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    posted a message on TechnoCraft [Mines] [Warps] [Factions] [Shop] [Sell] [Smelting] [Trading] [Mini Games COOMING SOON!] [Etc.!]

    Welcome To TechnoCraft PE I hope you enjoy your stay there are a lot of stuff to do in the server so please support us by joining



    [Mines] (Pumpkin, Wood, Etc.)

    [Smelting] (Furnace Melting)

    [Trading Center] (Waste Your Junk or Trade)

    [Mini Games] Coming Soon!

    [Store] (Shop and Sell) (Currently Building Still Opened!)


    [Factions] (Kill and Find Tools)

    [PotShop] (Potion Shop)

    [FoodShop] (Buy Food)




    XFilartGamerX [Owner]

    PDxx [Co-Owner]



    -[Join Now]-

    IP : b57520.leet.cc

    Port : 57520

    Heres A YouTube Video about The Server!

    Please Vote : http://minecraftpocket-servers.com/server/15583/

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    posted a message on TripCraftPE is Back!!! Need Builders! Permission to repost the server. {Survival} {Mines} {Parkour}

    Hey Hanxel10 I think I knew you before btw I think you know me IGN : PDxx

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    posted a message on Local server is not working.

    Did either one of you turn off your Local Multiplayer In your settings in MCPE

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    posted a message on [Factions] [Pvp] [Minigames]PocketCraft:Reloaded

    Position : Admin

    IGN: PDxx

    Why I want to become a staff: I want to help out the best I can in MCPE Servers I can do commands like Economy, WorldEdit, SpawnProtection, EconomyLand, EconomyShop, EconomySell, and etc. Oh I will also go to different websites of MCPE Servers and I will spread the info about the server. Oh I am also a YouTuber : XxFeedMeGamesxX

    EXP: I have been Co-Owner on TJCraft and Admin on 2 servers that are gone (including TJCraft). I am currently Head-Admin in AxeCraft and I have been playing MCPE when 0.5.0 came out and I can also do commands and build and help out.

    Servers?: servers are in EXP

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    posted a message on AxeCraft Is Back!

    Kirby You Get Head-Admin Because I was builder on TJCraft and I know you

    Sid you get moderator

    NotPreet you have to travel far from spawn so you can build and mine etc. Spawn is protected so no one griefs.

    Thank you

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    posted a message on AxeCraft Is Back!

    I would love to apply for Co-Owner or Admin

    IGN: PDxx

    Why I want to be Co-Owner Or Admin: I would love to help out with the server and I'll be on 24/7 during weekends or breaks (I still go to school). But if I'm Co-Owner or Admin I will protect,fix,build, or anything from your command. Also I will spread the info about this server if you want me to all I want to do is help out thanks.d

    EXP: I have owned 2 servers don't have it no more due to my Android Tablet being broken now I have iOS. I have been Co-Owner on TJCraft in 2013, Admin on 2 servers in 2014, and I started playing MCPE in 2011.

    Thank you if you make me Co-Owner or Admin I forgot to say I am also a YouTuber if you want to know I'll tell you XxFeedMeGamesxX

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    posted a message on ☆[EconomyS]☆ PDGenCraft (US) ☆Mini Games, PvP Arena, Mines, and More!☆ [Now 24/7]
    Welcome To PDGencraft (US) 24/7
    IP : pdgencraft.zapto.org
    Port : 19132
    We Have Lots Of Mini Games Like

    - Free Fall

    - Parkour (Building)

    - Ice Run (Building)

    - And More!!!

    Server Status


    - Regular Mines (Free)

    - VIP All Diamond Mines (Make A Youtube Video) (Building)

    - VipPlus Obsidian Mine (Make A Youtube Video and Subcribe To XxFeedMeGamesxX) (Building)


    - No Killing (Only PvP Arena Or Night)

    - No Spamming

    - No Griefing

    - No Asking For Staff

    - No Peer Presure LOL

    - No Swearing

    Need Only 2 Staff Please Only Apply 2

    Enjoy The Server Please Join And Help Our Comunity

    IP : pdgencraft.zapto.org

    Port : 19132
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    posted a message on ★ •--[0.8.+] © AnimeCraft V.2 [EconomyS] [24/7] [Mini Games] [PartyMine] [PvP Arena] [Vanish] [NEED LOTS OF STAFF] More!--•★

    Can u whitelist meh? (Tylartt, Hanxel and cubic and tell u I'm a good guys)
    And maybe op too?

    IGN: CallMeGreat
    Age: 11
    Reason; I love to help servers and have fun!
    Position: anything u say!
    Experience: I'm staff on a lot of servers!!
    (sorry this was rushed :( I'm tired! It was night!!)
    HOPE U SAY YEA!!!! Thanks!!
    you are now OP!
    Quote from ChestBotGaming

    Can I be OP?

