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    Name: Ben

    In Game Name: KillerCraven


    Timezone: Eastern

    Age: 25

    Tell us a bit about yourself: I am looking for a fun small server. I am fairly to the PC version and have loved it every second of playing it. I just wish I was a part of a community to play with.

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    posted a message on Attack of the b-team server
    I am looking to join an attack of the b-team server. I hope to find a small community maybe around 15 people. I am just looking to find some people to play with.
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    posted a message on Looking for a small server for Attack of the b-team
    I am looking for some people to play attack of the b-team on a small server. I do not have a server. I just think playing minecraft with people is better then playing by yourself most of the time.
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    posted a message on The Obsidian Abyss - "Modsauce Jambalaya" Server - Closing Dec. 31st
    Hello, My IGN is KillerCraven. I am fairly new to minecraft on the PC. I am just looking for a place to have fun and share awesome builds and experiences with other people. I am very social and like build anything that I think needs to be built. Thats what I like about minecraft. Anything is possible and even more so with all the mods.
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    Skype name-
    Age- 25
    Country you are currently living in- United States
    Experience with minecraft servers?- I dont really have much esperience with minecraft servers. I am just looking for a group to play with. I enjoy playing minecraft but it is so much more fun with people.
    How long have you been playing mineraft?- I just started the PC version and am really enjoying it.
    How often do you expect to play?-I will try to play atleast once a day but I have a full time job that will sometimes take me away from it.
    Rate yourself:
    Building 1-10 7
    Redstone 1-10 3
    Community projects 1-10 7
    Creativity 1-10 7
    Tell us about the build you are most proud of- I really enjoy building and I dont really have anything that I am to proud of yet. I am constantly thinking up new ideas and things to build.
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