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    posted a message on NEED HELP FOR AUTOMATIC WHEAT FARM
    do you have

    1. Light
    2. an air block above the wheat
    3. water within 8 blocks of tilled land?
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    posted a message on > Xbox360 Questions Answered
    Quote from skittles17

    Does anyone know, this is about 1.2.3, but I was just curious if I have my main world, which is a 1.6.6 world will it have features like enchantment tables? Just want to know, so if I get too attached to it.
    yes, you will be able to get enchantment tables. you may not get brewing stands though because Blaze haven't been introduced into the game yet...so that's still known.
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    posted a message on Xbox.. Pay?
    company made skins vs. user created skins.

    Mojang didn't make our skins, our mods, our texture packs. Users can not charge other users for there created skins, texture packs, or mods. That is why they are free on pc.
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    posted a message on Collection Of All Known Skins?
    Quote from xBladeM6x

    Just curious if there's a compiled list. >.>
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    posted a message on 4j Studios: Be ready for some heavy criticism regarding DLC.
    Quote from Soulreaper98

    Did i ask for a debate? Don't think so you say "EA and Rockstar have the resources 4J doesn't" Well you know 4J ported/remade games including this one right? Like the Oblivion port to the PS3, remember that? Or the Overlord: Rasing Hell port to the PS3? Didn't they put up Banjo-Tooie and Banjo-Kazooie and Also Perfect Dark on the XBLA? They obviously have worked with Mojang and ZeniMax Studios also Microsoft Game Studios, So you can't say they are nobody and have little experience and resources.
    Also no the 98 in my name does not refer to my age can i not the same account name linking to my first XBL account? Is your name ChikkaBowBow because you wanted to be funny or like a kid movie/cartoon? Oh I'm sorry i wanted to be like you and give you meaningless assumptions and opinions. Actually re-read my posts if you say "I Have no reasoning behind my facts" I do refer to alot of things, facts to be specific, and not quote certain parts of my post to say out loud meaningless repeated idiotically declarative statements that are so absurd. It's cool if you know a couple things, actually pat yourself on the back, Just keep it to yourself gentlemen but be well-informed if you want and argument worth engaging, even so It's extremely pointless to argue on this forum for an E rated game. How do i ignore my own written facts? Obviously they are already posted on this thread, so to question them did you truly look behind the meaning? Or say "Oh Hey yeah i don't like what he said here, time to debate!" Bet you did or just wanted to have the light shine on you for that brief period, jokes on you. Also for any of you saying "Arcade title has a tighter hold by Microsoft" Or "You don't know how much time coding takes and how much time this port took" etc. etc. etc. etc.
    You know how this stuff works? Or Did you hear it from a friend or Google? If you do know what you are talking about and are well-informed why are you wasting time on this forum or this game and not programming, directing, captivating, a project?
    I'm Done here, got my point through.
    I'm sorry I'm not going to agree with you, and I'm sorry you're upset that I do not find all your "facts" as such. You also don't know how forums work, nor the internet at that. If you don't want people to make comments about what you post then don't post it publicly. Also, everything you read online is not fact, you need to be careful what you read.

    I will go along with linking sources with what I've said:

    "Arcade title has a tighter hold by Microsoft"

    Compared to traditional retail titles, these games are smaller, less expensive, and provide gamers with a more intense short-term experience.

    Source: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/developers/xbox360/xbla

    If you don't understand what that means then I'll explain...

    Microsoft decides how big the games are (save files, downloads, and update files), how much they charge for it (this includes the DLC), and the games aren't designed to play 80-hours long.

    Minecraft has no set goal, you can complete everything within a few hours of playing it. It's not like a title release with story lines, side quests, mini games, character developments, and so forth...Yes, you can play Minecraft that long, but you make Minecraft how you want it.
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    posted a message on > Xbox360 Questions Answered
    Quote from Hardybuck7

    under your settings, your account name isn't locked by any parental locks is it?
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    posted a message on > Xbox360 Questions Answered
    Quote from xKUBLOCx

    What will be included in the next update? also when will the update with sprinting and custom skins be?
    this update will allow us to change skins also.Wum answered the other half of your question. :)
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.3 - May be the improvments were looking for.
    i think you got this a little backwards. Due to the single player being trashed by Mojang and making it a multi-player shell, it has become more spec intensive. Meaning you're going to need more of your CPU to run Minecraft. They are going to push back the optimization of the game back to 1.4.

    source: http://www.mojang.com/2012/07/minecraft-1-3-info-snapshot-w27/
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    posted a message on DLC Skins is a joke.
    This thread needs to be closed. All it is now is mindless name calling...which is against forum rules.
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    posted a message on When Pigs Fly Achievement Doesn't work
    yeah...you have to survive the fall. easy way to do it:

    Trap pick in a hole he can't jump out of
    Put saddle on pig
    3 have a friend dig down 4 blocks below the pig.
    you ride pig
    friend breaks blocks below pig.
    achievement get!
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