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    Quote from Rmarmorstein

    I suggest switching it to bukkit, just for admin plugins like logblock. and anticheat. and then it can still be vanilla-ish, because you are not using all of those "modifying plugins" just my input,

    and if you are having a problem with this individual why not just ban them?

    I second everything in this.
    I highly suggest switching to bukkit. Purely for admin plugins. Plus yeah if you are having a problem with the player just ban them?
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    How to install Bukkit plugins
    - Kingpulse

    Hello there everyone! I know when I was first using bukkit things were a little odd for me and I would have trouble setting up some plugins because I was a complete n00b. Anyway if any of you people out there are having trouble installing Bukkit plugins into your Bukkit server or do not know how this tutorial will hopefully help you out with your issue and get you on your road to hosting a good and successful Bukkit server with Bukkit plugins.

    Step 1. You want to have your Bukkit server folder looking something a little like this.

    Step 2. Get your plugin.jar and place it in the plugins folder. You can get plugins from http://plugins.bukki...a=all&au=&pno=0
    For this example I am going to use a simple ping plugin I made.
    You can download it here: http://www.mediafire...uoxy7fj11a5btv7
    Now your plugin folder inside of your server folder should look like this

    Step 3. well there isn't really one! just run your server and hop on and write: /ping
    If it reply's with Pong! then you have correctly installed this pinger plugin. Congratulations you now know how to successfully install plugins onto your Bukkit server.

    *Important* - Updating Plugins
    When updating plugins some people get a little confused and replace the plugins folder. This is wrong what you want to do to update plugins is quite simple. Replace the plugin.jar
    Step 1: Get your new updated plugin
    step 2: Lets just say I released pinger 2.0 (I won't be because it purely for tuts)
    step 3: Replace the old plugin with the new one
    Notes: Do not delete the plugin's folder unless it says you need to.

    I hope this helped some people that were having issues and not knowing how to install Bukkit plugins. I know this was a fairly brief and basic tut though I think I pretty much covered it and if you follow these steps you should be able to install plugins on your Bukkit server.
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    Mine is easily ocean biomes, I mean those biomes can last seriously forever! Even when you are in a boat they can still take forever to cross they are mega annoying especially when looking for new untouched land on a Minecraft server.
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