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    Does anyone else here think notch should create a "Mindcraft" game now.. I think that would be an awesome new title...

    Would be fitting for him to use their own typo, trademark it and use it to make enough cash to fund his legal team against this... not to mention confuse the case by having an actual mindcraft (that notch can conveniently make not infringe on their patent to add more annoyance to the mix)

    I don't know about anyone else but I'd definitely preorder a copy
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    posted a message on -=TownCraft=- TownCraft.mine.bz [INSTANT CREATIVE, Survival, MultiWorld, AntiGrief, Running 24/7, Clean World, Friendly Staff,
    A very nice server.

    I joined last night as I was searching for somewhere I could ease back into creative mode and start to build a massive castle without wasting a ton of time trying to apply for whitelist status or building permissions... (I just wanna build ya know)

    I scouted about 20 or so servers before I found this one, every one of them ether had whitelist requirements/applications before you got permissions to be able to build anything. I did find a few other servers that would allow me to join and start building but they were just so overbuilt.. the one I remember traveling for 10 to 20 minutes in 1 direction and never finding a spot bigger than 5x10 to build in. This server however (at least the creative mode side) has plenty of room and it took me a matter of seconds to find a spot big enough to start construction on a monster scale (approx 81x81), and theirs plenty more room all around.

    I understand that 1.3 is coming soon and with it this server is due to update and start fresh (mainly for the survival side), So I may or may not get my castle done before that patch hits and even if I do I know there is a chance that creative mode side will get cleaned out too, but I only see opportunity on this server and look forward to what I'll build with everyone on it.
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