    IGN: ChestBot
    Age: 15
    I'm good at building mini games and WorldEdit.
    MCPE Expirence: About a year and a half I think.
    Staff Expirence: 7 op. 3 admin. 6 builder.
    Kick/Ban: About a few times, but it was on purpose from those abusive admins.
    How Much I play: 3-8 hours a day
    Kik: Don't got It
    Do you like Anime?: Uh sorta. I guess Pikachu is anime?
    What I'll do: Build AMAZING mini games, such as Cops and Robbers.
    YouTube: Ninja PenguinsCP
    Did you Donate to TripCraft?: No, I haven't even registered or went on it yet.
    good job you have made OP!
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    posted a message on ★ •--[0.8.+] © AnimeCraft V.2 [EconomyS] [24/7] [Mini Games] [PartyMine] [PvP Arena] [Vanish] [NEED LOTS OF STAFF] More!--•★
    Quote from timbot321

    Staff Application

    IGN :64Timothy121
    Age : 10
    Reason why you want staff?: I want to help for Buildings and kick and ban players not following rules.
    MCPE Experience : Played MCPE on v0.1.2 (3 years ago or 4 or lower idk)
    Experience in staff : 1 Owner (but destroyed and Shut down) , 4 Co-Owner (With TripCraft), 1 Head-Admin, 7 Admin, 1 Head-OP, 6 OP (im not sure this), 1 Head-Moderator, 3 Moderator, 1 Builder, 1 VIP and VIP+
    Have you ever been ban or kicked?: yah, standing on chests and kick from flying
    How much do you play online: until my battery drained
    Kik: 64Timothy121_2
    Do you like anime (name one or more SUGGEST):Sure!, Detective conan, Fairy Tail, SAO, Naruto And MORE!
    What will you do if you make staff : I WILL DO MY OBLIGATION
    Youtube?:have but no videos just susribing channels and watching videos.
    Did you donate to TripCraft (If yes youll get co-owner): No, But im the co-owner of TripCraft

    yes ill make you OP becuase your age is close to mine and nice details!
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    posted a message on ★ •--[0.8.+] © AnimeCraft V.2 [EconomyS] [24/7] [Mini Games] [PartyMine] [PvP Arena] [Vanish] [NEED LOTS OF STAFF] More!--•★
    Quote from Tylarbob3

    Hi Kirby! Sounds like fun of a server. Can you whitelist me? IGN:Tylartt10
    I'd love to join and give it a try. :)
    sure ill whitelist and op you because your cool :)
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    posted a message on Do You Need Help Making A PocketMine Server Just Ask Here I Can Help Anything You Need Even Portfoward
    Quote from NLRebel

    Do you have to port forward to make a server or can u not and not have to pay money
    yes u can portfoward without money
    Quote from Hanxel10

    Ill give u shorter tut

    For pc or comp

    2gb up ddr
    Good internet speed

    1.download pocketmine mp
    2.open start.sh and type /stop to get files
    3. Port forward ur comps or pc internal ip
    4. Edit server.properties and put ur comp or pc internal server ip in server-ip=
    5. Download plugins and drop them in plugins folder
    6. Look ur external ip here ipchicken.com then give us the external ip so u can make it public and peole can play on it
    7. Have fun xD

    For android

    1. Download pocketmine mp in google play store
    2. Install the development version
    3. Port forward ur phones internal server ip...
    4. Edit ur server.properties or u can locate it in pocketmine settings
    5. Download plugins via pocketmine settings (becuz if u download there... The downloaded plugins for server will be auto move in plugins folder)
    6. Just like step 6 in comp tut
    7. Have fun xD

    PocketMine-MP doesnt need money to run it... Its completly free...

    Starter plugins (if u wanna)
    SimpleAuth or AuthPro
    World edit
    Sign console
    Simple warp
    Simple worlds (if u want many worlds)

    Hope that helps

    @NLRebel U really need to portforward it to make it public... Btw the default port of mcpe is 19132
    btw thx hanxel :)
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    posted a message on TripCraft Server Is Back! [Status:Online!][Mini-Games][Multi-Worlds][PvPArena][Factions][Mines][Village][Donations]IP And Port H

    Yea...it sucks that u gotta pay for staff :(
    I can't really donate D:
    im sry you can try to find a way to get money though?
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    posted a message on ★ •--[0.8.+] © AnimeCraft V.2 [EconomyS] [24/7] [Mini Games] [PartyMine] [PvP Arena] [Vanish] [NEED LOTS OF STAFF] More!--•★
    Quote from Reinsixo

    Hello ( ^_^ )> here's meh application bruh :3
    IGN: Reinsixo
    Age: 15
    Reason why you want staff? ~> (because I want to) jk :P ... So I can help other staffs
    Build awesome things..I like building things but sometimes I need to breathe and don't always build while I'm on the server. Don't get me wrong I love building but I mostly enjoy pleasing the players :)
    MCPE Experience: well I started playing mcpe when 0.4.0 came out :3
    How much do u play online? Well about 2 hours ( if I'm building something or helping other staffs)
    Have you been ban or kick? Well yea when thers a kiddo who abuse power
    Kik: Acid_R3IN
    Do you like anime? Pokemon! :3
    Experience in staff? I'm a special op in tripcraft (master of the noobs) and I'm a co owner in shallow gamer's server ( if u know him )
    What will you do if ur a staff? (Make everyone happy, be a helper to the other staffs and good players and I will do everything as long the server need me)
    YouTube? Well I have YouTube acc but I don't record ( cuz I got a weird voice XD )
    Did you donate to Tripcraft? Nope

    Idk if thers wrong to meh grammars lol I'm a grammar Nazi ;) XD

    I hope u consider me to ur AWESOME server :D

    Accepted as OP!
    Quote from BountyHunterZ100

    How do I join your server??? and here my gamertag: BountyHunterZ100
    The map is resseting due to griefingNotice :

    AnimeCraft Is Whitelisted For Now Due to Griefing making a new map!
    Estimated finish time May 30 2014 Visit our website for more news!
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    posted a message on LegacyPE ADVANCED! <Awesome Plugins> <Awesome Staff> <Lots More>
    cool server good the grief is fixed.
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