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    posted a message on Looking for Artists to join my Design Company.
    Ive worked with Luca before, he's amazing. I might be able to help as well.
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    posted a message on CrystalCraft | Network | Factions | Pixlemon | Prison | Need server idea |
    Well personally Id love a GTA type server where the map is a huge city and you could ride in around in a car [Movecraft] and rob banks and stuff.
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    This looks like a scam.
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    posted a message on Prison Server looking for [Admins, Developer/Coders, Lots of Builders, more staff later]
    Quote from Wolfkiller33»
    Would you be interested in Co-Owning a Prison server?: Definitely, I am familiar with Prison and can definitely be useful in that area.

    Name: TrueTechMedia / Drayden

    Age: 16

    Skype: TrueTechMedia

    Past Experience: I I have Co-Owned a previous server which was forcibly closed due to lack of financial help aka donations, I also am currently a HeadAdministrator/Staff Manager of ProvimMC, a custom coded Network which is currently still running and going through a huge re-development project, along with re-branding, new website, etc.

    How committed will you be? (Be honest): I will be definitely committed, I can assist financially, along with assistance in building, and of course leadership and management. I am not a rookie, I know what I am doing, I would consider myself a Veteran, I specialize in management, applications, etc, I'm also a fairly skilled builder, leader, etc. The applications I expect are close to your standards, I prefer long paragraphs so to speak, with details, specifics and all that stuff. I also am familiar with G.E.C.K which is a Mod maker for the Fallout Franchise if you've heard of it, fairly complex stuff, am now working on learning Java. I know a large variety of plugins, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, CoreProtect, GroupManager, Pex, etc, I am familiar with the making and balancing of Staff permissions, I know what can be given to people and what cannot, I've learned this through common knowledge and of course a few mistakes earlier in my Owning a server career, thank god for backups, I also know how to use and operate Console, having Co-Owned a server, along with config files and all of that server stuff.

    Do you have a Paypal?: That I most certainly do, which can be discussed else where.

    How much time are you willing to put in?: I am willing to commit as much time as I have which is quite a lot, I am free majority of the week, of course I have school but afterwards about 4 hours a day at the minimum

    I will ask many more questions through Skype. You'll be added if I like your application: Sounds good, I hope you get back to me about Co-Owning your Network!

    Ill contact you
    Quote from KingHub»
    Builder Application

    Name: Bryan

    AGE: 35 and married with 2 beautiful kids!

    Skype: unkownking1

    Past Experience: I have been staff and builder on 9 servers, unfortunately they all closed down

    Why would you like to build our server: Well I think that I am one of the best mc builders, I could show you so many builds of mine, if needed :)

    Previous Builds: I have built huge castles and amazing traditional houses, trust me Im good :)

    Please show me pictures of your builds.
    Quote from Creeperbro10»

    Would you be interested in Co-Owning a Prison server?: I would like to continue being a co owner in a server since the last ones I've been co closed. Also co-owning a prison server would be really a great thing to do for you. Even admin would be appreciated

    Name: Tylor

    Age: 18

    Skype: bomberbro1234

    Past Experience I've been co on many server, but as you know not all server stay open. I also been admin/mod on many server

    How committed will you be? (Be honest): Yes, I'm committed and will be to your server also. I can help in plugins, building, directing staff,etc.

    Do you have a Paypal?: No, but I will certainly will get it soon

    How much time are you willing to put in?: Am willing to commit as much time as as possible. During school time minimum 2-3 hours and on weekends I would play very very often

    I will ask many more questions through Skype. You'll be added if I like your application. : Ok that sounds good.

    Denied. You've got a bad rep.
    Developer:only 7 months expericed (but is certain 2 learn)


    Age:15 (just turned)

    Skype:I dont have it get but facebook (Chris Lovell II)(The pic looks like a pop art picture)

    Past Experience:i play minecraft and i have steam + i also work in a school group called ElectroManiacz my id of the group is 223

    Why would you like to help code and troubleshoot plugins for the server?:unfortunately i have only been codeing for 7 months and have not had internet untill now

    • Previous plugins:idk

    Denied. Not enough info.
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    posted a message on 1.7.10 / 1.8, SkyCity, BedrockWorld, MountainsWorld, NormalWorld, MiniGames Econoy server needing staff
    I can make you a better animated server banner for $7. Add me if you're interested. Skype: ace0022012
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    posted a message on Realm of Dreamers - New server - Looking for staff - No PvP
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