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    Quote from Grugsy »
    so the issue with the patcher wiping your mods is fixed in this version?

    The Unpatch button still works the same way, by copying minecraft-<version>.jar to minecraft.jar. Since minecraft-<version>.jar gets created the first time you run MCPatcher, unpatching effectively restores minecraft.jar to the way it was the first time you ran the patcher. If you had mods loaded at that time, they will still be there. If not, you will be back to an unmodded minecraft. This is another reason it's best to run MCPatcher last if possible.

    If you're worried about losing your mods, follow these steps before running MCPatcher.
      Load your other mods and get minecraft.jar exactly the way you want it.
      Go into your bin folder and delete minecraft-1.3_01.jar (or whatever the current game version is).
      Run MCPatcher, and the backup it creates will be of your modded minecraft.jar.
    If you Unpatch, it will revert to the state you had it in.
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    Quote from koenverd1000 »
    Do we still need to put them in the minecraft.jar or do we put them in the same folder as the texture pack we want to use ( I never used the ingame texture pack selector so this is kinda new for me).

    You install other mods the same way you always have, by putting them in minecraft.jar or using one of the mod managers out there, but I recommend installing them before you run the patcher. If you install other mods after running the patcher, it may work depending on what classes the mod actually replaces, but you're more likely to have problems.

    Some mods make pretty drastic changes to the Minecraft bytecode, so I won't be able to accommodate everything, but if you find conflicts with specific mods, post them here and I'll see what I can do.
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    Custom item textures!
    Better Glass! More transparency options for glass textures.
    Better Skies. Add your own textures to the day and night skies. Many options for fading and blending.
    Connected Textures.
    Custom Colors mod. Texture pack authors can now customize many colors in the game including swamps, lighting, and more. See Misa's texture pack for examples.
    Balthichou's RandomMobs mod.
    Extended animation, mipmapping, and font support.
    Ability to load other mods like ModLoader. See "Installing other Mods" for details.
    Ability to save and load mod profiles and switch between them easily. Also organize your mods by the Minecraft version they go with.

    Notes and Recent Changes:

    Updated to 1.8.4. Note: Some features such as Better Glass are not yet implemented in 1.8.
    New biome colormap format.
    Custom item textures. Show different textures based on item damage, stack size, and NBT data. Custom enchanments and armor model textures are also supported.
    Compatible with Forge, FML standalone, and LiteLoader.

    Ad links are available for those who wish to support this project. Or you may donate via paypal:

    MCPatcher for the new launcher:
    Windows only:
    Alternate download
    md5sum: 06f828cbfee2cc826c0f42a72f7f6787
    All other platforms:
    Alternate download
    md5sum: 9ef73b0e69ecfecfd69714dd57d8906b

    Basic Instructions:[list=1]

    Download the correct version of the patcher for your OS.Double-click the patcher. You should see this:
    If the wrong Minecraft version is shown (1.6.1 instead of 1.6.2 for example), use the right-hand dropdown box to select the proper version.If you would like Better Grass (full grass texture on the sides of grass blocks next to other grass blocks), select the Options tab, scroll down to Connected Textures, and check the box next to Better Grass.Click Patch.Close MCPatcher and start the game normally. Ensure that the patched profile (e.g., MCPatcher, not your username) is selected in the game's launcher. Or click Test Minecraft to run Minecraft without logging in (single-player only).[/list]

    Installing non-Forge Mods with MCPatcher:

    NOTE: Some of the screenshots below are out of date. The process remains the same, however.

