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    =3 Yay~ Chimera is back and growing!

    You know, for all those people interested in RPing as beastkin, goblins, ogres, fae, golems, or anything else unique you can think of~

    ^~^ If you have any questions, gimme a hollar on the Aeonis Forums or even on here. Looking forward to all the new players full of ideas and looking for a good RP experience~

    The Speaker
    ~Lady Sorcha Faerdae~
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    Does this faction appeal to you? Remember to vote on the forums to let us know what faction you want to see!


    More information and ideas for this faction are in the same forums at



    Throughout time there has always been those who do not belong. The strange, the different. The forgotten have created many races, some of which are hardly seen or spoken of today. And there are many more created throughout the fusing of two species.

    These creatures, these people, different from the others have long been cast out of society. Vampires that do not wish to kill, half demon/humans who are rejected by both societies, dark elves with blue eyes, goblins, intelligent zombies, naga, draconians, orcs, ogres, and many more that cannot be listed, some even without a name.

    Being forced to leave the place they once called home, or not being allowed near one in the first place, these creatures lived on the fringe, deep in the wilds. Fearing interaction with the core races and beings. Long have they hid, often building small communities, vastly diverse and spread throughout the world.

    There was one among them who would not stand for this. A figure heard only in rumors and myth. Their name unknown, their race not given. This being built a home, as strong and proud as any, hidden away but close enough to the other races that they would be forced to accept it's existence. For all those that were different, those that were hated and cast out, they had a place to go. A place to be welcome. No long being chased off into the dark, lost and alone, hoping to come across just one other person like themselves, often to never find them.

    They gathered under one flag, raising the banner of the Chimera, a sign of those who were different. Showing that they were a nation of many different upbringings. Together they decided they would carve out a place in this world, no long be pushed around.

    Their city hidden, their walls built strong, ready for any kind of anger or hostility towards them, as there had always been. This time they would fight for their right to exist, not content with dying alone. They would exist, and the world would be forced to accept them.

    Character of the race

    Just like the races of the faction, each individual has their own quicks and personality. However, they all have in common the desire to belong, to work together despite their differences.

    Generally they tend to treat all 'normal' creatures with suspicion if not fear or even hate. Having been treated harshly before by others, if not killed on sight. Most of them bear a strong resentment for the race or races that cast them aside.

    Chimera also have a strong devotion to nature. One of the few things bringing the varying races together.

    The other races and factions as your faction sees them:

    Bandits -Outcasts like themselves. They cannot be trusted, but they are the closest thing to friend that can be. However, the Chimera are trying to walk the honorable path, keeping them from working strongly with the bandits.

    Children of Light - To be avoided at all costs. The CoL do not seem to see or accept the lesser races. Often ignoring them completely.

    Demons - Demons often act aggressive and are not to be provoked. Although they generally accept the strange and unique, not being of the world themselves.

    Dark Elves - Treated like any other core race. They are highly aggressive and have often cast out many members who are not like themselves.

    Dwarves - The dwarves have done their share of chasing goblins, orcs, and other lesser races from their mountains. They cannot be trusted, especially when dealing with land.

    Elves - Regardless of how kind they are, elves have their misfits too. Ones that hate nature, or born with defects. These are often killed and must flee. They are another harsh race that wants only perfection.

    Humans - Humans are generally the worst of the lot. While they themselves live short lives and deal with other races quite often, they almost never accept lesser races around their people, and sometimes not even the other core races. They cannot be trusted.

    Templar - Another sore spot for the Chimera. These knights often have hunted down various outcast races, deeming them evil and unwholesome. Treat with great caution.

    Tetragrammaton - Being learners of the world, they are often more accepting. Generally kinder to the races of Chimera due to their quest for knowledge.

    Vampires - Strange creatures of the night. Hostile for the most part. Thankfully they tend to enjoy feasting on the core races as opposed to the lesser ones. They are a perversion of nature, to be killed on sight.

