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    I will be taking map request or ideas of a PVP styling. No ideas will be rejected and I really need help with map ideas so I don't have much a choice :) Who does this help? Well, it helps me get more maps out there and you get your request! Add details if you can to make these to your liking! Please reply :)
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    Rules: No breaking dialogue wool blocks
    Don't cheat (not that you need to)
    Only break "keys" or sand (except the notes in the first room) unless told otherwise
    Have fun! :)

    Story: You are in a cell not knowing who you are or where you are. You must attempt to escape and then make the decision. Will you go back to them to regain your memory? Or will you go and escape and find out on your own?

    Optimized for 1 player
    If you spawned outside, then look for the door and break the wool to the inside
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