    Use MCPatcher to manage other mods as well. This is not only more convenient, it ensures maximum compatibility between MCPatcher's features and other mods. Note that mods must still be compatible with the version of Minecraft you are running. MCPatcher does not and cannot do anything to make mods work with any version of the game other than the one they were written for.[list=1]
    In the main patcher window, click the Add (+) button.Select the zip file containing the mod you wish to apply. In this example, we'll use ModLoader.
    Click Ok.Next a window showing the list of files that will be added will appear. This is mainly informational. Confirm that the right files are listed and click Ok.
    The main patcher window should look like this now:
    Now we're going to add a second mod, Better Than Wolves. This will illustrate two important things: How to add just a subfolder from a mod and how to resolve mod conflicts.Click the Add (+) button again.Choose the BTW zip.
    Since there are multiple subfolders to choose from, the subfolder window appears. If you blindly add everything from the zip, it will not work. Instead, select the MINECRAFT-JAR folder and click Ok.
    Next the list of files to be added is shown. Notice this time how files are being copied from the MINECRAFT-JAR folder into the root of minecraft.jar.
    Now we have a slight problem. Both ModLoader and BTW contain vl.class. If you try to patch at this point, you will get a warning about the conflict.
    You can ignore this warning and patch anyway. Or you can fix it by removing vl.class from ModLoader. Double-click ModLoader and the list of files will appear again. Select vl.class and click the Remove (-) button. Note: Doing this does not change the original ModLoader.zip file, only the list of files that will be copied from it.The file list should now look like this. Click Ok.
    The main patcher window should look like this:
    Click Patch and run the game![/list]

    (New) Installing Forge, FML, and/or LiteLoader with MCPatcher:

    The process for installing Forge/FML/LiteLoader is different.
    Close MCPatcher for these first steps.Download the Forge/FML/LiteLoader installer for the corresponding version of Minecraft.Run the installer as usual. If using LiteLoader and you want to chain to Forge, select the appropriate option in the LiteLoader installer.Start the launcher and run the game once with the Forge/LiteLoader profile just created. This will ensure the necessary libraries are downloaded.Close the game and start MCPatcher.From the Game Version drop-down menu, choose the Forge/LiteLoader version that was just created. For example, 1.6.2-Forge9.10.0.804 or LiteLoader1.6.2.For Forge or FML, an extra entry will appear in the MCPatcher mods tab, but nothing extra will be added for LiteLoader. This is normal.Click Patch.Click Test Minecraft, or close MCPatcher and run the launcher, making sure that the correct profile (e.g., MCPatcher) and version (e.g., 1.6.2-Forge9.10.0.804-mcpatcher) are selected.[/list]
    NOTE: FML will produce many errors during startup complaining about binary discrepancies. These are due to the fact that FML and MCPatcher modify the same classes and can be safely ignored.

    FAQ / Troubleshooting

    My virus scanner says the patcher has a virus!

    Some scanners detect WS.Reputation.1. It is a false positive that can be ignored. WS.Reputation.1 isn't so much a virus as it is the scanner saying "This file is new, so I don't trust it." See this post by shinji257 for more information.

    Extended HD or one of the other mods is greyed out.

    If you install mods by hand before running the patcher, you may run into this problem. Start from a clean minecraft.jar instead and this shouldn't happen. Delete the bin folder in .minecraft and redownload it. Try patching again first without any mods. If that works, then add mods one at a time using the patcher as described above.

    I want to use a texture pack created for Minecraft 1.5 with Minecraft 1.6.
    Use the Convert Texture Pack options in the main menu to convert a texture pack to the new format. This replaces Mojang's TextureEnder.jar and converts MCPatcher-specific features like CTM to the new format. The converted texture pack will be in the resourcepacks folder.

    I installed XXX Mod using the patcher and now the game crashes.

    Try using the Up/Down arrows in the patcher to apply mods in a different order. In my experience, putting other mods before Extended HD, etc., (which is the default behavior) works better, but you can also try moving them after.

    I tried installing XXX Mod both above and below the built-in mods, and it didn't work.

    If you tried installing both ways and it didn't work, then you're out of luck. You'll have to choose between MCPatcher and the other mod. Unless the source code for the mod is available, I probably won't be able to fix the incompatibility.

    All this patching, repatching, installing, and uninstalling mods has made a mess of things. Now I just want to start fresh.

    Open the .minecraft/versions folder and delete the -mcpatcher folder.

    The "Open Resource Packs Folder" button in the game doesn't work. / Where do I put my resource packs?

    Navigate to the appropriate folder for your OS. The resource folder will be in there.
    Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\.minecraftWindows Vista/7 - C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\.minecraftMacOS - From your home directory, go to Library -> Application Support -> minecraftLinux - ~/.minecraft[/list]
    As a shortcut, in Windows, you can also press Windows key+R, then type %APPDATA%\.minecraft\resourcepacks and hit Enter.

    Multiplayer does not work / Achievements are not saved / I get the "Unlicensed copy or logged in from another location" message when using the Test Minecraft button.

