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    posted a message on Adobe Bricks/Blocks (Pictures, Interesting creation method)
    I was thinking about pyramids the other day and how great they look when they're made out of sand, but how easy it is to knock them down.

    Well this should fix the problem.

    Adobe Blocks:

    These blocks would simply be sand that has been baked a little bit, but not baked in the furnace like glass. Instead the sand will be baked on Torches.

    Since sand can rest on top of torches I thought maybe this could be put to good use.

    You place the sand onto the torch, and thanks to the texture color changing feature notch has added, the sand gets more and more golden as time goes on.

    After 10 (or some other number, maybe 5 or so so that the change is more noticable) increments of getting golder, the block finally turns into a complete block of Adobe:

    (Of course it will have a much better texture than this, I want something that looks like a baked sand block, but like golden kind of, something like the sandstone they make pyramids out of but more golden)
    (I hope the texture creators can make a better adobe texture than me :/)

    the player can now harvest this block with a Stone Pickaxe or higher.

    If the player removes the torch from under an adobe block, it will not fall, but if the player tries to remove the torch BEFORE the block fully bakes it will lose its golden hue and fall down, becoming sand again.

    To turn the adobe block back into sand, all you have to do is place it in a 2x2 square in the crafting menu and you get your 4 sand back (you need at least 4 Adobe for this)

    Another plus for this block is its insulating property.

    Once "realism" is added, players in the vicinity of this block will be kept insulated from temperature, as it stores heat during hot days, and keeps the heat during the cold nights, and keeps too-hot and too-cold temperatures out!

    (maybe if the player is within 5 blocks of it they don't cool or heat too much?)

    * Stacks to 64
    * Broken with Stone Pickaxe
    * Creeper Resistance/Explosion Resistance: Same as stone, 3x3x3
    * Insulates
    * Does not fall

    Another thing:

    Since my mock-up texture is so horrible I just wanted to say that Adobe should have a smoother texture than sand, and should have a golden hue, with a 1px outline of a lighter color around it so that it still looks like blocks from far away (for aesthetics :tongue.gif:)

    Well anyway enough of my talk, what does everyone else think about this?

    (I really hope this doesn't end up being a doublepost, I tried to post this earlier and Something seemed to mess up...)
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    posted a message on Adobe
    Oh look I didn't see this here earlier..

    I kinda pitched a similar idea but I don't know if the thread actually posted.. maybe you could check it out and see if you like it if it does post..
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] ejhopkins Wild Grass v16.0 updated for Forge
    I would definitely use this mod if it were simply visual. as I don't often use mods that change my world generation or saves.

    I know you were considering drawing 2d grass over the grass blocks, do you think you could do this for a clientside visual mod? I'm always looking for ways to make minecraft more impressive (and support for 32x32's would be great too :biggrin.gif:)

    The mod looks fantastic.

    (if you simply drew the 2d grass would it still be able to grow and be biome-modded and such? also would there still be empty spots so that it isn't too crowded? these things are important to me :tongue.gif:)
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    posted a message on Shelves
    I do like this idea..

    if you don't mind me suggesting a crafting method, what about:

    :wood: [] []
    :wood: [] :Glass:
    :wood: :wood: :wood:

    and this would give you 2 to 4 shelves (I'm not sure how many it should give, but it's just a guess)

    (or maybe just:

    :wood: :Glass:
    :wood: :wood:

    which is a less steep price in wood... whatever works)

    I'd love to display the records or diamonds I find. and a shelf would be great for that :tongue.gif:

    you could place it on your wall, and maybe right click with any object and the object would simply appear inside... (and you'd right click again to release your object)

    Is that what you were going for?

    Anyway, I hope notch can add SOMETHING like this...
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    posted a message on Cube shaped chunks! (possible solution to expanding height)
    I support this idea.

    I hope notch can find SOME way to expand the ceilings easily...
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    posted a message on Octopus -=- [MOB Suggestion](Custom Graphic)
    it's like a squiddles from mspa

    I love these ideas :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Non-Zip Texture packs (and Updating Method)
    I was thinking about the current system we have for texture packs, and I think it's not very easy to update them, since you kinda have to redownload the zip and replace the old one manually, and if you have many packs this can be a pain.

    If we were able to put texture packs in their own folders inside the texturepacks folder, we could associate them with an svn repository and get quick updates to all of our packs at once once they update.

