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    posted a message on All wuppy's mods [Updated Feb 28] Frozencraft, Peacefulpack & Improved mob spawn updated for 1.8
    It is my conclusion that the Koi mod has a serious problem.


    After playing this mod in single player for a while, the game will experience long periods of disconnect between the internal server and the internal client. Broken blocks will continually reappear, nothing can be picked up, etc. This goes on continuously for several minutes before the game straightens it out. It may take several hours of gameplay before it happens again, but it eventually does.

    Testing Methodology:

    Minecraft 1.7.2, Forge 1147, Koi 1.11.0

    It took me a huge amount of diagnostic time to isolate the Koi mod as the source of this problem. I had been playing SSP for weeks with about 25 mods and the above issue kept popping up. I was forever swapping mods in and out trying to find one that was primarily responsible. The Koi mod is so small and simple, I really figured it couldn't be the one. But eventually I got down to where if I played just the Koi mod and no other mods the problem remained. And if I removed only the Koi mod and played the other 24 mods, the problem completely vanished.


    When the disconnect problem is actually occurring, the game can be saved and reloaded and the problem remains. The only action that will force the problem to end is to quit to launcher, remove the Koi mod and reload the saved game. Because the problem is persistent in a save game file, I might be able to upload a saved game with the problem in progress.
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    Quote from trollsack»
    Also, I just found out that Armor Stands were stinkin' stripped off of the BiblioCraft mod, and Mojang didn't even give credit.

    Now this would be tragic. The 1.8 armor stands are implemented as entities, just like the infamous item frames. So they create a huge amount of lag for a block. The Bibleocraft armor stands were probably implemented as regular blocks, so no lag.
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    posted a message on Unfairness Question
    When you wrote, "I had to beg them to unban me." Frankly they really don't sound like your friends. Friends have at least some level of respect for each other. What you described looks like what mean people do to someone that hangs around them all the time but they really don't have an interest in being friends with.

    I'll bet if you stop trying to be around these 'friends', they won't miss you. I think you deserve better.
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    posted a message on Glenn's Gases - Cool guys don't look at Gas Explosions 1.6.6
    I've now spent days playing this mod in a serious survival game, and my views have changed somewhat.

    When you play this mod in survival, you literally spend about 90% of your time managing gas collection. Which isn't such a bad thing, it's quite a lot of fun. The problem is, and this is the big one, after collecting tanks and tanks of gas, you realize you really don't have a use for it. There's the furnace of course, but the only thing it does that I couldn't do before is the 64coal-->1diamond thing. But really, if I had a dozen stacks of coal saved up I wouldn't trade it all for 12 diamonds.

    Collecting gas is such an enormous investment, it needs to be an essential part of the game's resource chain.

    * I basically propose that diamond ore generation be turned off, and a way invented to convert (for example) Nitrous Gas into diamonds. Something like a "high pressure deposition oven" which turns 1 full tank of Nitrous Gas into about 6 diamonds. But the oven doesn't run on Nitrous Gas, it only runs on Red Gas. (or maybe Green Gas)

    * The second use for the Red/Green Gas should be to automatically run Gas Lamps. Any Gas Lamp adjacent to a pipe segment containing Red/Green gas, should automatically replenish it's bottle from the gas in the pipe segment. This way you can set up Gas Lamps in your home/base with a gas pipe network, and enjoy the whiter light compared to torches at the expense of slowly consuming your gas supply. (Implemented in 1.5, you're welcome Glenn)

    * There needs to be a "valve" block or pipe segment with valve so we can turn the gas lamps in our base on and off together.

    * I used to think the gas pockets should be bigger and farther apart. Mostly this was because there was no use for the gas so it should be less trouble. I think keeping the current pocket size and making the gas become the source of diamonds makes more sense.

    * All the gas components are still just too expensive for the current gas pocket size. I can't get any iron saved up because it all goes into piping. 24 gas pipes should be 1 iron and 2 cobblestone. I know, pipes aren't made of stone but neither are swords and those work really well in terms of resource balance for the early game. /// Either that or make it possible to pick up and place a tank block without it magically losing all it's gas. Then gas collection would be a localized affair and you'd pick up everything and move it to the next pocket so you wouldn't need a full piping network.

    * Moving that collector around to mop up the last gas from pocket after pocket is really just too much. Would it be possible for the collector block to pull in gas from two blocks away instead of just one? That would cut the final workload almost in half.

    * One thing this mod sorely needs is more Glenn. The author hasn't even posted on here in over a month, and it's been over two months since the last release.

    * The piping segments need to have "viewing windows" in them so you can see what kind of gas is in each segment. It's a good mechanic that the plumbing gets plugged up when different kinds of gasses get in the wrong pipes, but not fun that you can't tell what or where the problem is. The fun is in managing the build, not in working blind.

