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    The City of Mine York

    Designed for Minecraft

    New version released on July 29th, 2019

    The brand new 11.0.10 update!

    Included in 11.0.0:

    Nether Island and Lapis Island are now a single island and constitute it's own borough, now called The Nether.

    A new borough now exists, named Kings, which is based off of Queens.

    The Nether is rebuilt, especially the area formerly known as Lapis Island. The previous buildings no longer exist save for the school.

    The Fence Gate Bridge connecting the former Lapis Island and Ender Island has been destroyed to accommodate a new highway that connects The Nether, Minehattan, Ender Island, Notch City and Blocker via the Nether-Blockstone Bridge.

    The Nether-Blockstone Bridge has been rebuilt, now based on the real life Bronx-Whitestone Bridge.

    The JackFrost Bridge, which connects Uptown Minehattan to Notch City, has been rebuilt. It is now based on the George Washington Bridge.

    A new bridge now connects Blocker and Ender Island south of Minehattan, based on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.

    A new bridge now connects Blocker and Kings, situated above the tunnel (that was previously a road to nowhere). This bridge is based on the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge.

    A new bridge now connects Kings and the Mesa biome that is currently named as territory of the National Republic of Minecraft. This bridge is based on the RFK/Triborough Bridge.

    A new highway has been constructed, stretching from the Nether-Blockstone Bridge in The Nether, crossing Minehattan, reaching Notch City, and eventually making it's way to Kings.

    JFR International Airport in Blocker has been destroyed. In it's place is a new airport (which continues the JFR name, now officially lengthened to Jack F. Roberts International Airport, fictional of course) that is larger, more organized, and bears a striking resemblance to Terminal 4 at JFK in Queens. This airport has been moved from Blocker to Kings. New highways facilitate transportation.

    A new central business district has been constructed in Blocker taking the place of the former airport. This effectively expands Downtown Blocker tremendously, making it much closer to modern Downtown Brooklyn.

    McDonald's Center in Downtown Brooklyn is closed to enable a complete renovation to be more accessible and realistic.

    A new central business district has been constructed in Kings, named Small Island City. This is based off of Long Island City in Queens.

    The MYC Subway system has been closed to enable a complete reconstruction of the metro (two brand new stations can be explored in Blocker, tell me what you think!)

    The railway station in Notch City has been replaced with a new transportation center.

    The historical district of Crawford on the outer rim of Notch City has been made according to the history of Mine York; as such, here are highly simplistic structures reminiscent of the first few versions of Mine York.

    The Rochelle Gabriel Subsidized Housing Complex have been constructed north of Mine York, a trio of identical modern apartment buildings.

    The City of Blockstone is being constructed north of The Nether where the Six Craft Amusement Park once stood.

    Six Craft Amusement Park has been moved to a location closer to Enderdelphia (not complete).

    Highways have been demolished and moved in Blocker to allow for new buildings and neighborhoods.

    Minehattan has been given a new hospital complex; the MineYork-Presbyterian Hospital, affiliated with Bergensten University and MYU (to be built; suggestions for locations are welcome! Bergensten will be based off of Columbia and MYU on NYU).

    The highway circling Minehattan has been moved underground and continues to operate as a tunnel.

    Numerous new skyscrapers have been constructed in Mine York and Enderdelphia, including a reconstructed World Trade Center.

    Daily Square (Times Square) has been completely reconstructed to appear more modern and more like the real area. It is also connected to the rest of Midtown Minehattan more seamlessly due to Highway 1 being pushed underground.

    This update is more incomplete than some others due to the vast number of additions: this will be completed in future updates (hopefully to be released more often rather than once a year!)



    MYC is a map like no other - beautiful, exciting, and

    diverse. Watch the YouTube video above to get



    Mine York City is based off of New York City in the State of New York - therefore, many different landmarks and skyscrapers can be seen here (including the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, Times Square, 432 Park Avenue, the Chrysler Building, and many more landmarks).

