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    Aren't you the one that's been insulting him?


    You don't need to harass anyone just to try and be the first to pry information out of them. Be patient. There is no "NEW INFORMATION" you claim there is.

    He never said he would give a release date either, he would just get back to us with an approximate date...still going to probably say spring...and probably not this month at all.
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    Quote from Hitmancrafter

    March 21st... Could it be? :3
    Don't start up another silly rumor...people were already spamming hatemail to one of the mojang people because someone said microsoft said it was to be out yesterday. Don't need a 2nd round of this.
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    Quote from mrmunchies666

    Sorry but an accurate situation is not putting a list of months and just crossing them out as the month ends. We wanna release date. Not month plz. Thnk yoou x
    that's all we have to go by. Can't help it. Last I heard, the game wasn't finnished yet, so hard to put a release date on a game that isn't finnished yet.
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    Quote from Didmister11

    The vid proves that Minecraft is out 17th But this isn't for sure as he clearly states in the video "but can be changed if necessary." I hope i helped you. 1 more thing to clear up. The people who have minecraft early have a Testing version of minecraft xbox360. That is why The texture is different. When minecraft does come out, there will be Multiplayer available with up to 8 players begin with but in future there will be up to 80 people. And there is also 4 player split-screen. <------- Link to split screen. Ok hope this helped everyone who is confused or interested in minecraft xbox edition. Peace out Guys!! :D
    All I'm going to say is don't be too let down when tomorrow comes...without any official word from Microsoft/4j Studios/Mojang I am not listening to the release date being tomorrow.

    If it does come out tomorrow, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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    Quote from Golden_Cake

    As an Xbox live Gold member, I pay for xbox live. I could only imagine that my money is being s[ent wisely by Microsoft. Like securing Minecraft of the xbox.

    You get what you pay for. :rolleyes:

    Im 15 years old and I like killing things on xbox live.

    You spending money on Xbox live gold has nothing to do with Minecraft on the Xbox at all. I spend money on xbox live to play with my friends online with some of the games I own. Don't need to shove it in people's faces and give the PC elitists more of a sterotype all Xbox players as gun loving 8 year olds. You are 15 (or say you are). Don't cause an argument and possibly contribute information instead of instigating.
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    Quote from raditz5

    You know what it really is my fault. The service they use would not take either of my debit credit cards so I foolishly looked for another site. Take this as a warning about GAMEFANSHOP. Do not do business with them. 20 bucks is not a big deal I am a programmer. Just take it as a warning. Later! Sorry if I came off butt hurt.

    SOPA would have had this web site shut down is how it is similar. Obviously they are selling pirated goods if they sell me an illegitimate code just use your brain what do you think piracy is.

    that isn't them selling you anything pirated, that's selling you a fake product, scam. If they were pirated, you'd get a working copy that was "cracked".

    If you're a program then you should know this...
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    The fan-bases for both of these arguments seems a tad bit immature. Feels like I'm reading a Stars weekly magazine or something...

    Regardless of how this whole thing feels... I believe notch shouldn't have said what he said. I feel inclined to believe Notch was stressed and tired from the weekend. I also believe he is sorry, he may not have came out and said those words, but from his twitter post, I can slightly pick up on it.

    As for the Yogscast, I'm not a big fan of there's...but am I going to label them as the bad guy who deserves to have there website dossed or what ever it is called? No. The fan bases both jumped the gun and attacked one another. When did two people's arguments become everyone's arguments? Granted this all started with a twitter post from Notch, but regardless...this mess needs to be handled by Yogscast and Notch alone, not by a witch hunt that seems to exist on both sides going after one another.

    I say chill out...this argument doesn't involve us.
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