    That's because the Test Minecraft button does not log in. It is useful for testing that the patcher worked, but if you want multiplayer or achievements, use the normal game launcher.

    Does this work with version x.y.z of Minecraft?

    Unlike most mods, MCPatcher is designed to be version-independent. It should work across multiple versions of the game, only breaking compatibility when there is a major change. MCPatcher 4.x should work with any 1.6-or-newer release. MCPatcher 3.x is for 1.5, and 2.x is for earlier versions. Before breathlessly posting to ask when MCPatcher will be updated, just try running the version you have. Most of the time it will work as-is and you'll save yourself some unnecessary waiting.

    I have a different problem not mentioned here.

    Before posting, please Google for "mcpatcher other keywords site:minecraftforum.net" to see if your question has already been answered. If you do post, please include the log in your post as well. The Copy To Clipboard button puts code tags around it so all you have to do is paste it into your post.

    Information for Texture Pack Authors
    NOTE: The information in this section is being moved to the MCPatcher wiki on bitbucket.

    Custom Animations
    See https://bitbucket.org/prupe/mcpatcher/wiki/Custom_Animations and https://bitbucket.org/prupe/mcpatcher/wiki/Dial_Animations.

    HD Font
    See https://bitbucket.org/prupe/mcpatcher/wiki/HD_Fonts.

    Random Mobs
    See https://bitbucket.org/prupe/mcpatcher/wiki/Random_Mobs and https://bitbucket.org/prupe/mcpatcher/wiki/Leash_Fishing_Line.

    Custom Colors
    See https://bitbucket.org/prupe/mcpatcher/wiki/Custom_Colors.

    Connected Textures (sample ctm .properties)
    MCPatcher offers a greatly enhanced version of the Connected Textures Mod. In addition to connecting blocks to their neighbors in various ways, MCPatcher supports random, repeat, and fixed methods. Any of these methods can be applied conditionally by block ID, tile name, metadata, face, biome, or height.

    CTM properties files and supporting textures are in the ~/ctm folder. Each properties file represents one block or tile override and contains a method, some supporting textures, and optional conditions like metadata or face. Multiple properties files can affect the same block or tile, but only the first matching one (in alphabetical order by filename) will be used. Files in ~/ctm can be organized into subfolders any depth. The subfolders are simply to make organization easier; MCPatcher doesn't care about their names.

    A simple connected glass block requires a properties file and 47 separate textures:
     ~/ctm/myglass/block20.properties:<br> method=ctm<br> tiles=0-46<br>

    The tiles must be separate png files in the /ctm/myglass directory following this pattern:

    The image above shows the pattern of the 47 tiles. In your texture pack you must provide 47 separate image files, not just a single tilesheet.

    Horizontally-connected CTM follows this pattern. Again, use 4 separate images, not a tilesheet.

    Vertically-connected CTM follows this pattern:

    Horizontal+vertical and Vertical+horizontal (method=h+v and v+h respectively) combine the two, favoring one over the other. Each requires 7 tiles. Template, courtesy of Misa, here.

    See the sample ctm.properties file for more information.

    A CTM rule can act on the output of another CTM rule. Just use the full path of the first CTM tile in the second's matchTiles property. Here's how to create randomized horizontally-connected bookshelves:
     # Main top-level bookshelf CTM<br>~/ctm/bookshelf/block47.properties:<br> method=horizontal<br> tiles=0-3<br># One additional CTM matching each output tile of the previous CTM<br># Tiles 4.png and 5.png will be used in place of 0.png, etc.<br>~/ctm/bookshelf/book0.properties:<br> matchTiles=~/ctm/bookshelf/0.png<br> method=random<br> tiles=4 5<br>~/ctm/bookshelf/book1.properties:<br> matchTiles=~/ctm/bookshelf/1.png<br> method=random<br> tiles=6 7<br>~/ctm/bookshelf/book2.properties:<br> matchTiles=~/ctm/bookshelf/2.png<br> method=random<br> tiles=8 9<br>~/ctm/bookshelf/book3.properties:<br> matchTiles=~/ctm/bookshelf/3.png<br> method=random<br> tiles=10 11<br>

    Better Glass (sample renderpass.properties, sample texture pack)
    The Better Glass mod extends Connected Textures to add full alpha channel support to glass blocks and panes.

