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    After 3 years of monotonous, on and off production, learning, watching many tutorials, contacting experts and so on so forth; I bring you my biggest and first project for Minecraft:

    Zelda Breath of the Wild in Minecraft

    This project condenses the tutorial area of [the source material] The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild's "Great Plateau" and includes removed content from early development of the source material. It also includes my own additions. A new dungeon not within Zelda Breath of the Wild. And several easter-eggs. It is a single player experience and not to run on a server (to be tested). Requires a machine that can run at minimum 16 chunks render distance and can withhold 30-60 fps. There are bugs, but I have had multiple %100 runs without encountering them. I apologize if you encounter them.

    Contains re-orchestrated music from Zelda Breath of the Wild, please take this into account before monetizing YouTube lets-plays. I myself haven't received any copyright infringement on the music via testing on YouTube videos. Monetization is at your discretion as are the penalties.

    If you have further questions tweet me at [email protected] : https://twitter.com/KSKISPER

    All textures and 3D models done by Kiptrix, myself.

    Please enjoy, I made this for you.

    Trailer and Download Link:

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    Quote from minihilly»

    I don't really get why your download link is inconveniently under the description of the youtube video, I'd have put it proudly on my post if I were you. Seriously, though, this is great! I want more people to see it.

    The modelling, cutscenes, and terrain are top-notch. I was also surprised to see my name credited when I didn't even do anything. I seemed to experience a few bugs, though, which makes me wonder if it may be due to performance problems as this PC isn't particularly powerful.

    Not sure if a bug, but Zelda's voice at the start only said "Link" repeatedly, instead of matching the dialogue. Also, my game crashed when I first loaded the map (hopefully that didn't cause any problems with your redstone), probably due to the lagspike from loading the resourcepack.

    Foraging anything would show the purple 'missing texture' texture as a particle effect.

    Magnesis was extremely buggy for me in the Oman Au shrine, the first bridge wouldn't connect at all (I had to use the blocks to cross it), and the blocks wouldn't stay hovering over me, resulting in me being blocked by them so I could barely move at all whilst moving them.

    No idea what recipes there are for cooking, I tried some from the actual game but couldn't get any to work besides baked apples.

    Finally, after doing the Keh Namut shrine (cryonis) I got stranded as my warmth effect (from an elixir I found in a chest [side-note: I don't understand why you used bread to represent an elixir instead of simple potions, it confused me when I couldn't drink it at first due to having a full hunger bar]) ran out whilst I was completing the shrine - eventually I figured out that the 'freeze' effect is only applies when I'm stood on a snow-layer block,
    but it may be a good idea to give the player a small amount of warmth effect whenever they exit/respawn at that shrine.

    So most of that is a compromised set of issues.

    Zelda's voice was intentionally distorted and only said link intentionally.

    Magnesis is one of the better functioning runes haha. The delay in the execution for tp entity was the reason it would get buggy- I should have made it more obvious for people but you have to jump into the particles with a magnesis platform to make a bridge.

    For the bread- there was a severe color and effect issue using the potions. I actually made custom potion models that were a pain. That was the intended idea at first.

    There are a crap load of bugs- I hope overtime I can update the download. Also I linked the download in the YouTube description to help make the video more popular so it's a more relevant search result.
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    Video XD -

    Looking for help on this Zelda wii u project. I've put 2000+ hours into this. I need a server to use, Musicians (copyright free music), and genuine help if anyone is interested (note: I don't have a server to work on so if anyone is willing to lend a hand that would rock!) (i'm not amazing at command blocks, just good enough, so if there are any incredible command savvy people you are welcome!). You can contact me @kskisper on twitter or dm me here on the forums. I have made custom block models/npcs and custom terrain like Zelda wii u at a 3:1 scale. This is going to be a very detailed mechanically similar adventure map, with a story that will hit you right in the feels.

    Work in progress notes above in the spoiler. This project is officially finished! Check out the video and download there!
    Big thanks to TheRedstoneScientist, Samasaurus6, QwertyuiothePie, Onnowhere and every other inadverdant teacher and contributor.