    There are five different boroughs in the city - Minehattan (Manhattan), Blocker (Brooklyn), Ender Island (Staten Island), Kings (Queens), and The Nether (The Bronx). Minehattan is the wealthiest borough while Nether Island, sadly, is the poorest. All boroughs are connected through various bridges and the MYC Subway.
    There are currently three other major cities established in the National Republic of Minecraft (NRM), in which MYC is a part of. They are Notch City (Jersey City; it can be seen from MYC), Minecago (Chicago) and Enderdelphia (Philadelphia). These are accessible from MYC with usage of the extensive highway system.
    When a person first arrives in MYC, he/she will find themselves in JFR International Airport. The MYC Subway system is currently closed to enable a reconstruction project.


    New version 11.0.0 -The City of Mine York (.zip file)

    New version 11.0.0 -The City of Mine York (.mcworld file)

    The old world generation maps have been discontinued.

    Note that the download for each is around 250 MB due to the maps created in JFR Airport.


    The updated skyline of Mine York, with the new Creeper of Minecraft Statue to the left. In the 11.0.0 update, the city has been made taller.

    The Nether, a new borough of the City of Mine York created from the merger of Lapis Island and Nether Island.

    Skyscrapers in Midtown Minehattan, Mine York.

    A neighborhood in Blocker, the largest borough in Mine York, available in version 11.0.0.

    The future of the MYC Subway; a redesigned station entrance in Blocker. The MYC Subway is closed to enable a complete reconstruction, but two stations in Blocker are open for public viewing to show off the proposed design.

    The new skyline of Blocker, the largest borough in the City of Mine York.

    The skyline of Notch City, Minehattan, MY, and Nether Island, MY, from left to right. Notch City is it's own consolidated city. The redesigned JackFrost Bridge is visible, based off of the George Washington Bridge.

    Brownstones in Blocker, a staple that I've wanted to build in MYC for a long time.

    The skyline of Kings, a brand new borough based on Queens. The buildings (which will be furnished in the next update) in the skyline are based off of the ones in Long Island City. The tennis stadium, Monosphere and World's Fair pavilion have been moved to this borough.

    The new Jack F. Redstone (JFR) International Airport, now more closely based off of Terminal 4 at JFK. It is now located in Kings rather than Blocker. It is not completely furnished yet, and the Main Train @JFR will be functional in the next update along with the reconstruction of the MYC Subway and MetroMYC commuter rail (which will have a connection to the airport from Grand Central).

    Grand Central has been redesigned, reconstructed and moved to the east side of Minehattan, facilitating more tracks, more connections (including a true connection to the MYC Subway once the metro is complete) and more reliability. The Metlife Building also makes a return to MYC.

    Taking it's place at the former site of JFR Airport is Downtown Blocker, with new high rises (the tallest, based off of the upcoming 9 DeKalb Avenue, is the tallest in Mine York outside of Minehattan). The new AntVenom-Narrows Bridge connects Blocker to Ender Island, a new connection that did not previously exist.

    A new highway bisecting The Nether. This highway connects The Nether to Minehattan, replacing the old bridge with a tunnel, and continues to Kings where it meets JFR Airport.

    The skyline of Small Island City, Kings, with the new Kingsboro Bridge (based off the Queensboro Bridge) in the foreground.

    The station mezzanine in the redesigned MYC Subway layout, created to be more similar to the NYC Subway system.

    Platforms of the new MYC Subway. There are currently only two stations, with the next update focusing on making the reconstructed subway the main feature.

    The redesigned Nether-Blockstone Bridge, based off of the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge.

    A view looking down from 5th Avenue in Minehattan, facing east towards Downtown Blocker.

    The Town of Bloxten, a wealthy suburb of Mine York and Enderdelphia off Highway 10, a five minute walk from Mine York and a three minute walk from Enderdelphia.

    The skyline of Center City, Enderdelphia, a beautiful looking historic city. The Central Business District, known as Center City, is complete.
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    I haven't forgotten you all!