    * Likewise, the pumps and collectors need to have some way to see or query what gasses they are programmed for. The in-game sampling tube thing is great, but you can never tell what you have built because you can't verify the gas programming. Again, working blind. Either the pumps/collectors need an interface window so you can query them, or they could have lights on the textures to indicate status.

    * I love the gas furnace properties, I was thinking the furnace needs something to indicate how hot it currently is. Maybe the light-up grill on the front could change from black to yellow to orange to red to white. (Implemented in 1.5, you're welcome Glenn)

    * It would be fun if some of the ores (mostly thinking modded ores) could only be smelted in the gas furnace. The M-Ore mod has a lot of great ores but not much to differentiate them. Seems like a perfect match. Sapphire and Ruby sound very hard to smelt.

    * +1 for gasmask idea.

    Thanks everyone for reading.
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    Quote from trollsack

    That is not a valid analogy. Looking at someone's work isn't stealing, just like how looking at Minecraft on YouTube isn't stealing. However taking the painting without the owner's permission is considered stealing, and it should be considered the same for Minecraft. You can obviously watch someone play Minecraft or "see Minecraft" without pirating.

    I would say it's your comparison that is incorrect. Reading a book is consuming it's content for your own usage. Playing Minecraft is consuming it's content for your own usage. If I watch you play Minecraft, that's akin to me watching you read Gone with the Wind. I didn't get to consume it, I just watched you consume it.

    If I borrow your copy of Gone with the Wind and read it, did I steal? What if you rent me Gone with the Wind and I read it? What if you read it to me? What if you read it to the patrons in your Pizza place? What if you read it and I write it down? There's always a huge range of grey area.

    You've said that looking at someone's work isn't stealing. When you looked at my painting, you didn't pay to see it in my gallery. So you robbed me of that potential income. That makes your actions thievery.

    You can spin any of it either way. There's no real right or wrong here, there's just opinion and arbitrary current law that changes with time, place and social whims.
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    I make a painting in my kitchen. You look at it through the window without paying me. Did you steal anything?

    When you play a cracked game, you haven't usurped all the legal rights to it, so it's not like you really stole it. I was going to charge people to see my painting, but you stole the view and denied me of income. Cracked games are the same, they weren't really selling the game, just selling a look it at.

    If you read a book or look at a painting, you are consuming the content for your own usage. If you play Minecraft, you are consuming the content for your own usage.

    People make out like piracy is so cut and dried, but that's just the government talking. If I rent out my Minecraft account would you call that stealing? And yet I can buy a copy of Star Wars and rent that out all I like. The deference between them has nothing to do with morality or right and wrong, just arbitrary boundaries that change with time and social whims.
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    posted a message on Stop taking the Sand out of the Sandbox!
    I can't believe how rude so many of the replies are in this thread. You've got Benjamin, Knochenbow, & EmeraldCreeper all who specifically roll out the word 'whining', which is just a passive-aggressive way of calling someone a baby. So it's really just name-calling. Then you have Sparkle124 above me doing the same thing with the word 'arguing'. Which is of course a simple synonym for discussion that you use when you don't like what someone is saying.

    Someone should be able to state an opinion without having to be attacked by so many people. If you don't agree with their opinion you should go post your own opinion in a new thread instead of replying just to attack their person.
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    Thank you for such a detailed reply, Criticsquid.

    Quote from citricsquid

    With regards to the rule we've just discussed this internally and made some changes, the rules now reads:

    The way you have it written, one level of indirection is okay but two levels are not okay?

    To repeat that more clearly, it's okay for the mod to link to a page containing the download link, but it's not okay to link to a page that links to another page that contains the download link?

    Is this exactly what you are intending?
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    posted a message on Rules that are not enforced.

    Mapping and Modding Rules

    Section Rules


    Download Links


        • Download links to third party websites are acceptable if the third party website is a file sharing service (eg. MediaFire, Dropbox)

    I've seen several mods posted that very clearly violate this rule. Instead of a direct link to their mod, they post a link to their personal website. On that website is a list of their mods, one of which is the one you came for. That usually leads to another specific page about the mod, which then contains the direct link to the download. Clearly their personal modding website does not qualify as an established "file sharing service".

    I filed a report once about a mod that did this, but nothing happened so I assume it's unwritten forum policy that this rule can be ignored. Either that or I am misunderstanding this rule.

    I submit that the rule should either be stricken from the rule book or it should be enforced. Having unenforced rules is unfair to people who are not inclined to break rules in general.
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    posted a message on No rules server, accept cheating.
    Quote from petzz0n

    ... survival griefing server. No rules accept cheating!

    None of the rules will accept cheating? What will they accept?
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