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If you are oh so curious to learn about me, well then here you can find some answers to your various questions. I'm fifteen years old and live on the East Coast up north and have lived in America my whole life.


I began playing Minecraft in 2011 because of my best friend who always talked about the game. I never understood it and it was incredibly annoying until I finally bought the game to understand her. :)

I am big into writing and acting and hope to do both upon coming out of college.

I first joined the Minecraft Forums in November of 2012 and I a must say, a year goes by and it doesn't even feel like it becuase of all the fun and entertainment that comes out of roleplaying here on the forums.

I very much enjoy reading, escpecially fantasy and science fiction and things along those lines. My favorite book is Legend (by Marie Lu) with my favorite book series being The Mortal Instruments (by Cassandra Clare)

My favorite TV show is probably... I have no idea actually...

My favorite colors are light blue and grey.

Je parle Francais et je t'aime la langue aussi. C'est tres bon. :)

My favorite song is Never say Never by The Fray and my favorite movie is definitely either Ender's Game or The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (That thread can be found in my topics :))

My biggest fear is spiders and bugs in general, I play softball and do cheer as well as a lot of dance.


I have two dogs and a cat though my cat acts like any and every other animal besides a cat. My black cat is crazy having left my house (He's a house cat) for three weeks before coming home perfectly find and healthy. In that time though, my family had gotten a call from the animal shelter saying that a black cat (My cat is black) came in. My mom went in while I was in school and the cat is identical to my own, so we ended up with two black cats that looked exactly the same. We began to call the cat we got from the shelter D2 because my first cat is named Dorian (After the vampire from Vladimir Todd) and eventually gave D2 a home with a neighbor who he happily stays with now. (We couldn't keep him because he didn't like dogs and we can't keep him hidden forever. That and Dorian didn't like him very much ;))


That is basically my life in a nut shell not including all my school life which isn't fun, and that's all you need to know anyway. If you have any other questions, shoot and I'll try to answer (As long as they're reasonable. :)) but I am always here for tips and advice about roleplaying, and real life I guess... Though I think roleplaying would be a better thing to discuss. :) See you around
Interests Anime, Manga, Fun, Dance, Music, & Food

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