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    posted a message on Music Note Attribute Blocks (+ a few concept pics)
    I don't like bumping my own thread, but I'd at least like to know what people think D:
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    posted a message on THE GREATEST IDEA EVER. OF ALL TIME.
    i like this idea, and the crafting method, this is one of the best ideas ive seen all day, even better than nukes and b-52 bombers and guns and uranium and racecars and getting in a rocket and landing on the moon, and mining the sun

    way better than most of those

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    posted a message on Music Note Attribute Blocks (+ a few concept pics)

    Music Note Attribute Blocks
    (plus one tiny addition to the note block, I swear it's really simple)
    (also, sorry for the large wall of text, I thought about this one hard)

    Note blocks at the moment may be pretty diverse seeing as there are 4 instruments and 24 increments of pitch per-instrument available to play, but at the moment, they are just not advanced enough for those true music fans who want more complicated songs. There are more things to music than just pitch, and this block would add two extra musical variables to Minecraft's Note Block system.

    This block, if added to minecraft, would add Volume and Hold Length to a Note Block placed directly on top of it. The block will also conduct redstone charge to the Note Block (and blocks adjacent, to save space, maybe it should act like a straight wire but with the ability to power the block directly above it?) similarly to the way the Dispenser can power things adjacent to itself, however the wire can go to either the Note Block itself OR the Attribute Block, and the note will still play (this way no weird wiring has to be made for the block to play).

    Since the Attribute Block will be directly under the note block, the system must change so that when a Note Block is played, the game checks the Attribute block AND the block under it to change the Volume/Holdlength and Instrument to play respectively. (THIS method of building songs will still work properly thanks to the ability of the Attribute Block to power the note above it, but it will take up 1 or 2 more blocks of vertical space, otherwise your songs should still be easy to "compose" .... not so sure about THIS method, but I'm sure it couldn't be too hard to figure out though)

    As for storing the block data within your map, the Data Value for the Attribute Block will go from 00 to 15 (0 to F HEX) as follows:
    	00 (0x0):	Vol 1, Lth 1 (Default when placed)
    	01 (0x1):	Vol 2, Lth 1
    	02 (0x2):	Vol 3, Lth 1
    	03 (0x3):	Vol 4, Lth 1 (Same as a normal Note Block, Full Volume, Shortest Length)
    	04 (0x4):	Vol 1, Lth 2
    	05 (0x5):	Vol 2, Lth 2
    	06 (0x6):	Vol 3, Lth 2
    	07 (0x7):	Vol 4, Lth 2
    	08 (0x8):	Vol 1, Lth 3
    	09 (0x9):	Vol 2, Lth 3
    	10 (0xA):	Vol 3, Lth 3
    	11 (0xB):	Vol 4, Lth 3
    	12 (0xC):	Vol 1, Lth 4
    	13 (0xD):	Vol 2, Lth 4
    	14 (0xE):	Vol 3, Lth 4
    	15 (0xF):	Vol 4, Lth 4

    Since 16 is a nice even number, the block should just always face a certain direction instead of toward the player when placed, unless another variable can be added to the block for orientation or the hex can be expanded for this block.

    What the Values actually do
    The volume value of the block Determines what percent of a normal Note Block the volume should be. Meaning 1 is 25%, 2 is 50%, 3 is 75%, and 4 is 100% the volume of a normal Note Block. As for the Hold Length, it may not be what one expects. It is not the delay between the current note block and the next, but it is the amount of time that note is held after it is triggered, and other notes can then continue in the cycle as the note remains held. A good interval would need to be figured out, but after that is decided, the intervals would probably be: 1 is a Quarter Note, 2 is a Half Note, 3 is a Whole Note, and 4 is an entire measure (16 redstone repeaters at their shortest interval I'm guessing? I dunno, something like that). The Hold Length variable would add a depth to songs that just couldn't be achieved before with Note Blocks.

    Look and Crafting

    (A mockup of an Attribute Block)

    The look of an Attribute Block would probably look a lot like a Note Block, except for the two Sliders on the front of the block that show its state (Hopefully this system will work, I wouldn't know how else to do it). An Alternative I was thinking about would be some sort of smoother wood texture and a redstone-esque design on the top to show it can provide power to the block on top of it (But I wasn't feeling creative enough to try and make that).

    Crafting an Attribute Block is almost the same as crafting a Note Block, except the Redstone in the center of the wood planks must be replaced with a Redstone Torch, as seen in this picture:

    To work an Attribute Block, simply right click on it, the left slider will move up one increment with every press, Raising the Volume. After the top of the bar is passed, the right bar will move up one increment and the volume will start at 1 again, and so on. If the player holds Shift when Right-clicking on the block, the right slider will move up one instead of the left, and after passing the top will increment the left bar one value, resetting the right bar at 1 in the process.

    A change in the Note Block usage should also be in order. When the player holds Shift and Right-clicks on a Note block, it will go down in Pitch one, as opposed to up in pitch one with a normal right click. This small change will help if a player accidentally passes the note they wanted. Without this change, mistakes cause another cycle through the entire note range.

    This block will be a very useful addition to Minecraft, and would add extra customization to Music Making in the game. It is my hope that Notch and the other developers at Mojang like this idea and decide to add it to their wonderful game :DORE:.
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    posted a message on Tiny change in chunk loading
    I'm not sure if this is already a thing or if notch plans on doing this already, or if it's a problem that can't easily be solved, buuuut...

    When I log into my favorite multiplayer server, this seems to happen a lot when I join and when I respawn:

    It looks to me like all of the chunks are loaded except the one that I am standing in. Usually with a relog it fixes itself, but a lot of the time it does not.

