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    **Halocraft v0.7.7**

    Halo Mod For Minecraft

    The Development Team:
    KILLER CHIEF ------------- Coder. Try Hard: Modeller, Texturer, & Map Maker. A Bit of everything B)
    Camo7 ---------------------- Texturing, Skinning, Modeling, UNSC/Covenant/Forerunner/Flood Architect.
    Hellcraftjz ------------------- Texturing, Skinning.

    FabulousMissLuna ------- 3D Weapon & Vehicle Modeller

    More Information on the mod can be found here: halocraft.glitchyscripts.com
    It includes information about setting up the mod as well as the crafting recipes and all the content the mod introduces into Minecraft.

    Halo maps remade in Minecraft:
    Minecraft Halo Map Pack by onimushaiz: www.minecraftforum.net/topic/552120-/

    Downloads & Links:
    Go Here for Download Links and Information:


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    woah woah hold up... i am the main programmer for this mod. all the others who got partial mention of coding never stuck around for more than 2 weeks. So to clarify, I have been the only programmer. And I used to call myself a try-hard because I was new to coding. Now i've been programming for around 7 years. I just took up many other interests aside from minecraft...

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    Alright, so my website is back up and fully functional. It is now GlitchyScripts.com and no longer KillerChief.net

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    Quote from Kusaark»

    I recall chief saying one time that he would get more active during the holidays (as in this christmas season), but I wasn't sure if he meant for his Halo 2 project or the mod.

    *would probably. And that was over everything i guess. Halo 2 is my main focus at this point (among other things).
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    Quote from Dracozilla»

    Hey guys, I was just playing a minute ago, and typed in "hog" in toomanyitems with halocraft, and found this....

    I've never seen it before. what are you talking about.... :]

    Update news: we did some testing and things came up, all but 1 i've fixed so far from what i remember so it's getting closer.
    Getting busy with life too, some very important stuff next week. i'l like to say definitely out by or on next sunday with any luck.
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    Quote from Alien8765»

    Killer Chief so now your Updating the mod to 1.8?

    Quote from DerpSquad1O1»

    No, probably 1.9.4

    I tried to update my mods to 1.8 / 1.9 / 1.10 but due to the new .json file changes (and being unable to find an alternative (code) way of registering textures / models) i must report that I will NOT be updating whatsoever! Until such way is announced or someone else knowledgeable on such tasks appears, I'm afraid i can't do any more game updates. It breaks the way KC's Weapon Mod functions, and since Halocraft depends on it, neither are getting an update. (as well as the many many thousands of errors i still had to fix on top of that too).

    On a positive note, another 1.7.10 update is due to be released in a short while. I won't give an eta because my holidays are now over, but i will say that it shouldn't take more than a month. LOL hopefully a week but i can't even.
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    Quote from DerpSquad1O1»

    Can you just build something, then put it in the code somehow?
    Teach meh. Otherwise, I'll just say: these be looking' good

    Yes, but it's very time consuming. and my current method is not good for big things like the pelican.
    I wanna look into another method but i haven't had the time either, there are other things with higher priority.
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    The Halocraft v0.7.5 [Multiplayer Evolved] update has finally arrived!

    New: Banshee, more Warthogs, ALL Halo 3 Spartan armor, Light Bridge, Rocket & Needler tracking & more!

    Change Log: http://halocraft.killerchief.net/changelog

    Download: http://halocraft.killerchief.net/downloads

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    where is the Damn right son banner?

    Found it: http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j374/KILLER_CHIEF/HalocraftAchevementBanner.png

    oh and check out this bad boy:

    It doesn't get any older than that. xD
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    Quote from C4PTRAMPAGE»

    "I aim to please" ...actually I aim to kill, but you get the idea. sorry in advance, for the long reply.

    just wanted to say i really like gun holders! "the UAC is making safer worlds through superior firepower" <see attached picture 0>
    and that I'll report any bugs I find.

    bugs: "have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes right?"
    #1 (permanend gravity lift) wont work if a block is placed a some distance directly above, before it is turned on <see attached picture 1> (I have not thoroughly tested that to see all of the problems)
    #2 (beam rifle) (once the battery has been depleted some) if the player (while holding it) presses the reload key, the game will crash.
    #3 (dispenser) will not place armor on the player correctly (helmet in the chestplate slot, etc) but this seems to be a problem in the vanilla game.
    #4 (weapons in general) can be reloaded after singleplayer/lan death, but only if the player trys so fire a weapon first.
    #5 armor jump height boost in galacticraft dimensions is very overpowerd (less gravity) so thats probably somthing you'll need to talk to micdoodle8 (galacticraft mod maker) about.

    suggestions: I'm no mod maker but I have some ideas, here are a few.
    #1 (gun holder) when in the gui, it should display rotation coordinates for the weapon.
    #2 (gun holder) the gui has an option to copy and paste rotation coordinates. would have made what I did <see attached picture 0> A LOT easier. and should be very helpful for MP map, map makers as well.
    #3 (gun holder) (creative mode only) the gui has an option for the gun holders contents to respawn after a specified time.
    #4 (.config) an option to disable recoil. (for people who have laggy clients and/or <3 no reciol)

    Wahoo, that armoury looks boss! (I was really hoping for someone to make one)

    "have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes right?" (the 3 days leading up to the 0.7.2 release).


    #1: I can't replicate, works fine for me. Do you mean you put a block 2 above the base block and turn it on, the particle effects go through the block 2 high but when you stand on it it doesn't send you upward? that is deliberate. however the particles do need an overhaul, so that they live variable lengths of time so that if it's 100 high then the particles will live roughly long enough to make it to the top. that has been on my mind for a while.

    #2: Bug identified, fix in progress. (i had a //FIXME comment on that but forgot what it was for, thanks lol).

    #3: I'll take your word for it that it's actually Minecraft's fault.

    #4: Fixed, (i didn't pick up on that one, good discovery).

    #5: I could probably try and detect the current dimension gravity factor and modify it from there... so it's all mod compatible. It turns out gravity isn't a vanilla/forge method... I could add an option in the config so players can enter a dimension id and the gravity jump factor that the armour uses to propel the player a particular amount... And by the looks of this old code, it'll need a overhaul while i'm at it.


    #1: There's not a lot of gui room lol, ok. i'll do that.

    #2: hmm, seems tricky. I think i could pull that off via the wrench.

    #3: Well there is a command that you can use to insert items/blocks into the gun holder, so just use a command block for the time being. Noted.

    #4: mmm, but that's like cheating when your on a pvp server and your getting easy shots on everyone. Guns are ment to be a bit hard to use. I'll think about that one... (local/SP only?)

    Thanks for the amazing feedback! Though i think you missed the bullets go through blocks bug :o lol

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