About Me
Hello, my name is Riley, i am 14 years old and love many things revolving around computers, i am very mature and sometime shy, but once i know you for a while i become more relaxed, i have had minecraft for about 6 months now, and let me tell you it has changed my life, mostly consumed it, but when juggling high school and activities its not always the easiest thing to get around to doing and enjoying.

I love to bike ride, mostly around my city but i occasionally go on trail rides with my friend, trail rides are like mountain biking but not on a mountain. its rough terrain of hills and trees, certainly a thrill because you never know whats ahead.

I am fascinated with computers, i have worked with them for about 2 years and i have really come to know them well, i recently bought a new PC (Switching from mac) and let me tell you its a whole world better! i wanted to get more into gaming on the pc so i researched what components it would take to run games i like (e.g. Battlefield, crysis, forza,dirt, and more graphically intensive games)and to do so i had to venture into some place i have never gone to before, the internal workings of the computer, even though i have been studying this for bout a month now i am always learning new things. To run the new highly anticipated Battlefield 3 i needed to upgrade my PSU from 300w to 600w so it can support a graphics card i plan to buy called the Geforce GTX 560 ti.

After months of more researching and earning money i finally ordered the parts to build the monster, unfortunately i ordered the wrong graphics card by a silly mistake, ordering the GTX 550 ti instead of the GTX 560 ti, even though im not able to run battlefield 3 on ultra as i had expected, im still very satisfied with playing on high settings. I ended up getting a new case and a bunch of case fans to help cool the PC, i think the new case is about 3x bigger than my previous stock case. it was quite the adventure putting it all together, and it took many hours of agonizing pressure and tedious, backbreaking work, I ran into many troubles along the way that if wasn't sorted out could put the whole project on hold for weeks and i would lose out a couple hundred dollars. Thankfully these problems were solved with the collaberative effort of me and my dad. My dad does not know much about computers but he was able to help get some stripped screws off the motherboard which was a life saver!

So after all the months and hundreds of dollars, i finally put the screws back on the case that could potentially be one of the more disappointing things i have done, or it could be a magnificent feeling of a totally new and foreign thing to me done well! it was a very magnificent feeling! it powered up! i was so excited, i carried it into my room and connected all the cables and the keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and fired it up, and i was greeted by a red message by windows on boot saying that my system fan was not functioning and i had to preform maintenance to prevent further damage. I inspected all the fans and they were all in working order, after more hours of research i found that i needed to connect the exhaust fan on the back place to the specified "System fan"slot, i had it connected to the MOLLEX. SO i was happy that problem was resolved, but of course another problem arose, my system would not boot properly.... MORE RESEARCH, i figured out that i was silly enough to not connect my hard drive to my motherboard, it was only connected to the PSU. But i didnt have long enough SATA cables so i had to wait more to get those, then i fired it up again and it booted!

Now everything was in working manner, i installed the drivers and i was so happy, but after the reboot when the drivers were installed i noticed my computer being slow. it eventually became so slow that i had to use my macbook to do MORE RESEARCH!! I didn't find anything that applied to me so i decided to take matters into my own hands. Was studying the running programs and noticed windows update running. It did not use up much RAM or CPU at all, but sure enough, when i turned auto update off, it worked beautifully.

Now that i am able to fully enjoy my hard effort and time put into the project, i would like to share my specs

PSU: CoolerMaster, 600w non-modular
MOBO: H-RS880-uATX (Aloe)
CPU: AMD Phenom II 925
OS: Win7
DRIVES: DVD R&W, Bluray player.
FANS: 2, 200mm Intake fans with RED LED
1, 200mm exhaust fan
1, 180mm exhaust fan
1, 150mm intake fan

Before all of this i started taking immense interest in graphical effect/ motion graphics with programs like Cinema 4d and the adobe creative suite. i was fortunate enough to inherit a student discount from my uncle. I have learned the programs for about a year now and have become increasingly skilled at the programs.

Im a really nice guy and i hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me, Thats all for now.