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    Quote from arirish »
    Or you can build a one way passage with soulsand.

    looked that up, i didnt know about that, although this will still be nice, the soul sand door does solve my current problem.
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    Have you ever wanted your minecart system in your house to go outside without giving the badies access or suffocating you? Then we need mincart doors.

    - 2-3 blocks high (if two then turn off suffocation when on that track piece.
    - made of iron, iron, track
    - maybe same texture as the iron door
    - non-automatic, redstone powered (use detector rails if you want it to open automatically)

    With this it will look natural to have tracks go out of a building instead of just a hole. A use could be to block entry to a room using detector rails unless in a minecart.

    This is what I imagine it to look like opening sideways, maybe without the windows. Or it could just disappear except for a the edge of it at the top to look like it slid upwards, because a sideways opening door for minecarts might seem a little weird. If Notch has a better idea I'm fine with what he comes up with.

    Here is the Get Satisfaction Link:
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    I have an idea for a command

    the ability to turn off dispencer item consumption
    and/or a command to automatically fill dispencers to the max of the given item (default arrows) in a certain radius
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    posted a message on Metroid in Minecraft
    I have yet to see any sort of mod or texture pack that implements anything from the Metroid universe.
    I'm not asking for anything in particular but I think it would be neat for a mod that adds Metroid content in some way.

    Here are some examples:
    - Metroid style textures.
    - Power beam cannon maybe with charge beam or different types of beams. (Phazon, ice, plasma, etc)
    - Missile launcher and maybe seeker missiles.
    - Metroid mob.
    - Space pirate mob.
    - Morph ball. (probably not a possibility)
    - Phazon ore and/or a Phazon fluid.
    - Visors.
    - Energy tanks (replacement for heart container mod)
    - Energy units to restore health
    - Grapling hook.
    - Lasso (forget what its called) works like the fishing rod does on mobs.
    - Power suit armor.
    - Space jump boots.

    Feel free to post any other good ideas to add.
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    posted a message on [MOD]GuiForm Screens[WIP][Good for mod options]
    Quote from shawndeprey »
    Interesting. I am currently trying to figure out how to do something as simple as add another armor slot to the inventory slots in the main inventory. It doesn't look like this mod will help with this though.

    No, this won't be overwriting any minecraft files.
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    posted a message on [MOD]GuiForm Screens[WIP][Good for mod options]
    This is a new mod like ModLoader in the sense that people are supposed to use it in their mods. This will allow you to create windows style forms in minecraft as a gui screen. Here are some examples (i'll upload better pictures later:

    This is a basic image for the gui (the checkbox image used a different one)
    the collection of items on either side can be used, they don't both need to be included

    Each item is based off of a parent FormControl
    Some FormControls have collections of controls.
    This mod will be perfect for editing options for mods in game.

    I will better organizeand explain this thread later. I'll put downloads for my work later but I am still adding alot more. When this is released people can add there own FormControls for people to use.
    The checkbox list gui uses risugami's GuiModSpawner mod along with the calculation of the scroller size.
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    posted a message on Mysterious Char Skin
    When I was debuging my mcp mod in eclipse on one particular test my character skin had brown knee and elbo pads, a creeper face on the back, an eyepatch and slight scaring on the face and slight scaring on the stomach. This is reaalllly wierd.
    has this ever happened to anyone? if so is it specific to mcp.

    Is this an easter egg?
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    posted a message on [Coming Soon] The Aether Collab - King, Kodaichi, Shockah!
    I don't know what people were thinking saying it might be the best mod.

    Here's a :chestfront: full of :Diamond:s! ( moar diamonds with less of the spam XD )

    You guys should really have a donate feature, even though it hasn't been released yet it could further push you guys towards your goal. I'd donate, but I'm in high school :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on Key Ids
    I didn't realize until recently that the key ids used in Minecraft are different from normal keyboard ids used.

    Does anyone have a pic of the key codes on a keyboard? I've looked for a bit and couldn't find one.
    simo_415 used to have a pic on his SPC thread until the key bindings no longer used ids.
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    posted a message on [16x]Zelda Items OOT[Updated, v1.1][WIP]
    Quote from JediJennifer »
    it's a bit too cartoony for my taste but good job!

    Yah I tried to keep it in the style of the default Minecraft items. Plus I don't particularly care for highly detailed items.
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    posted a message on [16x]Zelda Items OOT[Updated, v1.1][WIP]
    Update(4/17) - I added a few more items.

    Here are some Zelda items I've been working on for people to use in their mods, etc.
    Technically this isn't a texture pack but I think this is the right forum group.

    Here's a larger view:

    (the coming soon items may not end up looking how they are currently displayed)
    (added: spiritual stones, skulltila token, magic beans, deku nut, fairy ocarina)

    Some of the items I put up are the stock items like the hover boots, bow, and arrows (the other boots have slightly modified colors). While many others are modified versions. They're there just to fit in and show that I might not modify them.
    I modified GreyAcumen's boomerang texture from his mod here:

    Inspired by the Zelda texture packs from here and here:
    I used the bottle and ocarina items from the later texture pack as a reference

    Although the golden regular key isn't in OOT it is the big key used in other Zelda titles.

    If you guys like it I'll work on it some more (I may work on it either way :tongue.gif:)
    If there is any other Zelda items you want me to add, just let me know.
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    posted a message on [V1.7.3] Extended2x2 (on Hiatus)
    First of all... dude the forums considers anything to asking for an upgrade as spamming, 1.5 is coming out soon, and he has a lot that needs upgrading, he's saving the trouble of an upgrade because it'll be pointless in about a week or so. And the big letters isn't helping, it's very rude. :SSSS:

    Anyway, I saw the video for the boomerang and it looks amazing! Good Job! And I think I read somewhere on this thread (although I can't find it again) that Cryect wrote some of this?

    I think some of these things should be separate mods. For example:
    Boomerangs, the Satchel, Shields, the Ink and quill, and the Handcart, should all be separate.
    You should just pack all your mods into one thread like a lot of people and label some of the more important one in the subject. Please follow through on this, although some people may want the extended 2x2, others want some of the more special items, and getting all of the mod will waste texture slots. (Modloader fills the unused spaces of the items and terrain files with the textures added with mods, once it's full you can't use any more item/terrain textures, depending on which one fills up)
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    posted a message on Risugami's Mods - Updated.
    When I try the adf.ly link it either goes to my boarding school's BSOD, (the blocked page) giving random reasons for blocking it every time (really strange), or my antivirus warns me not to go there, so I don't know whats up with that sight but I sort of don't trust it. Also it doesnt always get a warning from my my antivirus which is also weird. My antivirus is Trend Micro.
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    posted a message on [MOBS]Passive Wolves on Peaceful
    I'm sure plenty of people have thought of this idea. Peaceful is for noobs that don't want to deal with any crap, but wolves (although not as common), can be a problem if accidentally hitting one by mistake.

    I myself am a moderate programmer in java and minecraft, but I am having trouble trying to set this feature up. I have tried to modify the functions for wolves and living but with no success, the most iv got is wolves not having red eyes when angered. If anyone is able to figure this out I would be interested in how you did it.
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    posted a message on Risugami's Mods - Updated.
    Hey Risugami, have you already given the source code to MCP, they released their newest version but I find it a little useless without ModLoader support. If not would you mind releasing the source code to us so we can manually add Modloader?

    And I was wondering my the last MCP version was using ModLoader v3 and not v5?
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