    Colored glass is made with two textures, one for the frame and another for the glass part. Due to a limitation of the game's renderer, the glass part will disappear when it is behind another translucent texture like water or ice. However the frame will remain visible, which is a decent compromise.
     ~/ctm/myglass/block20.properties:<br> method=ctm<br> tiles=0-46<br> renderPass=2<br><br>~/ctm/myglass/block20a.properties:<br> method=ctm<br> tiles=47-93<br> renderPass=3<br><br>~/ctm/myglass/block102.properties:<br> method=ctm<br> tiles=0-46<br><br>~/ctm/myglass/block102a.properties:<br> method=ctm<br> tiles=47-93<br> renderPass=3<br>

    The renderPass property specifies when the block should be rendered. Each render pass has different properties:
    0: Normal, solid blocks. Virtually all blocks use this rendering pass. Only on/off transparency is supported.1: Existing translucent blocks (water, ice, etc.).[/list]
    Better Glass adds two new rendering passes:
    2: Same as pass #0 but with backface culling disabled. Again, only on/off transparency is supported. If you find it unsettling to see only the front faces of a supposedly transparent glass block, use this render pass to make all six visible.3: Extra pass with full alpha support. Will be hidden when rendered behind water, etc., from pass #1. The blending method can be changed in renderpass.properties.[/list]
    The rendering passes happen in this order: 0, 2, 1, 3. Note that the glass block uses render pass 2 for its frame but the glass pane does not. If you use 2 with the glass pane you will see z-fighting because the game puts the two sides of the pane at the same coordinates.

    As you may have guessed, Better Glass can be used with any block that supports CTM by adding the appropriate entries to their properties files. One limitation is that the properties must be based on block ID rather than tile name. Also keep in mind that the render pass is applied to all blocks with the same block ID. Render pass 2 replaces render pass 0, so if you assign, for example, stone slabs to render pass 2, then you must have CTM rules covering all slabs (block ID 44) for render pass 2. Otherwise the other slabs will be invisible.

    Better Skies (sample sky.properties, skybox template)
    Tired of the default starfield? MCPatcher supports fully customizable skyboxes! Multiple skyboxes can be layered together using several blending methods and set to fade in and out at certain times of the day.

    Each "layer" of custom sky must have a .properties file located at ~/sky/world0/sky.properties. In it you specify a texture (default: ~/sky/world0/sky.png), the time of day the texture should fade in and out, and a blending method (default: add). Various blending methods are available: add, subtract, multiply, dodge, burn, screen, and replace. See the sample sky.properties file for more options.

    The skybox texture is mapped onto a rotating cube around the game world. The texture can be any size but must have 2 rows of 3 tiles. The template shows how the six tiles on the texture map to faces of the skybox. This orientation is taken at noon in game time, so the sun is drawn in the center of the top face and the moon in the center of the bottom face. This means that a custom starfield should have whatever you want to be directly overhead on the bottom face.

    Better Skies works only in the overworld. The Nether and The End are not supported.

    Custom Item Textures (sample cit.properties, sample cit_single.properties)
    What CTM does for terrain, CIT does for items. Customize item appearance by damage value, stack size, and NBT data. Create different effects for different enchantments.

    All files related to CIT are in the ~/cit folder. Like CTM, files can be further organized into subfolders. An optional cit.properties file specifies global behavior of CIT, particularly with how multiple custom enchantment effects are handled.

    The bulk of CIT behavior is defined in multiple properties files within the ~/cit folder. Each properties file lists a type (item, enchantment, armor); some criteria for when the replacement should happen based on item ID, damage, etc.; and one or more replacement textures. If multiple files match the same item, the one with the highest weight property takes priority.
     type=<item | enchantment | armor><br>items=<item IDs><br>damage=<damage values><br>stackSize=<stack sizes><br>enchantmentIDs=<list of enchantment IDs><br>enchantmentLevels=<list of enchantment levels><br>nbt.<expression>=<NBT value><br>weight=<priority relative to other CIT files><br>texture=<replacement texture><br>
    (Most of these properties are optional.)