    Senshi - They are a warrior type people, very strange. Based around reaching a state of peace through fighting. Their enlightenment has also made them not look at ones race, making them a possible friend of the Chimera.


    These are creatures that were cast out by all. Feeling abandoned by the Creator. They do not worship him, and sometimes curse his name for making them who they are, and the races that hate them. They tend not to worship the dark either, for they are not inherently evil, they just want to exist.


    Their buildings are most rudimentary, built of natural materials. Often wood or stone. They are ones with nature, often living hidden away in mountains, valleys, or great forests.

    Their true home ((faction base)) should be based around functionality. Hidden away near mountains and forests, with a great ocean nearby for their sea based followers. They like to be hidden, but should be ready at all times for the other races to try 'purging' them.

    Social hierarchy

    Members should have their rank titles along with their IGN. Unless such a rank is deemed secret, only to be revealed during certain occasions.


    The Speaker - Leader of the faction, chosen by the people. Can be removed and appointed by voting. Oversees the council, picks the overall direction the faction will go.

    The Fang - Leader of the armies, sits on the council of Chimera. Obeys only the Speaker, equal to other council members.

    The River - Leader of the gatherers and craftsmen, sits on the council. Obeys only the Speaker, equal to other council members.

    The Shadow - Leader of the intelligence network. Controlling relations with other factions, as well as the spies and traveling merchants. Whatever happens outside their faction walls, they know about. Sits on the council, obeys only the Speaker, equal to other council members.

    The Outsider - This is the faction mage. Having left their people and joining the tetra, this person has lost much trust and respect. However, due to their position, they are given a seat on the council and their voice is heard.


    Banner Carrier - Those that have earned the right to carry the Chimera Banner into battle. They are the leaders of of other soldiers. Often having 2-6 men under their command. They are under command of The Fang. ((Should only be enough to oversee other soldiers. Too many and it loses it's purpose.))

    Maulers - Elevated warrior rank. These are the trusted warriors who have proven themselves. They work under the Banner Carriers. ((Promoted warriors, do not command others but carry more trust and respect.))

    Renders - New warriors. They have yet to be tried and tested, work under the Banner Carriers.


    Earthen - These are the gatherers, those that farm or mine, cut down trees and gather wood. Fishing, hunting. They are the builders and the traders, selling goods and creating tools and weapons. They are the backbone of the nation, keeping them supplied. They work under The River.

    Wind Riders - The traveling merchants for Chimera. These are the ones that go about and deal with other races. They must gain a license from both The River and The Shadow before doing so. Trading with other factions without permission is high treason, only the trusted are allowed. They work under The River, and due to their outside dealings, The Shadow as well.


    Dream Eaters - These are the spies in Chimera. Though more often than not they are well hidden inside other factions and do not wear their title. They work under The Shadow in secret.

    Breath Takers - The Chimera assassins. They take the lives of others. Needing permission from The Speaker and The Shadow both. This rank is often temporary. Assassins always changing hands to keep them unknown. This rank is secret until they are forced to reveal themselves to complete an assignment.

    Extra Stuff

    This is probably the most important section, make sure you read it all the way.

    Unity- This is the treaty, the alliance forged and agreed upon by all Chimera members. They have several tenants that allow them to live and work together.

    -No member of the union shall harm another member, unless their lives are threatened from that member.

    -No member shall steal from another.

    -Respect nature. Do not destroy or demolish without cause, do not build such that opposes the natural flow of things.

    -Protect your people. Do not insult or aggravate other races/factions to move against Chimera. Do not instigate fights on your own that will come back to harm others of the faction.

    -Stand together. Chimera is one, do not stray from your people, your family. One must build, live, and survive with each other. (Don't run off into the middle of nowhere half way across the world and build your home there, hardly interacting with your faction.)