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    Straight from my reddit post:

    My main reason for this simple suggestion came about when I wanted to have a survival entirely based in the desert(not a mesa) (After many years of playing I like to roleplay and challenge myself). In my endeavors I realized that:

    -Without structures on- planks are impossible to come by(when only in the desert).

    -With structures on- you have to pillage a village/ grow a sapling found from a lucky loot table/ manage to find a stronghold or abandoned mineshaft likely without a tool.

    Since sticks could recently be obtained from dead bushes it'd be a nice utility to have a way to survive in the desert.

    When 4 sticks can craft into 1 plank you can now(without the help of structures):

    -make crafting tables without the need of trees
    -make a furnace
    -make tools in the desert (slow but cleverly)
    -eat cooked rabbit (as it is the only thing of nutritional value in the desert)
    -make shields
    -make glass

    With a major focus of 1.12 being on crafting manipulation- it appears that this suggestion would be relatively easy to implement- there isn't any extra assets to create (other than code itself(and if the recipe menu requires an asset (I doubt it))).

    It takes 2 planks to make 4 sticks and because someone cannot glue them back together(into 2 planks) you get one plank in return.
    What type of plank ends up being crafted is the best issue I've come across. My idea by default will be just an oak plank. But if something had to be added to be added to fix this continuity nightmare- I'd say they could add dinnerbone's discarded idea (discarded because it wasn't suitable for oak planks at the time) - the dead wood (dyeable wood) made from 4 sticks- behaves like other wood(includes all basic plank crafting) + being dyed using the same color formula like all other colored block pallets.

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    Quote from Frogboy59»

    You know, you could probbably add a recipe like that in 1.12 with the new customizeable crafting system.

    I realize this (being a map creator) but it is something that feels like 'why isn't this already a thing'.
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    Okay, I am now going to change my project despite the hours of work I've currently invested! I am remaking the E3 Demo with a few minor changes regarding physics and story :) I have been on hiatus for a while and I apologize for the lack of updates! To see some new progress watch here or from the main post!

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    Might as well make colored signs too?

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    Quote from Ender_King_»

    I find possible for that to be true but remember that is was posted on March 31 so it might be a big update and maybe not. Most April Fools updates are smaller.

    Mojang decided that april fools would be better the day before april 1st because it is less expected.
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    Why do I have to wait so long to repost a better version of someone's suggestion. We've had an influx of suggestions about this dimension lately. Everyone seems to be presenting it in a bad fashion- ways that don't get support. I'm sorry for the boasting and intentions but I aspire to knock out everyone's negative rebuttals. This only has a few good points in it. Unfortunately grabbing ledges is too specific for minecraft- this is a world where everything is compacted into 1x1 meter sized voxels. It seems inappropriate to interact with small fractions of blocks based on the games history. Tiny support (pretty much no support).

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    With the addition of 1.9 command blocks, I see potential for Command Block injectors/chunk memory injections. You have a file of one section chunk amount of information stored in a file similar to the loot tables (for ease of access and sharing an injection). The player can start a new type of world that only renders 14x14x14 usable voxels. The only things that can be placed are command blocks and power supplying redstone related blocks. Once the player has made their own custom use for the section format world, they save and exit the world. Upon saving, the outer most blocks are turned into bedrock.

    Now the player creates any type of new world that they wish. A new world option/setting is to inject this section "schematic" the player made in the cubic format world. If chosen, the 16x16x16 schematic will be placed in the players world upon starting the new world. The 16x16x16 replaces 16x16x16 blocks at bedrock level and up.

    This injector option lets players manipulate their gameplay to their liking. Typically (In the past) the player starts a world, edits it via another program or by hand, saves and reloads the world then plays it. But now the player can have the surprise that any visiting player would when starting a new world. You could "program your gameplay". No more spoilers for your world like the traditional method had. Now its just inject and start new world!

    The possibilities are endless!!!:

    Survival games, Factions, Survival challenges, mini-games, mini-adventure maps, UHC, Huge Dynamic adventure maps, single player challenges, and so, so, so much more!

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