance of being born into skyclan

    Apprenticeship is important for you. To learn strength, you usually do more battle training then normal, and here's where battle training comes in. I see it as like, a pokemon battle (what's wrong with me. Please, first I steal from mca and now pokemon. whyyyy). You take turns fighting. If you attack, then that can get your strength up. You learn new battle moves as your mentor teaches you.

    An extra note: You are born either good or evil. However, you can change paths. If born evil, you will have a dream the night of being born. It's a dark forest warrior, and you can train with them if you choose to. That's how to choose good and evil if born evil. If born good, you will have a dream from starclan. Some cat will speak to you about random things, and if you want to be evil you cannot do anything at this point. But, you can become evil at apprenticeship. If born a medicine cat, you'll recieve prophecies from starclan at 3 moons.

    You can train with the dark forest as an apprentice and kit to learn special secret moves. If you're good and want to become evil, then you can kill one of your clanmates.

    To learn Speed, you speed train with your mentor. This is also how to learn how to run longer. You run laps around the training area, and don't stop until completely worn out.

    To learn defense, you'd mainly block attacks and dodge, and you'd probably have to be clever. This is a harder one to learn. (In the battle menu, there would be two extra moves. Block and dodge. That's how you learn them.)

    Land hunting is pretty simple. I think you can guess how you train for it and water hunting.

    Dodging is the same as Defense, except for only dodging. This doesn't give you a good oppurtunity to attack, but it is the best way to learn dodging. The downside to dodging is that it takes up a turn.

    Finally, a warrior. The leader will call a meeting and give you a random suffix (which you can change if you really don't like it.) You can finally have a mate (and kits if you're a she-cat) at this point. Or, you could be alone. This is when you're allowed in attacks, and allowed to fight in wars. You can go on patrols, and stuff now.

    If you're a medicine cat, then.. it's kind of the same as being a medcat app. but you get your medcat name.

    You become deputy if you have mastered atleast 3 skills. (This means getting to 100 in 3 or more skills). if you become queen, you are in the nursery for half a moon to three moons. And then have kits. If you become leader, then the leader must be dead. You can master one skill of choice instantly once leader. And then your quest is to master the other ones. This is all I have for now, I'll be editing this and updating it daily to add more ideas.

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