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    I got a better idea: the Unoriginal Golem

    He spawns in the forest biome, where noobs live in their natural habitat. And that's pretty much it.

    Van-de-laar, go read the rules. You are churning out 2 threads a minute, and they're not going anywhere.
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    posted a message on Emerald Armor/Weapons
    This thread has been up for exactly 10 hours by now. The mods are late.
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    posted a message on I dont hack!
    If you weren't hacking, explain the speed of which you were running, The knockback of your hits, and the speed of which you hit. And if you can't explain that, ask the moderator that banned you- he will have some wisdom in him.

    There was no lag, as everyone else is being rendered just fine. It's clear that you were hacking, and denying it is pointless at this moment. The second sentence of your post basically gives you away.
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    Recently, I've tried to build a mob grinder in my under-water survival base, but, as you know, water and redstone don't mix. So, I've thought of something to fix that: Insulated Redstone!

    Here is how you craft it, with two steps-

    First, you need to make rubber:

    This gives you 4 pieces of rubber

    Once you have rubber, you need to craft the actual insulated redstone:

    This gives you 16 pieces of insulated redstone.

    When you place it down, this is how it would look like:

    Insulated redstone has two unique properties:

    1. It can be used as underwater redstone- water can't wash it away. The hit-box of the insulated redstone underwater would replace an entire water block, like an underwater sign. This would allow for numerous underwater contraptions, like super-effeicant squid farms.

    2. It doesn't connect directly with a group of redstone. If you don't know what I'm talking about:

    As you can see, both lines of insulated redstone stay separate from each other, unlike normal redstone, which would connect:

    This saves space, as you don't need to make multi-level platform to separate redstone connections.

    Also, if you were wondering, insulated redstone CAN connect with normal redstone.

    That's pretty much it. Criticism/feedback is appreciated.

    Picture credit: me armed with my photoshop skills
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    posted a message on New use for Clown Fish
    I think that in the next forums update, they should redirect you to the rules page when it's your first time ever logging in. I'm serious.
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    posted a message on Creative Sword- a 1 hit k.o sword
    Quote from lovemooshroom1

    using commands. you see, commands are not for everybody
    Commands are not for everybody? I don't know what you mean. Anyone can type in a "/" and some words after that.
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    posted a message on Creative Sword- a 1 hit k.o sword
    /effect (your username) 5 100

    on a diamond sword. You can now effectively OHK the enderdragon.
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    posted a message on weird stuff?
    Go home, you're drunk.
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    posted a message on Mojang passwords?
    Quote from dragonpoo1122

    hint: never let your friends use your account, it never turns out well...
    Hehe, one time my friend let me use his account so I could make a new skin for him. But, since I'm a good person, I made his new skin and let him have his account back.

    As for you, try reinstalling Minecraft, launcher, files, and everything else before logging again. It seems that the launcher is having a hard time differentiating between yours and your friend's accounts, so that has a high probability of working.
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    posted a message on Can you play only in one world for long time?
    I've had the same world ever since humble 1.2.5, and I have no plans to stop.
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