    Honestly it's pretty silly if the chunk your player is standing in is near lowest on the priority list of chunks to load, as I would at least like to walk around a bit before I fall into a chunk loading error.

    My friend also gets this problem a lot and he is unable to play on servers because of it.

    My suggestion is that even if it's the ONLY chunk the game is able to get at that time, the game should ALWAYS load the chunk the player is standing in and/or walking into FIRST. (it should prioritize the chunk that the player is in whenever the player goes to a new chunk as well, if that chunk isn't loaded, the game should try to load it before it tries loading any other chunks)
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    posted a message on Silly Halfblocks
    Quote from Kar98k »
    Half cactus? Impossible, really. That would be murder on the poor *******.

    Murder on who? Notch or Steve (at least I think that's still the Minecraft Player's name)?

    They would only be for decoration, and you could stack them double so they look like real cacti, but don't hurt you :tongue.gif:

    (Of course this is all still hypothetical)

    Or are you thinking it would be murder for Notch because the cactus blocks are already smaller than the normal block width? I'm not sure how that would change anything..
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    posted a message on Silly Halfblocks
    Yes, Netherrack and Mossy Cobblestone steps would make me very happy, the other types of block are just for "oh that would be interesting" or "hahaha how silly" effect.
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    posted a message on Silly Halfblocks
    Why don't you think it would be good? It wouldn't waste block values since you can just expand on the current halfblock's damage values (unless you wanted ALL solid blocks to be half-able, that would require more blocks to be added)

    I think it would be a fun addition.

    If anything, Notch could at least add the practical ones like Log, mossy, and a few other easily obtainable blocks to expand on the current halfblock system.
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    posted a message on Silly Halfblocks
    Silly Halfblocks

    I absolutely love the new halfblocks, my houses are so much cooler when the floor is inset a bit (makes my roof look taller :tongue.gif:) and I was thinking about how there are only 4 types of half blocks, Notch could add up to 16 if he really wanted to.

    The Actual Idea:
    I thought it would be pretty funny (and interesting, as not all these halfblocks would be silly) if there were halfblocks such as (Stone(0), Sandstone(1), Wood(2), Cobble(3),) Cactus, Pumpkin, Glass, Mossy Cobble, Obsidian, Glowstone, Dirt, Brick, Bookshelf, Snow, Clay, and Netherrack to make 16 kinds

    Maybe Log, wool, workbench/chest/furnace, TNT, note or music blocks, soulstone, Sponge if it were ever re-added, etc should be added, but it would require an entirely new wool halfblock for all 16 types of wool and ANOTHER block type for the other ones made from the functional items

    Log would take up 3 damage values as well since it has 3 types now...

    So, I dunno about THAT many half blocks. It might be fun to make TNT doublesteps though to make it seem like your house is VERY DANGEROUS :tongue.gif:

    And for Cactus Halfblocks, They wouldn't grow and wouldnt break if you put them right next to eachother... maybe they should hurt you if you stack 2 on eachother though? but I think that would also require a new block type... so maybe not :tongue.gif:

    It would be fun and interesting to have so many halfblock options in my opinion, and I hope more can be added.
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    posted a message on [WIP] 1x1 Texture Pack
    I was wondering if a 1x1 pack would work..

    so it HAS to be 16 by 16, but with only one color?
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    posted a message on What do you never want to see?
    Man, whenever my friend starts talking about "hey i think if we craft tnt together in a 3x3 block it should make a bigger tnt and then you add it to an arrow and get a missile and then you can shoot it from your minecraft b52 bomber" it makes me cringe and i get really annoyed and I want to punch things into blocks and build him a jail out of it

    Nukes/bigger bombs and planes are definitely a NO.

    However a short-to-medium-range (depending on height of course) hang-glider would kinda fit with the minecraft style, and would be a fun way to get down a cliff, so I will always support that idea
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Are we sure the worldedit commands will still work with the new map format update?

    I sure as hell hope they do because that HAS to be my favorite part about this mod.

    .. I like replacing entire chunks with stuff :V

    By the way, one more thing, can there somehow be a way to choose a wool color when worldediting with wool? I never did figure out if there was already a way to do that...

    (I kinda doubt this post will be seen by OP anyway, but worth a shot)
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    posted a message on Adobe Bricks/Blocks (Pictures, Interesting creation method)
    Redstone isn't THAT expensive actually, easier than that way if you ask me :/

    but I doubt notch will even see this :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer - THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010)! - [Heroes-Townships-PVP/PVE-RPG]
    -In-Game Name: Kavukamari

    -Location/Age: USA,Hawaii, Age 17

    -Banned before?: Nope

    -Referral: Ninjanomnom I guess? they told me about the server

    -Why should you be accepted into Herocraft?: I'm very anti-grief and I even try to clean things that have been griefed if I have the time and supplies. I just wanna try out the server and see if I like it, and I might become a semi-regular if I like it.

    -Addn. Info: I've had minecraft for... I don't know how long, but I love the game a lot. My skin is a creeper btw :tongue.gif:. I've made a lot of spriteart in classic servers and I like making interesting creations.
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    posted a message on Adobe Bricks/Blocks (Pictures, Interesting creation method)
    yeah I guess it could use some tweaking...

    Maybe it bakes when it's on Redstone torches?
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    posted a message on Adobe Bricks/Blocks (Pictures, Interesting creation method)
    I don't WANT to bump my own thread, but I guess I will. I think this is a good idea and I'd at least like to hear the opinions of others..
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