    Acceptable Races

    Chimera is unique in that it allows and encourages abnormal races. However, it is very very important that the race you pick is reasonable. For obvious reasons, your race cannot be 'overpowered'. It can be strong, but use common sense. For instance, you can't be a dragon. It's painfully overpowered. The following is a list of acceptable races, along with a short description. You don't have to follow it exactly, but be reasonable in your description/origins.

    Also remember to make the race you choose/create -fit- within Aeonis. For instance, you can be a type of golem (within reason) but you can't be a hyper advanced being from space. Think fantasy.

    -Normal Races: This being the elves, dwarves, humans, demons, etc, as well as half breeds. They are allowed in Chimera, but only if they have been forcibly removed from their own faction for reasons. Such as genetic defects/differences, strange views that don't align with their faction, etc. Murder, stealing, being dumb do not count as good reason, Chimera won't accept you for that.

    -Beastkin: These are generally humanoids that are a result of the fusion between normal races and animals. Experiments of the forgotten long ago. Over time they have become their own race. Cat ears, patches of fur on their skin, scaly tails, etc define this race. Usually only one animal mixed with a humanoid. They share the appearance of the animal, and possibly some of the advantages, but not all. Scorpion, squid, snake, etc do not gain venom, ink, etc. Use common sense.

    -Goblins: The short, green skinned, long nosed creatures of Aeonis. They are a bit of an oddity within Chimera. Generally infatuated with machinery and moving parts, but mostly having little skill with such things, only building highly inefficient contraptions, or getting things to work through luck. They love shinies, and have a great/fear respect for nature. Such as great storms and floods.

    -Orcs: Another green skinned being. Being as big as a human, but generally more muscular. This is from their lifestyle, always training or fighting. They are creatures of war, highly aggressive. Not from hate or malice, but this is how they survived in the world. After being hated by the other races, only the strong survived, becoming their way of life. Like the goblins, they holds a fear and respect for nature.

    -Ogres: Not as violent and aggressive as orcs. Much larger and stronger, but often of less intellect. They are very close with nature, worshiping it at times.

    -Draconians: These are creatures that resemble humanoid/dragons. Although some research and histories show they are more likely a different kind of beastkin, fused of lizards. They have no wings, and can't breath fire. Their scales are like tough skin, but penetrable. Above average strength, and quite intelligent. However, very susceptible to hot and cold.

    -Fae: These are the fairy like creatures of Aeonis. Generally you can't play a pixie or a fairy because of their tiny size. However, I would encourage those of Fae to have a small friend they travel around with. Some Fae resemble humans or elves, having bright colored eyes and hair, fair skin. They are one with nature. They have a slight amount of natural magic, generally adapt at growing trees and encouraging life.

    -Artificial: Any form of artificial life. Generally golems created by the dwarven/gnome/forgotten of old. They are created through magic or technology, usually a combination of the two. Nigh impossible to create in the present, most golems are found/activated. Once with a purpose, they are now free. To do as they please, and think what they will. Due to their artificial nature, many golems spend their lives trying to understand what it's like to be alive. Trying to understand emotions and abstract concepts.

    Other artificials could be automatons, clockwork, or whatever else. Remember to keep it reasonable and fit with Aeonis. These are a stretch in and of itself. Use steampunky technology at the latest, nothing super advanced. And remember that although you're an artificial, you're not invincible. Far from it. Due to the age of the machinery, your limbs/joints can be broken/malfunction, and if your core is destroyed, you're gone for good.

    -Behemoths: Like a mix between Ogres and beastkin. These creatures are large and hulking, although they are surprisingly very gentle and non-violent. They have a very strong connection with nature, like the Fae.

    -Gnomes: A strange cousin of the dwarf. They seem to be much smarter and more mechanically inclined. Loving to tinker and discover new things. Not as hardy as the dwarves themselves, but loving to build complex devices. Their inquisitive nature applies to the natural world as well. Allowing them function inside of Chimera, wanting to learn the ways of nature and find out how the natural world works.