    CIT type=item defines a simple texture replacement. The game uses a custom texture instead instead of the default one in textures/items. Replacement textures can be animated using Mojang's .mcmeta format. For items with more than one texture (bows, potions, spawner eggs), specify all the replacement textures in a single properties file:
     # Wrong - will show the same texture when the bow is pulled back<br>texture=my_special_bow_standby<br># Correct - separate textures for each bow state<br>texture.bow_standby=my_special_bow_standby<br>texture.bow_pulling_0=my_special_bow_pulling_0<br>texture.bow_pulling_1=my_special_bow_pulling_1<br>texture.bow_pulling_2=my_special_bow_pulling_2<br>

    CIT type=enchantment replaces the default glint effect. Different enchantments can be given different textures based on enchantment type or level or both. If an item has multiple enchantments, the effects can be blended together or cycled. If no custom enchantment is found for an enchanted item, the default enchanted_item_glint.png is used. This can be disabled by setting useGlint=false in the global cit.properties file.

    CIT type=armor replaces the armor texture shown in third-person view and on other players. Each armor type has two textures except for leather which has four. Use the same syntax as with the bow example to replace multiple textures:
     # Diamond<br>texture.diamond_layer_1=...<br>texture.diamond_layer_2=...<br># Leather<br>texture.leather_layer_1=...<br>texture.leather_layer_1_overlay=...<br>texture.leather_layer_2=...<br>texture.leather_layer_2_overlay=...<br>

    There is an alternate method for replacement textures for potions. Rather than dealing with the complexities of damage values for potion types, there is a simpler filename-based method you can use instead. No properties files are needed to use this method, only a png file with the proper path. See the section at the bottom of the template cit_single.properties file for details.

    Other Information

    Other links:
    Java source code - includes a project for the IntelliJ IDEA IDE.Older versions: Bitbucket githubxau's original MCPatcher thread is available here. The old patcher (1.1.12_02) no longer works as of Beta 1.5_01.[/list]

    Settings, including the list of enabled mods and files to include, are saved to mcpatcher.json in the .minecraft folder. The format should be self-explanatory for those familiar with json.

    From the main patcher window, you can also
    enable or disable individual mods by checking/unchecking them,edit a mod by double-clicking it,remove altogether a mod you previously added by selecting it and clicking the Remove (-) button, andchange the order in which mods will be applied using the up and down arrows.[/list]

    If you are curious about the actual bytecode changes MCPatcher makes, use MCP to decompile a patched minecraft.jar.

    Version History

    4/18/2015 5.0.3 release
    Updated for 1.8.4.Fixed Forge detection for newer versions.Sync with recent launcher changes.2/21/2015 5.0.2 release
    Updated for 1.8.3.Support for custom underlava overlay color via colormap/underlava.png.Ability to turn off clouds entirely via clouds=none in color.properties.[/list]
    11/24/2014 5.0.0_02 release
    Updated for 1.8.1.Fixed error rendering enderman held blocks.[/list]
    11/4/2014 5.0.0_01 release
    Fixed missing "preRenderHeld" method crash.Fixed incorrect mooshroom overlay rendering.[/list]
    11/2/2014 5.0.0 release
    Updated to 1.8.1.Backported current features to 1.5.2.Too many other changes to list.[/list]
    6/26/2014 4.3.2_03 release
    Updated for 1.7.10.[/list]
    4/1/2014 4.3.2_02 release
    Fixed vertical ctm with certain block types.Fixed Better Grass coloring issues.Fixed potential crash with null blockAccess object.[/list]
    3/20/2014 4.3.2_01 release
    Updated to 14w11b.Fixed extra render pass issues with forge.Fixed glass panes connecting incorrectly.Reset custom redstone colors when switching packs.Less strict checking of neighbor metadata for CTM.[/list]
    2/27/2014 4.3.2 release
    Updated for 1.7.5 / 14w08a.Fixed launcher incompatibility with Test Minecraft button.Replaced min/maxHeight properties with "heights" in CTM and Random Mobs.Fixed useGlint=false not applying to armor models.Fixed conflict with Forge texture loading.Fixed problem rendering a custom compass in item frames.Various CTM and custom colormap fixes.[/list]
    1/1/2014 4.3.1_01 release
    Do not render top and bottom edges between connected glass panes.Use new URL for downloading libraries.Use gson 2.2.4 for older Minecraft versions.Handle newer Forge versions named 'forge', not 'minecraftforge'.[/list]
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    I'm the one who wrote in HiRes font support for xau's MCPatcher, and here's my input.