    Summer is nearing, my year's almost complete at university, and MYC is gearing for a new update in the summer!

    Stay tuned, I love this community, however empty it may be.

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    New update out today, be sure to check it out! Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

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    Minor update out now: be sure to check out what's new on the main post!

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    Don't worry: I am still continuing development of the world!

    As a matter of fact, I moved back to MYC for a time to continue improvements. This time, the renovations to the MYC Subway are complete! Every single station is up and running, and to go along with the new subway system, a new map was created to replace the old one. Tell me what you all think!

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    Already working on the next update! A new airport has been completed in Enderdelphia, making it the first major airport completed in the NRM outside of Mine York. Therefore, command blocks now provide instantaneous travel from JFR International Airport to Enderdelphia International Airport, or EHL. Two more airports are going to be completed; one servicing Notch City and the Mine York metropolitan area, and another servicing the city of Minecago. When completed, all of these airports will have command blocks allowing instantaneous travel (of course, the National Highway System will still be able to provide walking transportation between cities. This map is truly becoming a world.

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    So far, work on MYC has included:

    • Nether Island has completely changed
    • New Subway station added near the CTY-City Housing Projects in Nether Island
    • Some Subway Stations have been updated
    • Some new skyscrapers have been created in Minehattan
    • Some skyscrapers have been heighened to take advantage of the new height block limit; this is the reason why One International Crafting Center (based off of One World Trade Center) looks more pronounced and now stands as the tallest building in the National Republic of Minecraft.
    • The buildings above Highway 1 in Minehattan near Daily Square have been razed and replaced
    • Some new stores, businesses and restaurants now occupy the ground level floors of high rises in Minehattan.
    • A hospital is under construction in Minehattan
    • Two of the major tunnels connecting Minehattan to Lapis Island and Blocker have been replaced with more modern tunnels
    • Two of the major bridges in Mine York have been reconstructed to be taller, more useful and more efficient, now connecting to the highway system.
    • Downtown Notch City has been completed.
    • The Redstone Museum in Notch City has been completed.
    • Highways have now been added, formally connecting Highway 10 (which exits MYC north across the JackFrostMiner Bridge) to Downtown Notch City and beyond
    • The intersection between Highways 10 and 15 right outside of JackFrostMiner Bridge has been changed to be more efficient.
    • Newport, a 5 minute walk from MYC on Highway 10, has been slightly changed.
    • A minecart rail has been created, connecting Notch City to Newport (and thus creating minecart access to Newport from MYC).
    • New building additions to Minecago, a city about a 15 - 20 minute walk from MYC utilizing Highway 10.
    • Numerous small additions utilizing redstone technology like pistons, solar panels and repeaters
    • Ender Island is undergoing a major redevelopment project, with most of the land going to be used for a new university - Mine York University, or MYU.

    Stay tuned for more!

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    Next thing I'm working on... Hint, Hint.

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    Quote from dlcoates1»

    Can you do me a favor and screenshot your download count from adfly and PM it to me for proof? Because the only way any map has had over 75,000 downloads so far is if it was link botted or if people are lying about their numbers just to attempt to have others download it. Not to mention, if you've only posted the link here, there aren't even 500,000 pocket edition players here on MinecraftForum.net, so how can it truely have 600,000+ downloads so far? Let alone 500,000.

    I'd like to rebut this.

    This map has been on this website for years, and in that time, this map was the benchmark for every single city that was built in Pocket Edition. Every YouTuber did a video on this city - from JackFrostMiner to JoePassGaming (if you know who he was).

    Also, he has posted this map on other websites and apps as well, so many people have heard of this city. Of course, the city has begun to lose steam, however in it's heyday, this was the best city that anyone could ever download and influenced many to build their own cities (including myself).

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    Quote from JdMC2805»

    Have you done any new building? (Apart of Minecago) I want to see!

    Not in Minehattan, at least. I am planning to raze/destroy some buildings for new projects, however, so stay tuned!

    Yes! No more lag in 0.14.0! So happy that progress can be faster now!

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