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    posted a message on Stronghold in latest Tutorial World?

    So I'm playing in the latest title 69 update, and I'm in the aquatic update totorial world (To get all the achievements).

    I got tons of ender eyes (From a tutorial world exclusive duping glitch)

    I used them, dug down when they went down, didn't find it, dug out an entire cave, and the ender eyes go straight to the middle of the cave and float there.

    I went to bedrock level, and used an x-ray glitch to find the stronghold.

    Its not there.

    I dont understand, I am in the exact spot that the ender eyes lead to, but there is NOTHING there. (Except a tunnel at the surface cutting through a mountain)

    Is there even a stronghold in the tutorial world? Do I have to do specific stuff to get it to generate?

    Strongholds have always generated in the previous tutorial worlds, but not this one for some reason.

    Please help me, no matter how long it takes to reply to this.

    I only need 3 more achievements.

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    posted a message on My village sure loves iron golems.

    This probably happened because some golems walked far away from the villagers, and weren't counted as in the village anymore.

    The villagers then decided to spawn another one since the villagers think they don't have any golems.

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    posted a message on Post your biggest creations in the comments!

    Building that took around 1-2 years, but there was a lot of resource gathering in between.

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    posted a message on My World Just... Reset?

    Minecraft hasn't crashed ever since I updated to 1.15.

    I DID go back to 1.12 to play on my old worlds, but I never log onto worlds with a newer update, such as my survival world. That cant affect my world if I never opened it right?

    Also, I play on Mac, not Windows.

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    posted a message on Post your biggest creations in the comments!

    The biggest thing I built was in survival, so here you go:

    I didnt really build much on top of the platforms yet, apart from a couple of farms, so thats why it looks a bit bland.

    Also that dark place underneath the main platform is a mob grinder. I built the mob grinder first, then built the base around it.

    I didnt really focus much on decoration, since I built this entire thing when I only had an iron farm, meaning I had barely any resources.

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    posted a message on how does home beach for turtles work?

    Quote from the Official Minecraft Wiki:

    "Each turtle remembers the beach where it hatched as its home beach. No matter how far away the turtle travels, it always eventually returns to its home beach to lay its eggs after breeding."

    Im guessing they only get back to the same biome they were at when they hatched. Not a radius or exact block.

    It also says the can travel as far as they want and still return.

    Heres the link if you need more information: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Turtle

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    posted a message on My World Just... Reset?

    I have no idea what on earth happened.

    I just logged out of Minecraft after an AFK session yesterday, then today I came back to the same world, which for some reason had its world icon deleted.

    I spawned in with all my regular stuff, as usual, but I was falling through the sky for some reason.

    I then instantly realised that was the exact location of where my AFK platform for my mob farm was SUPPOSED to be.

    I of course fell to my death and respawned at the spawn chunks (Because my bed was deleted also)

    Everything in the spawn chunks had completely reset also. I went back home, and of course thats just a forest now.

    LUCKILY though, I had decided to back up my survival world right before the AFK session, and everything reappeared in the backup world, so it was fine (Apart from all the loot I wouldve gotten from the AFK session...)

    How can everything just reset like that? The most confusing thing is how I kept all my stuff in my inventory.

    I had just updated from 1.12 to 1.15 like 2 months ago, and I used Chunky to reset all the chunks that I didnt build in so that I can get the new stuff right next to my base. This cant be the problem right?

    The thing is Im too worried to continue playing incase this happens again. I COULD keep making backups like everyday, but that would be annoying to do. Anyone know what my be the cause of this?

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    posted a message on Challenges for Plants Vs. Zombies?

    (I'm talking about the FIRST game, not the second one)

    So I've completed everything in PvZ. Including the achievements, mini-games, and buying everything from the shop.

    I've done other stuff to play the game again, like replaying adventure mode with Crazy Dave's plant picks, playing endless with cobs/without cobs, and playing co-op endless with cobs/without cobs.

