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    Oh BTW none of us speak Japanese XD = I can speak some Japanese, Konnichiwa! Hajimemashite, watashi wa Saburina desu. Dozo Yoroshiku. Ogenki desu ka? * =Required


    *MC Name: KawaiiQTPanda

    *Skype Name: None sorry

    Skype Profile Photo: Have No skype...I have discord, but won't help, will it?

    Can Terraform: not really...

    *Can Act Desently: Yes

    Youtube/Vimeo Channel: Again, none srry

    Country Of Residence: Australia

    *Time Zone: AEST time RN for me is 6:11 am (When I am posting it)

    *Wants To Build Or Use Command blocks rather than act (Y/N): N

    Age: 15

    Description of yourself: Blonde-hair blue eyes, Quirky, interesting, my friends call me Edgy sometimes, creative and likes singing. (Also a drama queen)

    Past Acting History: Not much, I have done a few online rps, though. (On roblox & minecraft)

    Extra: I have Discord.


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    IGN: KawaiiQTPanda

    RLN: Sabrina Brown

    Age: 12

    Role: Student

    Skype: None

    Anything you need to know: I have no skype, but I have Discord.... If I need skype, that's ok, I just won't join, thanks.

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    Max walks to his locker, noting quietly the people that were staring at him. Then he saw her. "Sabrina! Sabrina! Are you okay?!" He saw Sabrina on the ground, blood coming out of her nose. "Y-yeah, I';m fine. I've suffered worse. This is nothing compared to The Battle..." Sabrina trailed off, obviously deep in thought... "Sabrina! DON'T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT HAT WHEN THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND!" Max shouted so loud that some people were staring at him. Sabrina Stands up, wiping the blood from her nose. Max grabs her by the arm, noting the scar on her left eye, and walks off with her to an abandoned classroom.

    BTW: Sabrina and Max are very troublesome, with a past they never talk about in front of people. They go against the Social "Norms", and love to read and write. They can be dramatic, they love to sing, and they Sabrina can fight better than Max by just a tiny bit.

    Their Mother has Blonde hair and their father has black hair...

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    Sabrina steps out of a Limo with her brother, Max. Everyone stares, noting their White hair. Max is a lot taller than his sister, who is still clutching a black bunny. Sabrina runs over to Sage, grinning. "Hello there! How are you? I am Sabrina, and that's my twin brother, Max!" She says, dancing about. She looks at her letter, and finds her dorm number, dorm 3, by...herself...She looks down at the ground sadly, and walks into the school. Max runs over to Sage as well, saying hi, then running into the school, just like Sabrina.

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    Actor Application

    IGN: KawaiiQTPanda

    M/F: Female

    If Acted Before: I have acted before in a few roleplays.

    Good or Evil: I am best at being good.

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