About Me
Well lets see, i am female. Im not the brightest when it comes to being smart.

I have a skype, but i have to get to know you first. (im not giving it away to some creeps)

I absolutley love SMP servers.I have a facebook (again i got to get to know you).

Im too unadvanced with computers to hack anybody, so dont worry. I do watch Yogscast, I adore thier accents. I play other online games,you can tell me if you want me to friend you on something. I go to school, so im not 24/7 on the computer. I am also willing to do lets plays of adventure maps and stuff like that.

That ladies and gentlemen, is my life
Interests Well, mincraft.... other games with multiplayer,role playing. I dont like stabbing people in the faces with knives. contact me for skype, if your not a cerial killer.

Profile Information

Minecraft IronKitKat