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    :D Great map! Just want to know if you're planning on making a CTM Map for MCPE, because your maps are fun to play and if you could up the difficulty with a CTM Map, I'd love it. Hoping to play your future maps!
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    posted a message on PocketCraft [999 Slots] [0.6.1] [iOS and Android][Survival][Plugins!][24/7]
    IGN: Kaushiky

    Location and Age: Singapore, 14 (But I'm more mature than most people my age)

    Previous bans: None :)

    Yes, I have read the rules and promise to abide by them if I am whitelisted.

    I hope you consider my application and whitelist me, I get along great with people while playing games and never seek to make trouble for others.

    I will be joining the Palringo group after this post.


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    posted a message on Installing Texture Packs- Problems!
    I've recently tried to install a texture pack into my Minecraft PE and I've followed the instructions that were given in the pinned post about using iExplorer.

    However, everytime I drag and paste the terrain.png and all the other related files from the texture pack and replace existing ones, the textures in my MCPE don't change.

    Any help? Please, I'd really like to have a texture pack.

    Thanks in Advance,
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