    -Altered Races: This is like the general races, but with a twist. Frost/desert/fire/dark dwarves, enlightened elves, different human tribes, tieflings, enchanted races, fallen, etc. However, once again, they can't be overpowered, and must have the same general strengths/abilities/weaknesses of the original race.

    -Undead: For the most part, not accepted at all. Undeath is a perversion of nature, viewed by most/all races of Chimera with a strong dislike/hate. There are few, if any exceptions. Possibly vampires that have given up blood and seek peace, or ghouls that were cursed unjustly, seeking to return to their former state.

    Lycan: Similar to the beastkin, these are creatures cursed instead of born into it in most cases. They are welcomed into Chimera so long as they don't let their curse get the best of them and feast upon their allies.

    -Other: Something strange and unique, not listed above. A few notes. 1. Make sure an admin is ok with the race you'd like to be. 2. Write a good and acceptable lore about their origins and themselves. 3. Make sure they fit the look and feel of Aeonis. 4. Do not let them be overpowered in any way. 5. Make sure they would fit within Chimera. This being the working together, respect of nature, etc.
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    I think they're on the old server with the old IP or something. >.> btw, does anyone remember that information? XD
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    Quote from MrSEALman

    He is talking about the old server. With the original IP.

    o= so any word on the new server with the new IP?

    I'm guessing there's still some plugin or permission issues. >.> and we're totally ok with that. I think most of us are going to spend the first few days exploring, gathering, and building anyways.
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    Quote from Apotheophobic


    In his defense, he is the creator. A moment to him could be a lifetime to us. (although I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and say it's soon soon. Maybe just soon.)
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    And now we all keep hitting connect over and over until we all log in at once and crash it. =D
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    Quote from Rognvaldi

    Oh, dear Kajirou, my respect for you has started to go downcliff. :sad.gif: I hope you have a parachute or jetpack attached. :tongue.gif:

    But I agree, less spam. We're also trying to get Rajaat in control of the main post, for that we need moderator/admin help, and if they see we're openly defying the rules that the admins/mods have set in place, it'll be even harder for us in the long run.

    =P I love my anime. But it's just a suggestion for people to kill time. Some people read warhammer lore, some people watch giant robots pioloted by scantly clad women fighting. To each their own.
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    While I love the enthusiasm for the server getting back up and running, we do have to take it easy on the posting. Constant spam and trolling in this thread will lead to it getting locked. We've had moderators come in here before, and I don't think they're going to be very lenient if they have to show up again.

    The server will be up soon, just wait for the word. You're not going to miss anything. And while it's up, they're going to still be tweaking this and that, and getting some more work done. This may very well mean that there will be restarts and rollbacks. Heck, we might even break the thing if we all log in and once. So just chill, play some minesweeper, watch an anime, and then check in once in a while.
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    Quote from psychotimo

    you guys don't really control the lore... you cereal? if nobody tries to keep things in hand then we'll be left with a lot of clans, which for one won't be able to fit in our capital, which IS partly my decision, as i'm a council member, the council has decided on the layout of the city ( still take suggestions, but they'll have to be damn good before we change the plans xP)
    and second will just completely screw over everyones idea of the lore,if everyone thinks of the dwarven race in his own way and starts to make their own fictional wars and clans and stuff like that, that would be trampling on peeps RP, cause that way you would affect a person that has allready played... and a few of the more experienced dwarves have decided on some ideas and we're gonna go with them. so its not MY lore...

    and i'm not even trampling on his RP, his RP hasn't even started yet, he knows nothing about aeonis atm (no offense though) i'm trying to keep some order amongst our kin... and trying to make it so we can actually force a lore in the beginning so we can actually write some lore, the stuff we have atm is almost nothing... do you remember some kind of triumvirate?
    if we force the lore a bit right now peeps could read it and actually use it in their background, now they try to use hammerfell and stuff like that, i've never even heard of hammerfell except for in the lore... none of the current dwarves have lived there... but new guys still try to use it

    oh and isn't it obvious, as a clanleader you need to be someone who has some kind of status... do you think a wood dwarf has status?

    who are you to say that he can be a member of a clan from the get go? we can't just accept anyone in the current clans, we need to level the 3 clans out, give it some more thought, and then let them decide which clan fits their style, don't want one to be OP compared to the others.
    and just making his own clan... well as i said we take suggestions, we're not tirans, we just want to keep things in check for the time being, how do you think the real world works? can you do what you want?

    and lastly you're not even a dwarf... so why do i bother...

