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A guy who does random stuff.. Can't believe I've been here for four years.. Dear god was I embarrassing back in 2013.

But I'm fine now, well.. Mostly anyways, I'm just a huge dork now. :P

But hi! You may be wondering if I even do anything, well, I might.

I'm learning Java so hopefully I can get into modding. But ughh it's so much different than how it used to be.

I also make maps... Well, I try to stay working on them. I'm actually going back to a map I was making in... 2013? 2014..?

I don't remember but it was called Black Room, I still have the resource pack but unsure if I have the map still.

Holy crap I do, the map survived not two but THREE computer deaths! What a damn trooper!

Okay that gives me motivation to complete it now. So that is what you can expect from me.

Also, an old project I scraped, a portal map is being made again. It needs only 10 mods so that's cool.

More on that later.

Also here are my different social medias that you can get at me, which most of them I'm way more active at.


Youtube Channel


I draw too, here's my deviant art.



Playing games and/or being stupid with friends, drawing, or just gaming alone.

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