    You know, kinda like this? and the Art, Armor, terrain, all of those files and foders would be in the ASDF folder in this case, and all would update in seconds after clicking update.

    Now, this would require a SVN client, but it's a small issue if you ask me, since updating these packs will be so much easier :tongue.gif:

    Also the pack creator would have to find a repository host, but I'm sure there are a bunch of free ones out there.

    anyone else like this idea?

    (also we need a scrolling bar in the texpack menu :V)
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    posted a message on I don't know who made this, help?

    I found this on my desktop and I can't remember where I got it, or who made it, I wanna know who made it to know if they are still working on it (I want MOAR)

    I'm not sure if this is an appropriate thread in the appropriate place, but it seemed like the right place
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    posted a message on Dual Shade [16x16 Texture Pack] (WIP)
    when i saw the range pics, I instantly thought "OH GOD MINECRAFT IS AN OREO NOW"

    I like it
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    posted a message on Weather / Natural Disasters
    Quote from Veovis Muad »
    I want all of these disasters.

    But I can see why others wouldn't. Perhaps a per-world setting or, if need be, a global setting. A slider would be nice, I'd have mine set all the way, but even a checkbox would work.

    I have to agree with this, A slider (or like the difficulty setting option where it toggles between Safe, Risky, Dangerous, and EXTREME for weather)

    and I love the idea of meteors, maybe the sky would redden a bit to warn you about them, obsidian would be resistant to meteors if you need a safe material to build with..

    or you could set the weather back to safe and act as if you never saw the meteor rocketing toward your land :tongue.gif:

    (Hey it'd be great if grass could burn too, like a meteor could set off a wildfire that would burn the grass down to the dirt and burn down trees in its path.. there would need to be some kind of anti-lag thing for it though, cause a million burning grass pieces isnt fun)
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    posted a message on Biome Ideas
    I'm not TRYING to be a troll, and I never do, really.

    if this thread is closed because it is redundant that's fine with me, but if people throw some ideas out there as well that would be great.

    Is there a post without bumping feature?
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    posted a message on Biome Ideas
    I'm assuming this has been made before, buuuut...

    I think we should discuss biome ideas... kinda self explanatory.

    I would like to start with a pretty specific pair:

    I want to see jungles with very tall trees, however I think there should be vines added to add to the jungle-y feel, you could smash them and they'd break like cacti and reeds do (except from where you hit downward) and you could plant them on leaves or dirt (or other blocks even, I'm not sure) and they'd grow down to the ground. Also maybe you could use the vines similarly to ladders and also maybe a mob could use the same feature to get around (like some sort of monkey or something, my friend wanted to suggest that)

    I also want to see floating island areas in the sky, they wouldn't dictate an entire biome, but you might find a few clusters of them around your generated world that you could build to and connect, also it would be kind of neat for vines to try and grow down from the islands as well, it would be nice to look at seeing an overgrown floating island in the sky.

    One more point I feel is necessary to put out there, Biomes shouldn't be like 100 x 100 or something like that, they should be MASSIVE so that there is more and more to explore as you go along, they should also kind of transition to other biomes gradually, and also have the chance to spawn microclimates that are a bit different from the biome, but still similar.

    Just sort of putting my ideas out there and requesting your ideas in return, I hope to see some pretty cool stuff in minecraft's future, and I think biomes would add so much to the novelty and vast expansion/exploration and discovery aspects of minecraft.

    (and yes I know my ideas have been said before, but just consider me as expressing my love for these ideas, and adding my input on them)
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    posted a message on Cannot connect to "local" server
    Is it the IP of MY computer on the network or my ROUTER'S IP on the network?

    Mine is 1.102 but the router is 1.1

    and you need the port in there?

    also we've been using the internal IP, but it's still not connecting

    the only IP that gives any result is HIS computer's IP on the network, which is to say "connect denied" or whatever.
    but MY computer gives a time out when we try to connect to it
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    posted a message on Cannot connect to "local" server
    My friend and I want to have a local server, we're logging on using the same account, verify names and online mode are off for the server, the ip is set to localhost, my friend and I are able to ping eachother, we're trying to connect over my router so the port shouldnt need to be forwarded

    but it still doesn't work, no matter what we try, I know what my computer's IP is on the network, and my friend can ping it just fine, but we still can't get his client to connect to the server

    we are using the java server and clients

    anything else that needs to be known?

    oh By the way, I'm able to connect, but my friend is not.
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