    Well this is about to get heated. I think I'll post just this once then we'll have to move it to the other forum if we continue.

    You probably don't remember me. My original character is Baldrick Stonethunder. If that name doesn't ring a bell, you lose your rights to create lore about dwarven history. I was the first Paragon, and along with Ulrik, Rutni, Daliheim, and Belgrum, we created the dwarven nation in aeonis. In fact, you still use the ranking system I created.

    How you organize your capital I could care less about. I'm gonna guess that you have it set up into 3 or so wings with each clan living in their own wing? Don't care. You have to realize that even if 3 clans founded Hammerfall long ago, there was still a lot of smaller clans, and there still is a lot of smaller clans.

    For your council, it only exists in RP. You do not exist outside of that. You do not get a say on what goes outside of the RP, and out of character. If someone claims to be from a city or clan, you literally cannot stop them. If a dwarf wants to start their own clan in the RP, then the council can go and debate on it.

    Now I'm not sure what you're saying about their RP trampling all over someone who was already there. Something about creating fictional wars and stuff. Well they can do whatever the hell they damn well please with their own history (within reason of course). You have to realize that the history is set up loosely for a reason. Nothing is written in stone, there's not a whole lot of specifics or dates. This allows people freedom to write what they choose about themselves. You can't change that.

    Yes, Hammerfall existed in the lore. It has yet to be brought up in Aeonis. As such, it is accepted as having existed in the past. We've moved beyond that point. From my time in Aeonis from the very beginning of the dwarves here, we were all outcasts, travelers, adventurers that came to this land and worked together to build a nation. What you're doing is ignoring all of that and saying "Oh hey, Hammerfall is still here and there's 3 big clans and uh... yeah, none of that stuff they just did ever happened." Yet your clans were brought about on a whim. They weren't around for a very long time on Aeonis. They very well could have been some remnant of the clans that founded the fabled Hammerfall, but they have nothing to do with the dwarves that are around today.

    You cannot force people to adhere to your lore. You're trying to rewrite history in your own image, trying to bring about a small section of what was in the past. You've had your people lying to the new applicants saying they can't RP how they want unless YOU approve of it. -You- have no say in what their history is or who they belong to. There is no law stating that dwarves -must- belong to one of the three main clans, or even any clan at all.

    You are being a tyrant by restricting what they can and can't do. You have no authority in that. You can be the dwarven paragon, but that's only in game, and only applies to what happens, not what did happen, or what will happen. You get to RP what's going on, and that's it. You can't change the history, and you can't dictate the future of the dwarven race. If that's what you're trying to do, you're a joke. That's not RPing, that's forcing people to follow your story to compensate for your lack of creativity. And from the way you spell and write, I'm guessing that's exactly what's happening.

    ((and if you do want to keep going, remember to send a reply in the other Aeonis forums so we don't get an admin in here threatening to lock us down. Flaming thread is fine, I didn't really see an debate one. Suggestions might work. Or you can just agree with me and stop trying to control everything.))
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    Quote from Obsidieon

    I Apologise for the trouble of being exsplained to. But i am confused on the application for the whitelist on IC name and IGN. What is the difference between the two? is one the name i prefer to be called in the game? even though i will have a name floating over my head that says something otherwise?

    And i may seem new-ish, but i had a account on here once before that i can no longer acsess for some reason, so i made a new one.

    Any helper to my question would recive my gratisfaction. For i am new to the workings of servers and worlds of multiplayer.

    Assuming no one beat me to an answer.

