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    device:Xbox one/ windows 10



    I just want to be part of something and meet new people

    I will be active almost everyday for some time and for weekends.... if for some reason I am not i will let you know

    I can kind of build... good at gathering resources and love exploring

    Country: Texas

    Kaykay1714 #9011

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    posted a message on [PC][JAVA] New realm looking for a couple of players!

    I am fairly young as I probably will not be able to get discord but I would love to join and help you out.... please respond.

    Gt xXxTHEKMANxXx

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    posted a message on Fun survival realm for respectful players

    Hi I am a respectful Minecraft player and would like to join gamer tag is xXxTHEKMANxXx

    please let me join it would be great!!

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