    Now I just want some challenges to replay adventure mode again (Or any challenges for the mini-games).

    The challenges I've already played/tried are:

    -Play ONLY with Crazy Dave's 3 picks

    -Play without sunflowers/sun-shrooms

    I can't think of anything else, apart from only instants.

    I've already searched for an hour and didn't find anything different from these three challenges.

    So the question is: What challenges can you think of to replay PvZ with more difficulty.

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    posted a message on How to make a leaf block drop a sapling 100% of the time?

    If that's the easiest way then I'm definitely not bothered lol. But thanks anyway.

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    posted a message on How to make a leaf block drop a sapling 100% of the time?

    Basically: how do I make sure a sapling drops from a tree.

    I don't want every leaf block to drop saplings 100%.

    I just want to make sure they DO get a sapling from a tree, by maybe making sure that one leaf block will always drop a sapling or something like that.

    It can be something a bit more creative, like having a sapling item hidden in the tree that doesn't despawn or something.

    You might say that the chances of not getting a sapling from a tree is unlikely, but this is going to be for every tree type, and jungle trees have like 30% chance of not dropping a single sapling from my testing.

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    posted a message on Does having too many mods lag Minecraft?

    I'd say load and unload mods to find out what the case is but ones with lots of content/assets like CustomNPCs is likely.

    Yep. Turns out it was CustomNPCs that was causing the most lag. Now there is no lag at all. Thanks, I can finally enjoy Minecraft without having to worry about it crashing every 10 minutes.

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    posted a message on Does having too many mods lag Minecraft?

    (Yes, I just posted another thread minutes before this one, I dont have the time to play minecraft now, so Im just asking all the questions I have about it)

    Anyway, the "mod list" in Minecraft has:

    • Minecraft
    • Minecraft Coder Pack
    • Forge Mod Loader
    • Minecraft Forge
    • WorldEdit
    • Bounding Box Outline Reload


    • Cubic Chunks
    • CustomNPCs
    • Village Info (SSP)

    Next time I can play I can remove Cubic Chunks, CustomNPCs and Village Info since I wont need them for the things Im doing now, so thats why its separate to the main list.

    The problem is that Minecraft is still laggy for me. I did multiple things to try and remove the lag, it helped a bit, but its still annoying. I have to play with every setting at minimum which makes Minecraft look like its a 8-bit game.

    So the last thing I can think of is the mods.

    Basically the question is: would Minecraft run much more smoother if I didnt have any mods?

    And why is there 2 Forges?

    And what is that Minecraft Coder Pack? Is that necessary to run the mods/Minecraft? I dont remember downloading this.

    (Im playing in 1.12.2 if that makes any difference)

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    posted a message on Do villagers give discounts in 1.12?

    So I wanted to build a villager breeder/trading hall in my survival world. (I play in 1.12 because thats when I made the world, and most of my farms will break if I update) and I searched up designs that I can build.

    I found a few, but none of them used the mechanics of converting a villager to a zombie then back, so that you can get discounts. They only use this in 1.14.

    So basically the question is: is the new villager discount mechanic only in 1.14+?

    I tried to test it myself but I keep getting some weird results, so Im just going leave it to the people that are actually smart.

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    posted a message on Singleplayer is really buggy

    Oh guys, I found the problem. I'm so dumb. Idk how this affects every world but I guess it somehow does:

    So the iron farm I built has this egg farm to throw an egg into the nether every few seconds (So when I go into another dimension the spawn chunks wont unload). The nether portal in my base somehow linked to the one that has eggs being thrown out of, and I found like 50 stacks of eggs laying there.

    Well when I removed all those eggs (and put lava there so there wont be any more egg piles) the problem went away completely.

    Sorry for wasting your time.

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    posted a message on Singleplayer is really buggy

    Turn off mipmapping.

    It kind of actually helped.

    It only remove like half the lagginess though. Its still annoying but at least its playable now.

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