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    When I saw this thread I was expecting it to be one of those "how maek gam liek minecraft? i want maek gam liek minecraft. pls halp!!!" threads but instead I just got a vague, semi-motivational pep-talk, thinly disguised as a tutorial on game design.

    As for your whole Minecraft was unique point, there were some other games with like Infiniminer out at the time, so it wasn't completely original.

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    Mother 3, Earthbound and Gunpoint are some of my favorites. I also like some LoZ songs, despite having never really "gotten into" any of series' games.

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    Well it seems like they're going to add Johto Pokemon to Pokemon GO, so that might reinvigorate my interest in that game. Also, Overwatch is receiving a Winter update, so that looks fun too.

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    (As I was writing this list I realized that I hadn't bought much games released this year, so I'll just include whatever I played this year that stood out to me)

    In no particular order, my list is:


    While I'm not a big fan of multiplayer FPS's, I love Overwatch and I will probably play it for years to come.

    Mother Trilogy

    While none of these games were released this year (though Earthbound did receive a New 3DS port this year), I finished all three of them this year. These three games (particularly Earthbound and Mother 3) are fantastic, and despite their age, still hold up today for the most part.

    Battlefield 1

    While the internet seems pretty divided about this game, with some citing it as a proper return to form for the battlefield series, and other saying that it's just a re-skin of the crap they've been putting out for a few years now, I enjoyed it. However, I can't really speak for either of the two sides I mentioned seeing as it's my first Battlefield game. Also, I did find the open beta more enjoyable than the actual release, so that's something.


    Despite it's spectacularly bad fandom, Undertale is a pretty good game. It's got a nice touching story, set in an interesting and it has a fun battle system to top it all off. There's some problems here and there, but for the most part it's a good game.

    Just Cause 3

    Unlike many, I actually enjoyed this much more than I enjoyed Just Cause 2. It might've been because I played it before its predecessor, but I found the game a lot more fun.

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    I'm not ThunderHoof anymore.

    You'll be Thunderhoof to me forever.
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    Megalovania is overrated.

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    posted a message on Annoying types of OCs you encountered

    hi gais my nuwh oc is sonex and yuo kno hes col becuz he has x in his nem and x is teh edgiest letter.

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    Quote from DirtDog»

    Also standby for millions of player named species like "dickbuttosaurus" and "noscope360hopperbugl33tness"

    Anyway, I'm excited for this game too.

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    Quote from detlefp123»



    All of these codes have been used for those wondering.

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    posted a message on The Problem With | VALVe | Start realising it. Stop accepting it.
    Quote from Spectrum_Dash»
    It's no secret to anyone where this began. It all started with their first game- Half Life. This game made MILLIONS. What do you do with things like that? Create a Sequel. Then another one. And another one. And another one. And so they did, with several expansions for both Half-life 1 and 2. Then Team Fortress Classic. Then Counterstrike after Counterstrike. This makes them money, so they won't stop doing it.

    It seems that you have forgotten that Valve's end goal is to make a profit. That's the reason why Valve keeps on creating new games.

    Yet people seem to keep on accepting this.

    And what is wrong with Valve making games? They are a part of the video game developer. That is what they are supposed to do. If Valve constantly produced mediocre games this would be a problem, but judging by the fact that they haven't produced a new game in three years (whereas other companies like EA produce many games throughout a year) it seems that they do not (I'll leave deciding whether these games are mediocre up to you).

    Also, another thing wrong with Valve? Valve's Anticheat system.

    And yet, you provide no reasons for this. I'm not implying that VAC is perfect, I'm just saying that you should back up your claims.

    Disclaimer: I am in no way implying that Valve is perfect. It just seems to me that you are releasing your rage regarding mediocre TF2 updates towards Valve as a whole and that's unfair.

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