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    posted a message on Installing Mods on the New Launcher

    I'm bumping this thread because ever since the new launcher look came out, none of the mods I've downloaded seem to work. I'm new-ish to the modding world and all that I know is that it has something to do with the new launcher. (Mods I've downloaded don't work AT ALL; The game doesn't even recognize them as being in the mods file in the .minecraft folder. Can anyone help me?

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    posted a message on ./Give command for All-sided bark wood block?

    Is there a ./give command for these blocks?

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    posted a message on My suggestions

    Alright. Can a moderator close this thread, then?

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    posted a message on My suggestions

    I honestly don't see how this is a "wishlist" It just has more than one suggestion on it, which is why it's titled the way it is. I did read the rules, btw.

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    posted a message on My suggestions

    More specific AI villagers and hostile mobs. (Some hostile mobs should be tamable, like the End Dragon, for one.)

    Elemental horses- There could be horses made of water that can walk in water and on lava, creating obsidian blocks where it steps, as well as fire horses that, when riding on water, creates obsidian blocks, as well. Earth horses, when walking, can summon springs forth in nearby air blocks, at the level your horse is on. (The Earth horses have a variety of different textures, including ores, obsidian, dirt, stone, etc. Also, this one was inspired a bit by the Pegasus Horse from greek/ roman mythology. Look it up.) <------Idk if this is a good idea, but eh. I think it would be fun and particularly useful.

    More fauna and flora- Sharks, whales, dolphins, scorpions, crabs, coral, kelp, Starfish,

    Craftable Saddles

    Golems are more useful and can be tamed.

    Plane wrecks (In planes, taiga, and cold biomes [With a rare chance of spawning in Ocean biomes.)

    Vanilla texture for Husks should look like mummies.

    Zombie variant that is as large as, if not larger than the Iron Golem. (I don't mean the unused Giant mob. That can stay away...)

    More Golem Variants (I.e, Golems with the Iron Golem shape with Diamond, Obsidian, Magma, Dirt, Wood logs, etc textures.

    As well as Elemental Golems with new shapes: Water Golem, Lava Golem, etc)

    Snow Golems should be able to walk on water, using a permanent Frost Walker enchantment/ ability.

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    posted a message on All neutral and passive mobs (NOT hostile ones) with elemental textures (I.e, Grass block, stone, ores, obsidian, etc)

    If someone is willing to do this for me, please make them clean and actually look like the default dirt, ores, etc textures.

    I'd like to see the textures on:

    Wolves/ Dogs, Villagers, Pigs, Ocelots/ Cats, Horses, Iron Golems, Cows, Squid, Chickens, Llamas, Bats, Sheep, Rabbits, Polar Bears, Endermen, Zombie Pigmen (But leave the skeleton/ zombie part of the texture in) Spiders, Cave Spiders


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    posted a message on Polar Bear Taming (+ more polar bear stuff)

    Bears should be ridable and tamable, as well as maybe being able to protect your character from hostile mobs, but that's it, as far as Vanilla Minecraft goes, in my honest opinion.

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    posted a message on The Ivy Castle, Adding farming community

    Have you finished working on this?

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!


    PC (More than one network IP), Winzip



    USA, Pacific Standard time

    Through private messages on here or joining servers that I frequent (I.e: Play.castamc.com , empirelegacy.co.uk , [Server list may increase]

    On and off for 3 years.

    Helping to build on servers, creating original maps, Quoting song lyrics

    The servers and maps I find are beautiful. (That's my opinion.)

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    posted a message on 1.7.10 Official Jurassicraft server!

    Is this server still open or did it close?

    If it's open, it should add:

    -Friendly Mosasaurus that you can ride

    -Raptors if there aren't any of these


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    posted a message on The Labyrinth of Sordrin - Challenge Adventure Server

    Does this have traps, like drown tanks, lava doors, etc?

    Also, has this been updated to 1.10?

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