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    How come this isnt compatible with the spirit of christmas mod

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    posted a message on Infinity SMP [Whitelist] [Vanilla] [Mindcrack-Inspired] [Youtube Server]
    Age: 15

    Minecraft Username: JonesMC

    Youtube Channel: youtube.com/JonesboyMC

    Why do you want to join the server:

    I would like to join to demonstrate my survival skills and take a step from singleplayer and learn as a community about building, redstone, etc.

    What do you enjoy most in Minecraft:

    I enjoy PVPing and building houses. Quite diverse but I love them both.

    What do you consider yourself best at in Minecraft:

    For survival? I would say building, I have a thing for design.

    How do you want the server to work?:

    I would like a fair server where everyone has the same things so it will be even and everyone can have a good time. It would be best with no mods.

    A little about yourself:

    I am 15, go to high school, enjoy making graphics, Minecraft is my hobby, rugby player. :D
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