    IGN is your account name for whitelisting. Your IC name is your character name, what will appear when you talk in chat.

    Right now we're in the process of fixing up our new server and map, so everyone has been unlisted. Everyone will be back on the white list once the mods/admins finish, which should with within and hour or two. (hopefully)
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    Quote from TheInstantGamer

    Whatever, I'm not going to argue with you any longer, I suggest you bring up this arguement with someone that can form a solid arguement and has some sort of say in what the hell goes on. Stop bringing this up with me.

    =P Fair enough. As soon as they get in here. Until then, I'd cut back on the "no you can't RP like you want" with new dwarven applicants.

    And of course, if I keep hearing arguments of why 'the council' -should- be allowed to do this, I will keep arguing with them.
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    Quote from Ctc9592

    OKAY STOP its a rp the council rules the Dwarves the Kazdum will try there best to join the council. Now lts all have some Dwarven stout and a cookie

    I'm sorry, we don't know each other.

    The problem being that this is not an RP council. It's a tool they're using to restrict RP to their specific image. We can't do that. Then it's no longer a roleplay, everyone is just an actor following someone elses script. And that's wrong.

    Thus far, clans have no real effect on the dwarven nation. The Paragon rules all the dwarves. If clans want to live separately, go for it. If they want to live together like they did before, no problem. If people don't want to even be in a clan, why not?

    There cannot be a self appointed dwarven council that dictates whats allowed and what isn't RP and lore-wise. Especially in ooc matters.
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    Quote from TheInstantGamer

    Ahem, messenger. I=No real power. Don't blame me. And also I'm honestly not sure if I've been mesenging the right way seeing as it seems this way... seeming. But I guess I should just shut up because, as I said I have no idea what the hell I should even say in this situation. I liked the idea and was hoping that peeps would just go with the flow. But I do have a question, if you wanted to start your own faction and the moderators rejected you would you start saying that they're stamping out your RP, that they're ruining your experience? No, you wouldn't. They have their reasons, and I'm not them so I can't possibly know what those are. Basically everything I've said has been a guess of the reasons, maybe when the others are on they'll give you the answer you're looking for. I basically have no say and no idea what the people in charge actually think. I'm just here to talk :dry.gif: .

    =P you're not seeing if people 'go with the flow'. You're openly lying to their face. "Well you have get approved by the council to be a clan..." - Wrong, there is no council that can approve or reject clans for the dwarves. Especially since it was your clan was brought about on a whim as well. Longbeards didn't exist at the start of the game, they were created because someone wanted a clan. Then it got out of hand and they tried to make it bigger and more important, finally claiming it was one of the three founding clans.

    Second, the mods/admins on aeonis do have the right to reject factions. They actually have authority on the server for what happens on the server. You, and the fake dwarven council, do not. And factions are completely different from clans. I'm assuming that you would like clans to exist and thrive separately from each other. Hence the "they'd be too spread out, etc, etc." Which is how your clan is played out. Other clans may decide that they want to actually be a community of dwarves and live and work together. That's up for them to decide. Then if lots of clans are made and dwarves are spread out, you can have an amazing RP of a single or several clans trying to unite them all. And if they decide to work together from the get go, then that's up to them. And you'd have a happy diverse dwarf nation.
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    Quote from TheInstantGamer

    Angath and the others are approving this stuff OOC, If we said that they were just created, that would be meta-gaming.

    =P you guys do not have the power to do that. You're trying to restrict RP to fit just your own ideals and that's disgusting. There is no ooc dwarven council. You only exist in the damn game, and if you can't go along with what other people RP, then you're not very good at RPing.
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    Quote from Ctc9592

    Hmmmm okay I'll agree

    Mimboy1 is my Rp brother

    All other people wanting to join the Kazdum wait until were a official Clan

    =P you should realize that they're not an official ruling body. You can do whatever you see fit RP-wise. If you think your faction is a good idea, and will have fun. Go for it. Don't let them push you around because they want their ideas only to be played out.
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