    The font is messed up because both ModLoader and MCPatcher need to modify oi.class (FontRenderer for those familiar with MCP). MCPatcher makes several bytecode-level changes to this class so it can handle any size font. ModLoader replaces the class file completely. Depending on the order you do things, the text ends up either too wide or too narrow.

    Scenario A: Apply MCPatcher, then ModLoader
    In this case, ModLoader overwrites all of MCPatcher's changes, leaving the default Minecraft behavior when font/default.png is a different size. You can try this yourself. Take a vanilla minecraft.jar, add in Misa's font/default.png and make no other changes. Run Minecraft and you'll see the same text problem.

    Scenario B: Apply ModLoader, then MCPatcher
    In theory, this could work if the ModLoader version of oi.class were similar enough to the original. I decompiled it and it looks like the only intent was to add a call to ModLoader.RegisterAllTextureOverrides(renderengine) at the end of the constructor. Unfortunately, this simple change jumbles up all the local variables in that code, which makes MCPatcher unable to recognize one of the bytecode sequences it needs to patch (not surprisingly, the bit of code that computes the width of each character). Compare the FontRenderer part of the MCPatcher log with and without ModLoader and you'll see there's one line missing.

    I can't do anything to fix Scenario A. Nothing MCPatcher does to oi.class will matter as long as ModLoader simply overwrites it wholesale.

    I may be able to do something about Scenario B, but I make no promises. The challenge is to figure out a set of patches that will work with both the vanilla oi.class and ModLoader's and still be robust enough to handle future updates to both Minecraft and ModLoader. Could I persuade the author of ModLoader to look into why his oi.class is so different? Maybe due to different compiler settings or a different Java compiler altogether?

    In the meantime, everyone should keep doing what others have been suggesting as a workaround: Remove font/default.png from the texture pack and uncheck HiRes Font when you run MCPatcher.

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    posted a message on HD texture fix [Feb22: 1.3 support, fixed compass]
    Quote from Juze »

    There seems to be a weird problem. The patcher freezes for me for no reason on new versions of my texture pack. v1.1.1 and v1.2 freeze in mid-way, to "reading" some file. What's changed in v1.1.1 is that a texture (Furnace top and dismantler top) has been changed to stone, it will freeze. Same and a lot more in v1.2. Patching with v1.1 texture pack and adding v1.1.1 terrain.png afterwards works perfectly though.

    I think this may be caused by java running out of memory when patching. The "out of memory" error doesn't show up in MCPatcher's log window, but if you run the patcher from the command line, you may see it.

    First download a fresh minecraft.jar by deleting your version file. Then, if your texture pack is a rar, try repackaging it as a zip. This will reduce the amount of memory needed to patch. Or you can give java more memory to use via the command line:

    java -Xmx1024M -jar mcpatcher-1.1.11.exe
    java -Xmx1024M -jar mcpatcher-1.1.11.jar

    Try larger -Xmx values if needed. You may have to give the full path to the java executable.

    Quote from WhiteBlueVixen »

    hmm odd although the op says that 256x256 has been fixed I still get this error
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 262144
       at et.<init>(SourceFile:50)
       at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.a(SourceFile:252)
       at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(SourceFile:559)
       at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

    You're patching an old version of Minecraft. Alpha 1.2.6 by the looks of it. Download the latest minecraft.jar and try again.

    Quote from xBlizz_I_Devi »

    I can't get into minecraft successfully with my 256x pack except through the patcher. I have tried a hundred different ways to launch it. is there a way to use the 'test minecraft' button with an actual login so i can use my server with the pack?

    I was afraid this would happen. The problem is that 256x textures require so much memory in the GL libraries. MCPatcher works around this by decreasing -- yes, decreasing not increasing, it's complicated -- the java heap size when launching Minecraft with a 256x pack. That works for single-player, but since Notch's launcher doesn't do this, you're pretty much out of luck for multiplayer.

    If you're running a 64-bit OS, installing the 64-bit version of java may help, but I can't try it myself as I only have 32-bit.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - Happy Holidays! (UPDATED 22 DEC 2020)

    Ooh, nifty.
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