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    HI.I have gtx 1070 NVIDIA, 16Gb ram, 10 for minecraft.i'm using Sevtech from Twitch launcher. my java version is 1.8.0_221 64bit.Not using shaders or resourcepack.

    i'm using also OptiFine_1.12.2_HD_U_F4 because i want antialias in minecraft (solve the glitchy textures on moving, makes better the work of mipmap).

    mipmap level on 4,mipmap type on trilinear, anisotropic filtering 16x and antialiasing on 16x.

    this settings bring to me a new bug on some textures (image2 and image3 on moving with a lot of items, carrot on a stick is more evident).

    also with the hand texture, some lines appears around(zoom in, very difficult to see)(image4).

    all nvidia panel options are set to default.

    maybe some mod conflict? maybe optifine version?maybe nvidia panel options?I don't know.

    i can see also a second bug (connected with the one, i think is an antialias problem). White underlines appears when the cursor is on button option.also on the very top of the sceen there is a line (on the top edge).on image1 you can see one line under Snooper Settings and one on the top. to see better just open image1 on a new tab and zoom-out a little, so the contrast will help to see the top white line.

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    posted a message on AntiAliasing bug

    Hi all. I have gtx 1070 NVIDIA, intel i7 6700k and 16Gb RAM.I'm playing SevTech modpack (last version) with the twitch launcher and 10Gb RAM dedicated. The bug happen on moving and looking at distant textures ( for example wood or stone briks). They have something like "curvy lines" like interferences that moves when i'm walking. If i'm too near they disappear. Found online that antialias can solve this, so i've installed optifine 1.12 U F4 (last version) and i've set :

    NVIDIA control panel: all default

    ---Minecraft options---

    Mipmap level:4
    Mipmap type: Trilinear
    Anisotropic Filtering: 16
    AntiAliasing: 16

    With this options the problem is 30% solved (still killing my eyes) and also there is a new bug on held item textures (90% of items have bugged and glitchy textures, pic1 image). In minecraft vanilla+optifine, that has the same first bug , this second bug doesn't happen on this settings.

    So i've tryed with some NVIDIA control panel settings for javaw.exe (the one i'm using with twitch), but i cannot find any settings combo to solve the problem(with or without optifine antialias). The only one that solved the problem was:


    previous in game minecraft settings

    ---NVIDIA control panel---
    antialias mode: Improves the application

    antialias trasparency: 2x or 4x or 8x

    antialias setting: 2x or 4x or 8x

    (antialias trasparency and antialias settings always with the same values)

    But with this set-up 2 new bug appears:

    the first is similar to the pic1,not soo glitchy but has 50% opacity textures in certain pixels (the image is pic2).

    and the second bug happen on breaking blocks (texture, saturation,opacity and color of the block go crazy)

    if i remove the antialias in-game setting, this 2 bugs are fixed, but returns the main bug, the walking lines on distant blocks.

    if u wanna repproduce the main bug, simply create a superfalt world, go find some village, look at the top of some woodden house, move straight and back at certain distance.

    i have no texture pack or shader. Using Java 1.8.0_221-b11 64 bit

    any tips? Thx

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    posted a message on hold item bug

    any fix? all people have this bug?

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    posted a message on hold item bug

    i have strange non rendered lines on hold items, like this pickaxe .no shaders mod, no optifine, just a resourcepack, but the bug appears also in the default resource pack. i've tried all video setting , nothing to do...
    maybe something reguarding nvidia control panel?
    pls help me, thanks

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