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    posted a message on [1.5.2][v2.0] (PH) Filipino/Tagalog Language Pack <NEW FEATURES!>
    I Would Love To Use This Language Pack! I Want To Use This Everyday! And Your Philippines Spelled Wrong On The Pack Lol Anyway Nice Work furriKira!
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    posted a message on Project: Uhh... What It Is Called Again?
    Quote from nl4l1f3

    nobody cares... pretty good build tho, however just post it when its done. as you dont even know what you are building...

    Lol Its Okay And Thank You For The Feedback. I Already Know What To Do, Its A Mini-Game Something. Here Are The Lists:
    • PvP (Not The One Which Only The Boxing Ring But The Course Is Too Big Like An Expanded Room...???)
    • Spleef (Planning To Do It Using SethBling's Spleef... But If Not, I'll Work On The Redstones)
    • Cops And Robbers (I'll Make A Replica One But I'll Put Some Redstone)
    Thats All I Know. You May Suggest Other Mini-Games, I Either Try That Out. =)
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    posted a message on Project: Uhh... What It Is Called Again?

    Now I am working on the walls already. How about putting stairs?! Well! Not bad about it!

    And I keep reminding that I need to put light! Good thing I've put stairs to hide the Glowstone!

    And I've noticed that I've seen Monsters that are wierd today

    Anyway the good news is the lighting is good BUT!

    This One!

    Yes I have some errors about it :P But its a bit Challenging. And only half more and I am done!

    Even More Weirder Mobs and they are having a Party on the Ground...

    Yep. Party Everyday! And after that I've finished All of the walls. And dont mind to have a imaginary roof there :P

    Its so nice in the dark!

    And theres my work for today! I'll catch up later!
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    posted a message on Project: Uhh... What It Is Called Again?
    Quote from Matt7910

    Okayyy... so is this a story or a map? But pretty cool though!

    Hi Matt7910! I Dont Even Know. But Its Either With Mixed Story, A Mini-Game, etc. But I Would Work On The Redstone Functions. But For Right Now I Am Working First On The Room. And Thanks For Your Feedback! :D
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    posted a message on Project: Uhh... What It Is Called Again?
    September 10, 2013
    I am thinking what would I do in this room, I thought that its a bit bright idea that I would put another Circle (Yeah Another Circle). And I have challenge myself that I would make the circle for myself. Then my Challenge has Accepted but before I work lets see whats down there...

    Yes... Theres too many monsters already... Well I dont know how can I remove those today but lets proceed.

    I've been shaping the circle by ??x??" (Seriously?!) but my circle isn't exact to the Original Circle I presume. But its a try :D

    Well my Circle almost exact but I've fixed something and I forgot to ScreenShot it :(

    Just only one shade... Oh God, theres too many of them! How can I remove these [email protected]?!?!

    Well I have been a few corrections for the walkway, I extend 2 of them so the players wont go hard to walk in only just One Block.



    And I felt happy that I had finished the circle by myself. Then my next job now is putting walls and I dont know what block can I use and how can I decorate. Atleast my Circle still exist.

    The Build Continues...
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    posted a message on MC Sprint map for Bodil40,Sky and Deadlox by CKBandicoot 1.6.2
    It Is Nice But Make The Parkour More Complicated. I Mean Put More Redstone, Harder Course, Magics, Etc To Make Them Impressed What You Are Doing :P But It Is Still Cool!
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    posted a message on Project: Uhh... What It Is Called Again?
    Hi there! Now its my First Time doing Forums right now. Now I have a project map that I would be doing right now... But I don't know what am I gonna call it. So anyway I'ved started in a very flat surface.

    Aww I forgot to remove this! :(

    Nevermind about that anyways! Lets start on the spawnpoint. Now I am building a 13x13 quarts make them a spawnpoint, then putting a spawnpoint later on. :D

    After I done on the floors and I started doing on the roof.

    And Poof! The roof is finished!

    And I just left a hole on the top. You know why? I was using a Sunlight Detector for the Time of the game, so any Stupid Monsters gonna get BUUUUUURN!!! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!

    And anyway enough for that talk, I have 4 Redstone and Torch. The reason why there are only Four Redstone is because when the time is set to 12500 (Night Time), just wait for a few seconds until the One Redstone Isn't triggered, the Torch activated BOTH Command.

    Commands I use =)

    The time is already 12500, you'll get it why the Redstone is only Four :P

    After I done a few redstone work, now I just need to finish off the spawn point section, then its all done!

    Anyway I've been searching for something which is cool, Minecraft Circles would be helpful for me, I go for 29" because I've been working for so long for only that, and the Circle was having shape! Look At It!

    Thanks to Google for the circles! LOL! Anyway I was planning for the rest of the edges of the circles, how about to put a Glowstone on top of the Leaf?


    Aw Yeah!

    And after I shown you that, I resume and finish all the sides of the circle and my day is finished. Cant wait for the decoration!
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